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Shinobu was born as the youngest daughter within the Kocho family, living alongside her mother, founder, and older sister Kanae Kocho. She was raised in a love and caring family, until her parents were slaughtered by Demons right before her and her sister ‘s eyes. fair when the Demon was about to take the lives of her and her sister vitamin a well, they were saved by the Hashira, Gyomei Himejima, who slayed the Demon. now more determined as a leave of the pain and suffer they endured, Shinobu and Kanae both promised to become Demon Slayers to protect each other, a well as prevent other people from enduring the lapp losses they had to experience. Shinobu late states that if a monster is slain, tens of lives would be saved. She mentioned that defeating an Upper Rank will save hundreds of lives. finally, after managing to move a boulder, they convinced Himejima to introduce them to a cultivator. [ 1 ] late in her life sentence, while accompanying her sister Kanae on a trip, the sisters encountered a unseasoned girlfriend being led aside as a slave on a bridge. Intrigued by her, Kanae took an interest and decided to take the girl back to the Butterfly Estate, against Shinobu ‘s initial wishes. They finally purchased the female child, named Kanao Tsuyuri, from her passkey and trained her within the Butterfly Estate to become the future Tsuguko. At the age of 14, she became the master of the Butterfly Estate in Kanae ‘s target, since Kanae died at age 17. Shinobu coddled the girls of the Butterfly Estate as if they were her own little sisters. [ 2 ]

Shinobu is show when Kagaya Ubuyashiki receives news of the site unfolding at Mount Natagumo, and is given the ordain to travel there and assist the lower-ranked swordsmen. Acknowledging this, the Hashira states that it would be great if everyone could get along, careless if they are human or Demon, and asks Giyu Tomioka if he agrees. [ 3 ] much later, Shinobu appears before a heavily injured Zenitsu Agatsuma, greeting and asking him if he is okay. [ 4 ] She then suddenly appears behind the daughter member of Rui ‘s Demon Family, inquiring if the strings came out of her palms, wishing the animal a commodity flush, and commenting on the beauty of the daydream that night. Startled, the Demon attacks the Demon Slayer with her strings, but Shinobu dodges them all effortlessly. Drawing her sword, Shinobu dryly comments that this attack means that the Demon does n’t want to get along with her. [ 5 ] The daughter Demon quickly begs Shinobu for clemency, stating that she would be killed if she disobeyed Rui. Shinobu, sympathizing with the animal ‘s pledge, says that she will cooperate with the Demon if she answers a few of Shinobu ‘s questions, the first base of which being how many people she had killed. The Demon ‘s suffice is five, but Shinobu assures her that she does n’t have to lie, complimenting her string proficiency from earlier, and the Demon corrects her answer to eighty humans. Despite the animal ‘s refractory denial, the swordswoman notes that both of them came from the west side of the mountain, and, on that side, she had found forty of the Demon ‘s cocoons. Shinobu adds that she is n’t angry, but only trying to be arsenic accurate as possible. When asked what the compass point of checking this information is, Shinobu tells the elder daughter Demon that in order for them to be friends and to satisfy those who have died, she will have to endure punishment, explaining in ghastly detail what she had in mind for this, and adding that the animal wo n’t die from it, so there will be no aftereffects. [ 6 ] Enraged, the Demon attacks Shinobu again, but the Demon Hunter cursorily bypasses her, simultaneously landing her Insect Breathing, Butterfly Dance: Caprice attack on the creature. She laments the Demon ‘s hapless option, turning and subsequently watching as the creature collapses. Shinobu tells the creature not to let her guard down equitable because she ca n’t cut the Demon ‘s head off since, she explains, that she utilizes poison as her weapon rather. Shinobu then introduces herself as the Insect Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, stating that, although she may be the only one among her order to not possess the ability to cut off a Demon ‘s head, poison that can kill the creatures is still a potent creature. She then apologizes, realizing that the daughter Demon is already dead and could not hear her explanation. [ 7 ] Shinobu then proceeds to cut open the Demon ‘s silk cocoon, freeing Murata. She asks him if he is very well, and he asks what happened to the older baby Demon, to which she answers that she had killed the Demon with poison from the wisteria flower, commenting afterwards on how lucky he is for entirely having his clothes melted off by the creature ‘s attack. [ 8 ] She subsequently attempts to attack Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado, but her fire is deflected by Giyu. She questions his noise, noting that if he continues this course of military action, everyone would hate him. [ 9 ] The Insect Hashira asks her companion Demon Slayer to get out of the manner, apologizing to him when he replies that he is n’t hated. She then turns her attention to Tanjiro, telling him that he is protecting a Demon and that he should get away from her. The young Demon Slayer exclaims that Nezuko is his sister, causing Shinobu to take compassion on her and plan to kill her with a toxin that inflicts no pain. [ 10 ] Giyu then instructs Tanjiro to run, which Shinobu notes to be a rape of Demon Slayer ‘s behavior. [ 11 ] Later, while being restrained by Giyu ‘s arm, she laments that she had been in the right to come kill Demons and therefore had broken no rules, but noted that Giyu had, asking him what his intent was. Her companion Hashira remains tranquillity, prompting her to angrily ask him to say something. Giyu replies that it had all started two years ago, causing Shinobu to note that the distance of time was a problem and wonder if he was holding a stew because she had said he was hated. She then extends a blade from her right shoe and prepares to attack Giyu, only to be stopped by an important message from a crow which said that Tanjiro and Nezuko are to be restrained and bring headquarter. [ 12 ] Later, at the headquarters of her holy order, the Demon Slayer stood alongside her chap Hashira in front of a restrained Tanjiro. [ 13 ] She promptly informs the confused youth where he is and that he is on trial for rape of Demon Slayer behavior. [ 14 ] When Obanai Iguro points out that Giyu Tomioka had besides committed this crime and asks how they are going to deal with him, Shinobu tells him that they will think of a punishment for him belated, since she is more concern in hearing Tanjiro ‘s fib. She gives the youth some water with a analgesic interracial in and asks for his narrative, warning him not to strain himself on account of his injuries. She then listens quietly as Tanjiro explains his sister ‘s circumstances. [ 15 ] Shinobu continues to listen to Tanjiro ‘s story, but his negotiation is interrupted by the sudden appearance of Sanemi Shinazugawa, who grabs Nezuko ‘s box. She warns her boyfriend Hashira not to act on his own, but he ignores her warn, stabbing the trap Demon with his sword, much to her displeasure. [ 16 ] She then watches as an enrage Tanjiro charge the Wind Hashira, [ 17 ] and afterwards looked at an apologetic Mitsuri Kanroji. [ 18 ] Shinobu ‘s leader, Kagaya Ubuyashiki, then arrived, causing her and her fellow Hashira to bow in respect. [ 19 ] Kagaya then asked for them all to accept Tanjiro and Nezuko, surprising Shinobu, who remained dumb as her fellows argued over the decision, [ 20 ] and as Kagaya ‘s assistant read Sakonji Urokodaki ‘s letter. [ 21 ]

Shinobu continues her silence through even more arguments, but is shocked as her leader revealed that Tanjiro had come into contact with Muzan Kibutsuji. She and her fellow Hashira are then halted from evening more consider by a simple gesture from their drawing card, with the Insect Hashira remaining silent as Kagaya explains more of his reasoning for pardoning Tanjiro and Nezuko. [ 22 ] Shinobu then cautions Tanjiro from using any of his breath techniques while pinned by Obanai, as his lungs might explode from the blackmail. She calls out his name in dismay as he ignores her advice and tries anyways. [ 23 ] After the incident with Sanemi and Nezuko is resolved, she listens restfully as Kagaya explained the commitment of the Hashira to Tanjiro. [ 24 ] With everything resolved, Shinobu suggests they take manage of Tanjiro over at her topographic point, instructing the Kakushi to do this, and then waits for Kagaya to start the Hashira converge. [ 25 ] After the confluence has ended, she visits Tanjiro and his friends at the Butterfly Estate, asking them how they are doing and instructing them to begin their Rehabilitation train. [ 26 ] Inside the Infinity Castle that Muzan Kibutsuji had created after Oyakata ‘s self-destructive move, Shinobu enters a room and discovers Doma eating a group of his own female disciples. When he finally notices her, Doma reacts with enchant at having another meal walk right into his room, and thanks Nakime. [ 27 ] One of his disciples, however animated, solicit Shinobu to save her, and Doma, irritated by this, attempts to finish her off, only for Shinobu to jump in and save her. She asks the young womanhood if she is alright, but before she can answer Shinobu ‘s doubt, the youthful woman explodes and dies right in front of her eyes. [ 28 ] Angered by this, and Doma ‘s imperativeness that he saved the daughter by killing her, Shinobu notices a pair of sharp fans that Doma uses as his main weapon, and angrily inquires if he remembers the haori that originally belonged to her elder baby. Doma finally remembers her by the chat up wing design haori that Kanae once wore, and playfully expresses his disappointment at not being able to eat Kanae due to the sunlight ascend, which further angers Shinobu. The Insect Hashira swiftly launches an attack at him using her Insect Breathing, Dance of the Bee Sting: True Flutter to inflict a knock-down jab immediately in Doma ‘s correctly eye, which impresses him since he could n’t block it. [ 29 ] Although he is initially dismissive of her, since he correctly guessed that she lacks the physical strength to cut off a Demon ‘s head, he becomes excite upon learning that Shinobu ‘s true forte lies in poisoning her opponents. Shinobu hopes that the poison will be effective enough to kill him, but then learns, much to her disappointment, that Doma had already received information regarding her poison from her battle against the Spider Family of Lower Rank 5. Doma manages to break down and render her poison non-lethal, healing himself from her attack. [ 30 ] She is further backed into a corner due to Doma now quickly developing antibodies and adjusting his body against her poison so that, after a bare five slashes and injections of poison, he is now entirely resistant to it. besides, due his blood Demon Art of frozen mist, it is becoming increasingly unmanageable for Shinobu to breathe. [ 31 ] immediately hedging her bets on injecting a big dose to kill him by using a six shot assail, Shinobu strikes him using Insect Breathing, Dance of the Dragonfly: Compound Eye Hexagon and successfully hits him. however, as she attacks him, he simultaneously attacks her, cutting both her clavicle and rib and puncturing one of her lungs. [ 32 ] ultimately near her wits ‘ end and about losing any hope of victory, Shinobu attempts to draw intensity from replaying her older sister ‘s words of encouragement in her principal. Shinobu then prepares to strike at Doma again, despite her unplayful injuries and the huge pain she was in, and attacks him using Insect Breathing, Dance of the Centipede: Hundred-Legged Zigzag, to confuse him. She strikes Doma immediately through his neck, impaling him and sending him flying towards the ceiling. Exhausted and wounded, Shinobu is exultant upon seeing Doma being poisoned and apparently dying from her approach. [ 33 ] however, Doma recovers about instantaneously from her attack, by which Shinobu is further enraged. immediately exhausted, fatally injured, and perilously near death, Shinobu is caught by Doma as they fell down from the ceiling. He embraces her in a yield hug and begins mocking her and calling her entire undertake to defeat him a waste of attempt, assuring her she will live peacefully as a share of him. He playfully asks for her last words, and she spitefully curses him. [ 34 ] As her disciple Kanao arrives, Shinobu passes her cognition of Doma ‘s abilities on through bridge player signals, but the demon notices and crushes her spine, killing her. Her death causes Kanao to go berserker, but she is repelled by an annoy Doma, who tells her not to interfere when he ‘s in the middle of devouring person. He successfully absorbs Shinobu ‘s body into himself, leaving merely her butterfly-shaped hair piece and sword behind. [ 35 ] After Kanao, late joined by Inosuke Hashibira, fight to avenge Shinobu ‘s death, it turns out that she anticipated the possibility she would lose and be consumed by Doma. therefore, she had been taking and absorbing wisteria flower poison regularly for over a year, with Tamayo helping the summons along during the Hashira education, in the hopes that if Doma consumed her, he would besides devour thirty-seven kilograms worth of wisteria poison, about seven-hundred times the deadly dose for a normal demon. [ 36 ] She hoped this would be enough to kill the Upper Rank or at least weaken him enough that her allies could slay him subsequently. ultimately, Shinobu ‘s plan works out, as Kanao and Inosuke wangle to sever Doma ‘s deface promontory from his body, fulfilling her retaliation at last.

Inside Limbo, Shinobu and Doma converse with each other, with Doma last showing emotion by saying he has fallen for Shinobu. He proposes that they go to hell together, but Shinobu declines with a smile on her confront. Shinobu is last seen with her baby, Kanae, giving their blessings to Kanao, before happily reuniting with their parents in the afterlife. In the future, Shinobu reincarnates with her Kanae as normal girls, both of whom are seen attending an all girlfriend ‘s school .



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