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Giyu and Shinobu are both Hashiras of the Demon Slayer Corps and they are normally assigned on missions together. They have opposite personalities and initially seem to be at odds with each other, as Shinobu appears to be under the impression that Giyu is an airhead and a klutz, assuming he is spacing out in front man of a Demon as she is trying to save him. [ 1 ] After he deflects her attack, she is angry at him for getting in the way and proceeds to remark that people dislike him as a result. [ 1 ] however, Shinobu does wish Giyu would talk more. Despite all this, it is revealed in the second fanbook by Gyomei ‘s comments on the Hashira that the two do enjoy talking to each other. [ 2 ] late on, both her and Giyu come to care about the Kamado siblings and are visibly upset by the hostile discussion of the other Hashiras towards them. When Giyu by and by hears about Shinobu ‘s death, he on the spur of the moment recalls her smile face and is visibly shocked at the newsworthiness .
Shinobu foremost meets Tanjiro after she attempts to kill Nezuko, and tells him it is dangerous to be then close to a Demon. [ 3 ] Later on, during the Hashira ‘s trial, she is the lone one trying to hear Tanjiro ‘s side of the narrative, and has a sad saying on her face as Tanjiro desperately tries to explain that Nezuko has not and will not hurt anybody. [ 4 ] She comes to care about both Tanjiro and Nezuko and is visibly concerned about them, even letting them rest at her estate so they are able to recover from their injuries. [ 5 ] Tanjiro is visibly sad when he hears about Shinobu ‘s death.

Shinobu meets Zenitsu during the Natagumo Mountain incident, and treats his wounds after he has slain one of the spider demons. Shinobu besides tries to motivate Zenitsu by cheering him .
Inosuke meets Shinobu while recovering at the Butterfly Estate. To motivate him to continue his recovery discipline, Shinobu condescendingly mocks his inability to do simple things, prompting Inosuke to angrily train hard. As fourth dimension passed, Inosuke saw Shinobu as a surrogate mother due to her forgivingness. After knowing that Doma killed Shinobu, Inosuke becomes harebrained at the Demon and joins Kanao in her conflict to defeat him .
Murata first meets Shinobu at Natagumo Mountain when she rescues him from the Older Sister Spider. As she has seen Murata naked, he ‘s been avoiding her since then .
Although Shinobu was the one to impetuously buy her adopted baby Kanao out of slavery, she cursorily became thwart when Kanao could not make her own decisions, declaring that she was dangerous to herself and others. however, Shinobu soon warmed up to her and developed a impregnable, sisterly bond. During Kanae ’ sulfur funeral, Shinobu comforted Kanao and was understanding of her inability to cry. Shinobu finally made Kanao her chosen Tsuguko ( successor ) due to her considerable endowment and exceptional skills as a Demon Slayer. Shinobu instructed Kanao to cut off a devil ’ s drumhead without think, though she was apprehensive whether or not Kanao was truly following her own will. But when Kanao begins opening up and expresses her wish to train beside her specifically, Shinobu is very felicitous. Shinobu holds capital trust in Kanao, as she entrusted her with avenging Kanae ’ s death while using herself as a sacrifice. She is besides noted to be protective towards Kanao ; Inosuke mentions that Shinobu gets “ very huffy ” when Kanao gets hurt, and Shinobu expresses her concern about Kanao using the Flower Breath ’ s Final Form and thus possibly losing her sight, flush when she was the one fall back her life. When Shinobu dies at Doma ’ mho bridge player, Kanao successfully avenges her with the aid of Inosuke.

In the aftermath, Shinobu and Kanae by and by give their blessings to their younger sister before departing to the afterlife. This causes Kanao to break down in tears for the first fourth dimension. Kanao besides keeps both Shinobu and Kanae ‘s butterfly hair accessories as memento of their lives, and continues holding both of them in gamey regard .
Shinobu was noted to have a very near and loving sisterly relationship with her biological old sister, Kanae having been seen to be very close to each other since early childhood and having spent their childhoods happily together with their parents. The sister ‘s chemical bond was fabulously deeply and lovingness, as seen where the two of them both took an curse to protect others from demons and ensure no one else goes through their calamity upon the two of them surviving the Demon attack that killed their parents. During this clock the sisters developed a singular familial moral force, where Kanae would frequently make blithe, capricious decisions without thinking first, which then causes Shinobu great passing and concern ascribable to her elder baby ‘s behavior. But Shinobu is distillery shown to trust her sister profoundly and defend her sister ‘s decision despite not initial agreeing with her at first gear, as seen when the two adopted and made off with their adoptive little sister Kanao Tsuyuri. subsequently, Kanae ‘s trench love for her baby was truly shown during her last moments after fighting Doma, where Kanae begged Shinobu to leave the Demon Slayer Corps and simply live her life free and happy, stating that the only matter that would make her happy is knowing that Shinobu would be able to live a full felicitous life and die peacefully as an old woman, showing just how a lot she loved her younger sister. Shinobu in turn showed her own huge sleep together for her elder sister by swearing that she could n’t possibly live like that and begged her sister to tell her which monster killed her, swearing endless vengeance against whoever killed her sister .
Shinobu and Mitsuri are good friends. however, Shinobu has expressed jealousy towards Mitsuri ‘s potent consistency before. [ 6 ] Nevertheless, they remain on good terms .
Although initially Shinobu harbored little confidence in her due to her status as a Demon, Shinobu gradually began developing a sense of respect for Tamayo as they began working together on a drug that can last destroy Muzan, as seen where Shinobu was truly impressed at Tamayo skill as a doctor and boyfriend poisoner and was rightfully appreciative of her skills ascribable to them making it possible to successfully create their Anti-Kibitsuji Drug that successfully weakened Muzan enough to death. Tamayo herself was even will to assist Shinobu in her quest for vengeance by helping her modify her body to be saturated in Wisteria Poison for the battle against the Upper Rank 2, showing that by that clock time, Shinobu had already seen past Tamayo ‘s status as a devil and had sincerely come to trust and admire her as a colleague sophisticate.

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Shinobu holds a strong resentment and hatred for Doma, due to him killing her elder sister, Kanae. This hatred and disgust becomes even stronger when she actually meets him and comes to understand and see first-hand his twist personality and ideas about giving his disciples “ redemption ” by killing and eating them. late, during their battle, she continuously curses him due to him not being affected by her poisons and sword techniques again and again, until she is defeated and devoured by him. however, thanks to Shinobu ‘s body being heavily saturated with poison, Doma is hard weakened and is finally successfully slain by Kanao and Inosuke. Inside of Limbo, Doma, having heard and been touched by Shinobu ‘s firm religion and impression in her comrades and fellow Demon Slayers ‘ ability to defeat the demons and murder Muzan, apparently begins to develop genuine feelings of romanticist drawing card towards Shinobu. He begins to doubt his initial belief that neither heaven or hell or paradise exist, and happily asks her if she wanted to go to hell with him for a date, to which she responds with sharp rejection while having the usual kind and composure smile on her face as a final act of hurt towards the Demon .


  • Kanae and Shinobu purchased Kanao out of slavery and adopted her as their little sister.



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