Top 50 Most Popular Demon Slayer Characters

 Kay Sebastian Kay -Updated June 8, 2022Demon Slayer Characters
Demon Slayer. A series that took the entire internet by storm and continues to do sol with every coming season.

This anime has everything you can ask for. A simpleton and base story, with insubstantial animation, a mind-bending soundtrack, and beautiful fights .

With a combination like this, the anime was bound to get a long ton of attention .

And it is then that we realized that apart from all these features, the indicate besides has a significant assign that makes it so limited .

Characters. And to highlight this assign a piece more, I decided to rank down the acme 50 Demon Slayer characters .

then grab your front-runner sword, lay down on your frame and let ‘s dive deep into the kingdom of the demons !

I hope you enjoy it !

1. Kamado Tanjirou

Kamado Tanjirou
We are starting fabulously impregnable here. I mean who else would be a better character to kick off this tilt than a man who is loved more by kids than their own parents .

Tanjiro Kamado is the main character of this series and his by has been filled with poverty .

however, he still had the courage and persuasiveness to always look up to life and have a plus expectation on it .

That is until his family was murdered by Muzan Kibutsuji. It was then that he decided to take revenge while besides finding a cure for his sister .

And this narrative and passion made him the absolutely incredible quality he is known to be immediately .

2. Agatsuma Zenitsu

Agatsuma Zenitsu
There ‘s constantly a fine-looking yellow male child in all these shonen anime. And in the case of Demon Slayer, that ‘s Zenitsu Agatsuma .

He is one of the tip characters in the series and has been fighting demons for the sake of paying off his debts .

He uses Thunder Breathing which is focused on speed and accuracy. however, he can only use the first form of it .

And even that can only be performed by this serviceman while he is unconscious mind. That ‘s the consider with our boy .

however, despite all of these hurdles, Zenitsu calm manages to defeat about any adversary and give a firm competitiveness to any devil of any rate .

He is kind of loudly on filmdom, however, once his eyes are shut, you can bet he will be unlike .

3. Kamado Nezuko

Kamado Nezuko
Nezuko Kamado is Tanjiro Kamado ‘s sister who managed to survive Kuzan ‘s approach. however, that survival was n’t wholly unharmed .

alternatively, she got transformed into a Demon and lost her humanity everlastingly. however, our male child Tanjiro is on his speculation to figure out a room to cure his sister .

There are two sides to her character. One is the cute small sister character that everyone loves and the early is the destructive demon character that everyone is a sports fan of .

In both of these cases, Nezuko is constantly looked at with an affirmative eye. And that ‘s why she is ranked therefore high gear on this list .

She is the reason why the indicate was made in the beginning place .

4. Hashibira Inosuke

Hashibira Inosuke
My personal front-runner, Hashibira Inosuke. He is one of the jumper cable characters in the anime and is known to be using Beast Breathing .

This is not an official breathing proficiency and it is said that Inosuke developed it himself .

therefore, rather of having a inaugural form/second kind, Beast Breathing has a first Fang/Second Fang .

This man is known for an insubstantial come of violence and aggression when he is on the battlefield .

And it makes sense considering that he is from the forests. however, that is besides the rationality why he is appreciated indeed much in the show .

And one of the most vibrant features about him is that he wears a wild boar pass despite having a actually attractive side .

5. Kochou Shinobu

Kochou Shinobu
Known to be one of the most beautiful characters in the entire series, we have Kochou Shinobu .

She is one of the lead characters in the read who is known to be using Insect breathe as her breathe technique .

The special feature about Shinobu is that she is the merely Hashira who uses poison to kill her opponents and not decapitate them .

And this forte is quite vibrant in her sword design as well which is quite unlike from that of early Hashiras .

She is quite attractive in terms of her design and overdress arsenic well. And the color scheme that she has on herself is equitable excessively gorgeous to ignore .

In the zanzibar copal, she plays an unexpressed function of an elder sister for our main form .

6. Rengoku Kyoujurou

Rengoku Kyoujurou
The world who only appeared for a pair of hours so far managed to make everyone his winnow .

Rengoku is one of the lead characters in the Demon Slayer franchise and is known for being in the Demon Slayer Mugen Train movie .

He is one of the strongest Hashira and uses Flame Breathing as his breathe proficiency .

His battle against Akaza is said to be one of the best battles in the entire series however .

And that ‘s quite apprehensible considering that that battle managed to make Demon Slayer Mugen Train, one of the highest-grossing movies of all time .

This man deserves a significant measure of credit for the success of the series. And that ‘s besides the cause why he is here on this list .

7. Tomioka Giyuu

Tomioka Giyuu
Giyuu is the man who was inaugural shown in the series belong to to the Demon Slayer Corps .

He is the Water Hashira known for using Water Breathing as his breathing proficiency. however, what gives him even more meaning in the series is that he was the one who inspired and directed Tanjiro to learn about breathing styles from his teacher .

And that ‘s besides the rationality why Tanjiro uses Water Breathing in the prove. however, the expertness of Tomioka Giyuu in urine breathe is insane .

He was shown to be using the 11th kind of water breathing which changed the game for fans constantly .

Although, my male child does n’t seem to have that many friends then .

8. Tsuyuri Kanao

Tsuyuri Kanao
She is one of the supporting characters in the express who is known for being a major love sake in the series .

Kanao is one of the members of the Demon Slayer Corps who passed the Demon Slayer examination on the same undertake as Tanjiro and Zenitsu .

however, thanks to her mentor Shinobu, she managed to surpass both Tanjiro and Zenitsu in terms of rank and skill .

The series has portrayed Kanao as a female child without any emotions. And her backstory is merely vitamin a atrocious as you would expect .

however, despite that, she is quite a potent character who is known to develop some feelings for Tanjiro .

not certain but hints are spotted .

9. Uzui Tengen

Uzui Tengen
He is room besides popular amongst females these days. And that could be a crimson flag considering that he already has 3 wives .

My man is living the flashiest life. He is one of the supporting characters of the show who is known to be the Sound Hashira .

His breathe proficiency revolves around the concept of voice and sol, his ears are said to be super abrupt, being able to capture and learn sounds from miles away .

He has been shown to use his sound skills to have an advantage in a battle .

And right now, his battle with Gyutaro is said to be one of, if not the most beautifully animize fights ever created .

nowadays that ‘s more like it, is n’t it ?

10. Kanroji Mitsuri

Kanroji Mitsuri
She was beginning teased in the first temper of the appearance. And her adjacent appearance will be in the 3rd season .

however, fans already have an theme as to how impressive she will be in the series .

Kanroji is one of the Demon Slayer Hashiras and pillars who is known for using Love Breathing .

This technique is besides called Breath of Love which is said to have its roots in Flame Breathing .

And this is because Mitsuri was a scholar of erstwhile Flame Breathing Hashira Shinjuro Rengoku .

This connection has n’t been properly stated in the series so far. however, soon enough, we will get to see more secrets like these getting revealed in front of the stallion fandom .

11. Tokitou Muichirou

Tokitou Muichirou
Tokito Muichirou is the one who is said to be absent-minded about everything. however, this serviceman of mystery is beyond amazing when it comes to slaying Demons .

He is one of the Hashiras and pillars of the Demon Slayer Corps. And his biggest accomplishment is that he managed to become a Hashira with just two months of train .

That ‘s correct, he became a freak out Hashira with just 2 months of train. For context, it took Tanjiro over 2 years barely to pass the examination .

And that is absolutely incredible. There ‘s a rationality why is one of the most sought characters in the show right field now .

And it will be great to see how this fencer will impress the audience even more .

12. Akaza

Despite being a hideous villain, Akaza is quite popular amongst all the Demon Slayer fans out there .

And this is because his personality is quite captivating. He is the rank 3 devil from the 12 Kizuki and his strength is beyond incredible .

He was the one who went against Rengoku and managed to make it out active from the battlefield .

however, flush within the battle, his skills were way excessively dear to be true. And that ‘s why fans loved his battle with Rengoku so much .

Being separate of the Mugen Train movie means that he will be getting a fortune of clouts .

And that ‘s why he is standing so high on this list. As a villain, he has managed to make quite a major fandom .

13. Iguro Obanai

Iguro Obanai
His first base appearance was in the first season of the series and his next meaning appearance was in the moment .

however, his next appearance will take the Demon Slayer fandom by storm. He is one of the Demon Slayer Corps Pillars and is known for using the Serpent Breathing as his breathe proficiency .

Although we have n’t seen his emit technique in action even, we do know that he is quite a convinced and slightly arrogant person .

He has indirectly expressed his strength in the serial multiple times which includes disregarding Tengen ‘s gain against Gyutaro .

And that is not entirely interesting but besides mind-bending for fans to think about .

14. Shinazugawa Sanemi

Shinazugawa Sanemi
He was one of the despised characters in the show at first. And this was because he attacked our female child Nezuko when she was being tested as a Demon .

however, his natural and dominant nature seems to have potent intelligent for it. And we might be able to experience that in the by and by seasons of the express .

He is another one of the Demon Slayer Corps Pillars and is known for being one of the Wind Breathing users in the show .

He has a firm mark on his grimace which might have a narrative of its own .

And his rough nature seems to have caught a batch of care within the fandom of Demon Slayer .

It would be great to see what made this man as overshadow and extreme point as he is .

15. Sabito

This valet is known to be a mystery. And some say that he was a touch all along .

Sabito is one of the side characters in the read who appeared in the first gear season of Demon Slayer .

And he was claimed to be the apprentice of Urokodaki. This is the reason why he is seen to be using a like sword style as that of water system breathe .

not entirely that but he was besides said to be an orphan who used to be a fellow fencer with Giyuu Tomioka .

however, his participation in the final Demon Slayer selection trial led to a rather spiritual world consequence and so, his chapter was pushed towards an end .

even, he was shown to have significantly helped Tanjiro to become capable enough to defeat the final devil .

16. Kibutsuji Muzan

Kibutsuji Muzan
The big dad is hera, ladies and gentlemen. Coming in from the depths of the Demon Slayer lore, we have Muzan Kibutsuji .

He is the independent adversary, the concluding boss in the Demon Slayer Franchise, and is known for being creditworthy for transforming Nezuko into an absolute devil .

His rake seems to have huge amounts of lastingness and as the bos of all the 12 Kizuki, he happens to be the strongest one of them all .

His mission as of now is to put an end to Tanjiro and Nezuko to make sure that the Hinokami Kagura and the sun breathe proficiency does n’t get passed on .

And yes, he looks quite a fortune like Micheal Jackson. There ‘s no deny that .

17. Shinazugawa Genya

Shinazugawa Genya
fair as the surname suggests, this man belongs to the Shinazugawa family. And therefore, he is besides quite aggressive and dominant .

Genya is one of the side characters in the show who has only appeared twice in the show so far .

His first appearance was when he passed the final excerpt examination from the Demon Slayer Corps along with Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Kanao .

And his second appearance was a random one as Tanjiro was walking in the train facility assigned to him .

The one fact about Genya that is definite is that he is quite aggressive. He happened to do the unthinkable during the final excerpt .

And that ‘s why his relationship with Sanemi becomes even stronger .

18. Douma

He is said to be the one who selected the stream 6th Upper Moon. And his forte is beyond amazing .

Douma is one of the major villains in the Demon Slayer franchise who is known for being the 2nd Upper Moon rate .

And until now, he has only made equitable a one appearance in the series. That was during the flashback of Daki and Gyutaro .

And it was during this flashback that we realize how potent Douma is, as a villain .

furthermore, in the lapp episode, we besides get to know that he was the previous 6th Upper Moon in the show .

And that information was made available because of his eyes during his appearance in the moment season .

We have to see a batch from him in the approaching seasons .

19. Himejima Gyoumei

Himejima Gyoumei
Rumored to be the strongest one out of them all, we have Gyoumei Himejima. He is one of the lead characters in Demon Slayer and is depart of the Demon Slayer Corps Pillars .

He is known to be the exploiter of Stone Breathing and his excellence as a Demon Slayer is odd .

There is n’t a huge amount of data available on him in the series. however, the one certain fact about him is that he is constantly in a position of crying with his hands stuck together .

It has been stated by Tengen himself that he is a man filled with mystery and mystery .

And as stated before, it is claimed by many that Gyoumei is the strongest Hashira in the stallion serial .

So it will be big to see him in action, by and by in the series .

20. Daki

This gorgeous female child besides happened to be the cruelest being you will always encounter. She is one of the Upper Ranked Moons in the series and is said to be Gyutaro ‘s sister .

She was the main antagonist of the entertainment zone discharge and her smasher used to be insane in the series .

She is part of the couple that constitutes to be the 6th Upper-Rank Moon and her early one-half is Gyutaro .

It is said that decapitating her wo n’t be fruitful since Gyutaro will be active regardless .

And her blood demon art is focused on using fabric wraps in an offensive direction .

Daki had an fabulously atrocious past that made her become the devil that she was .

however, despite that, she could have had a better future if not for the circumstances she was born in .

21. Gyuutarou

This guy precisely made a surprise appearance in the appearance. And that changed the entire second season for the fandom .

Gyuutaro is one of the 12 Kizuki and is ranked 6th for his presence. He is character of the duet that constitutes the 6th ranked Demon and is besides the brother of Daki .

Gyuutaro, despite being Daki ‘s brother, is an extremely surly character. And his appearance was the reason for all the trouble that he suffered in his past life as a homo .

Being associated with the entertainment district means that he needed smasher to stand out. And that ‘s what the man lacked therefore much that he was tortured to death .

His backstory can pierce through a set of hearts from the other side of the screen .

22. Rui

Rui is one of the lower-ranked Demons in the appearance who appeared in the beginning season of Demon Slayer .

And the reason why he managed to pull such a massive fandom was because of his excellence as a character .

He was part of the most celebrated episode of 2019, which is known in the diligence as Episode 19 .

He was the villain who was placed ahead in the usher during that arc. And his dominance made him look extremely daunting and bewitching .

Rui, merely like most demons, has a tragic past as a human. And his past specifically focused on him not being able to have a family .

It is because of that, that he decided to have a syndicate in the current kingdom .

And that ‘s why his discharge was then heart-touching as good .

23. Enmu

Enmu is the one who seemed like the original independent antagonist of the Mugen Train movie .

however, it was found late that Akaza was the final party boss in that section. Regardless, Enmu silent managed to become quite luminary in the show .

And this was all in contrast to Enmu ‘s narrative in the appearance. He was a lower-ranked Demon whose persuasiveness was just angstrom impressive as you would expect .

however, his signature have was that he could manipulate people using their dreams. And this ability besides allowed him to get his hands on solid characters like Rengoku ampere well .

And while our boys did manage to escape, the stallion have engraved itself as a example for everyone in the show .

24. Tamayo

The Demon Slayer franchise ensures that the show does n’t lose its world-building and structure as the show progresses .

And Tamayo is a great case of that. She is one of the supporting characters in the series who appeared for a couple of episodes during the inaugural season of the series .

And she was portrayed as another character who is a devil so far has a intellectual and intellectual approach to her life sentence .

It was stated that Tamayo may be alert for over 500 years and all this while, she has been trying to figure out a remedy as a doctor of the church in the usher .

The early significant feature about her is that she is extremely beautiful and was considered to be one of the finest characters during the initial segments of the franchise .

25. Kochou Kanae

Kochou Kanae
Kanae Kocho is one of the backdrop characters in the narrative of Demon Slayer and is known to be the sister of Shinobu Kocho .

She is not lone one of the most humble people in the integral series but besides belongs to the ara-ara baseball club in the show .

Shinobu and Kanae had experienced misery together. however, the optimistic nature of Kanae became the light for Shinobu to keep moving forward and slaying all the demons in her way .

furthermore, a luminary dissemble of kindness from Kanae is that she was the one who adopted Kanao .

And this act made Kanae a wholly different person than anyone else we had seen in the read until that target .

We are yet to experience more of her stories in the prove .

26. Suma

This beauty is arguably the best out of all of Tengen ‘s wives. And a fortune of fans will agree with me on that separate .

She is one of Tengen ‘s three wives and is known to be the most childish one of them all .

Her personality is quite bizarre and her charisma lies in her demeanor as a young Shinobi .

however, despite her appearance and self-presentation, she is still a skilled woman who can struggle anyone and everyone if the position calls for it .

And her position in the read brings that fun and humorous refer that the entertainment arch needed to become even more noteworthy and appealing .

thus thanks to Suma, we got to enjoy this discharge indeed much. consequently, Suma is one of the best girls .

27. Urokodaki Sakonji

Urokodaki Sakonji
The man who started it all. The sensei from the kingdom of Demon Slayer is Urokodaki Sakonji .

He is one of the lead characters during the initial phases of the usher and his presence gave direction to the stallion narrative .

He was the one who taught Tanjiro for two years just to ensure that he passes the final trial for certain .

And he was besides the one who made certain that Nezuko never attacks any human despite having her devil personality .

All in all, this man had some significant contributions to the storyline and although we do n’t see him much these days, he is calm a man of measure and importance for the integral demon Slayer world .

28. Haganezuka Hotaru

Haganezuka Hotaru
This man is skilled at some completely unreal levels. And there ‘s no means anyone can outmatch him .

He is the bladesmith associated with the Demon Slayer Corps and about every sword that you see in the show is made by this man merely .

He is one of the finest at his craft and seems to be gallant of his skills vitamin a well .

however, what makes him even better is that he loves all of his swords more than the owner .

And it is because of his passion for swords making that he manages to express his love without saying it out loudly himself .

He besides wears a mask, just like Urokodaki. however, it is said that he is quite big behind the mask .

29. Yushirou

He is the one who stood aboard Tamayo in the first season of the show .

however, unlike Tamayo, his attitude is quite weird. He is one of the supporting characters in the series and the only thing he cares about is lady Tamayo .

He serves her for the lie of his life and looks at Lady Tamayo as an absolute being .

In the series, he did n’t have any memorable contributions. however, all in all, he was a great garter for the narrative to flow very well .

Plus, as the show progresses, we besides get to see him show his moves on the battlefield .

And that makes him even more noteworthy in his bow than he already was. therefore, Yushiro is a bang-up character .

30. Mother Spider Demon

Mother Spider Demon
The Mother Spider Demon is one of the most accepted demons in the entire series .

She is known for being the one who was decapitated by Tanjiro. however, unlike other demons, she was the one who accepted her demise with open hands .

And that ‘s quite impressive from a narrative point of view. She was enduring pain under Rui ‘s control and she wanted to end it all .

And it was because of this intolerable pain that the segment assigned to the Mother Spider Demon became one of the highlights of that arch in the show .

Without a doubt, one of the most remarkable characters in the entire series. And besides the one who underlined the meaning of backstories in this anime .

31. Makomo

She was an swallow sister to Sabito. And fair like Sabito, she might besides be a dream .

She was one of the Orphans in the show who took contribution in the final excerpt of the Demon Slayer Corps .

She was claimed to be a young short girlfriend with a small stature and a strong personality who wanted to have the best set for Tanjiro and his sister .

however, there was pain in the eyes of this young female child. And that pain was remarked as her losing her life in the series .

Makomo had a little stature with fabulously beautiful eyes and a all right warrior overdress. You wo n’t have an estimate of this girl being pluck apart in the final selection of the Demon Slayer Corps exams .

however, the reality ca n’t be changed at all .

32. Susamaru

The one who resembled forearms from Ben 10, the adjacent character on our number is Susamaru .

She is one of the celebrated villains in the usher who appeared when Tanjiro had visited Tamayo and Yushiro .

His fighting manner involves her using 9 balls to throw at her opponents. however, these balls were controlled and indeed, being able to stop them was a terribly unmanageable task .

As for Sasamaru ‘s design, she is a pale female child with yellow eyes and 9 arms .

In battle, her skills are quite impressive, and wangle to make a mess when ignored .

however, our main cast managed to take concern of her even though she packed a solid punch overall .

33. Makio

Makio is one of Tengen ‘s wives in the show. And she was the one who was caught by Daki in the beginning place .

She infiltrated the entertainment district, just as guided by Uzui. however, unlike the other two, she ended up being part of an unobserved problem and was caught by the villains .

As a Shinobi, her skills are beyond impressive as her personality is besides quite impactful towards the overall floor .

She is said to be the second-best in the show and there can be arguments about it .

however, what we do know for certain is that she loves our world Tengen a lot .

And there ‘s no direction she will disappoint him .

34. Kanzaki Aoi

Kanzaki Aoi
This young girl is quite celebrated in the series. And this stands genuine despite her not being at the front lines .

She is one of the supporting characters in the show and has a little stature overall .

She managed to survive the final choice all because of luck. And indeed, she claims that she does n’t have the courage and might to work as a warrior for the Demon Slayer Corps .

however, with the purpose to still serve the corporation, she works at the Butterfly Mansion and manages Tanjiro and his team for their social welfare of them .

And as person who is known for being Shinobu ‘s subordinate, she is quite base and adorable .

The fandom ships her with Hashibira Inosuke .

35. Rengoku Senjurou

Rengoku Senjurou
Rengoku Senjurou is the brother of our hero Rengoku Kyoujirou. however, unlike his brother, he does n’t have a potent smile on his face .

Rengoku is one of the side characters in the show who appeared during the Mugen Train arc .

And his touch with Tanjiro was quite important for the overall narrative of the show .

It was because of him that Kyoujirou would push himself far and try his best to be a function model .

And despite being regarded as the one with no talent, Senjurou hush wishes to walk on the way set by his brother .

And this is why he is so impressive and impactful in the overall series .

36. Ubuyashiki Kagaya

Ubuyashiki Kagaya
He is the head of the Demon Slayer Corps and the one responsible for ending Muzan ‘s predominate in this generation once and for all .

He is one of the supporting characters in the display whose excellence stands in the fact that he is quite delicate .

however, since he is the drawing card, everyone seems to treat him with extreme respect and honor .

He is besides said to be quite judicious and intimate when it comes to demons and so, anyone who is looking for an incredible master would love to be under Kagaya ‘s umbrella .

We have n’t seen a lot from him so far. however, there are chances for him to prove his deserving subsequently in the series .

37. Kamado Tanjuurou

Kamado Tanjuurou
It ‘s meter to talk about the dad of the show. Ladies and gentlemen, take a look at Kamado Tanjuurou .

He is one of the background characters in the show and barely as the list suggests, he belongs to the Kamado family .

More specifically, he is the father of Tanjiro and Nezuko. So you can expect him to hold some luminary significance in yeh show .

And while we have n’t seen him perform anything insubstantial in the testify so far. We do know that it was because of his Hinokami Kagura dance that Tanjiro managed to get his hands on the Hinokami Kagura breathing style .

And that ‘s what makes him flush more impressive .

38. Hinatsuru

The third base and final wife of our boy Tengen. Told you there were a lot .

Either means, Hinatsuru is one of the lead characters in the second base temper of the show and her amazingness stood out quite a batch in the series .

This was during her presence in Gyutaro vanadium Tengen. It was in that fight that we realized how apt and loyal she was .

She managed to give Tengen and Tanjiro an edge while fighting which in turn, changed the path of the series for everyone .

And if it was n’t for her attack, the consequence of the competitiveness could have been very different .

All in all, a capital character with a great display .

39. Kamado Kie

Kamado Kie
Kamado Kie may seem like an unheard name at first. however, she is surely not an unheard person in the franchise .

She is one of the lead characters in the series and is besides Tanjiro and Nezuko ‘s mother .

about every flashback that Tanjiro and Nezuko have, involves her being a separate of it .

And this depicts how crucial she was to the overall life of our independent characters .

not alone that, but Kamada Kie is besides claimed to be a identical easy, kind, and humble person .

And it is because of this that she manages to gain so much love from the fandom without actually being on screen for long enough .

40. Kamado Hanako

Kamado Hanako
You would know how much of a pitiless being he was when you realize how innocent lives he has ended .

Kamado Hanako is one of the side characters in the read who is Tanjiro and Nezuko ‘s sister .

She is known to have appeared multiple times in the series despite the fact that she has been dead in the show since episode one .

This is because she was besides a partially of Muzan ‘s massacre. however, in the anime, she has appeared in multiple flashbacks and her personality is said to be quite humble and ground-based on that .

furthermore, she has besides been proven to be a major factor of motivation for Tanjiro .

41. Kyougai

This man was quite a havoc when he first showed up in the series. And that ‘s apprehensible considering how catastrophic his fighting style was .

Kyougai is one of the moderate villains in the Tsuzumi Mansion discharge. And he is known for one of the most beautifully animated fight scenes in all of Demon Slayer .

It was during the battle between him and Tanjiro that we got to notice Ufotable ‘s vision for this serial .

And the rotate rooms were fair part of how excellent this zanzibar copal could be if handled by the said studio .

All in all, this is a capital experience for any fan and it was supported by Kyogai very well .

42. Older Sister Spider Demon

Older Sister Spider Demon
Coming in from the spider family, we have the older baby spider monster. She is one of the background characters in the show who does fight a bite in the series but does n’t pack as much of a punch as Rui did .

furthermore, the show has put some emphasis on her being fairly potent since it is said that she was the one who killed 80 humans all on her own .

And it was because of her that the Demon Slayer Corps got a rough idea of how dangerous the spider demons were .

later on, she was seen to be taken care of by our main vomit. however, precisely like every character in the spider syndicate, she was besides met with an end to her atrocious biography created by Rui .

43. Takada Naho

Takada Naho
This adorable little daughter is the handmaid of the Butterfly Mansion. And is contribution of the trio that manages Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu .

Her presence may not seem vibrant at first. however, whenever our characters are at perch, she happens to get a long ton of screentime .

Demon Slayer has its way with beautiful characters. And that ‘s what makes her stand out in the series .

As the show progresses, we get to know that she is besides quite humble and caring since she cries when Tanjiro got disgusted and needed more aid and steering .

consequently, this girl makes the express even more blithe and bewitching .

44. Nakahara Sumi

Nakahara Sumi
good like Naho, Sumi is besides one of the side characters in the show who only makes her appearance to assist our main cast .

furthermore, she is known for the fact that she belongs to the butterfly sign of the zodiac and her contribution to the overall growth of our main characters is impressive .

She was the one who refined Tanjiro Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, and Hashibira Inosuke to their best .

And it was because of that, that we realized how crucial she is for the overall report .

As for her appearance, she is a very young girlfriend who is known for being extremely fun to watch on filmdom .

Whether it ‘s about her ill-famed or childish behavior, Naho is one of the most adorable beings in the entire serial .

45. Kuwajima Jigorou

Kuwajima Jigorou
He is the one who taught our male child Zenitsu. And it is said that he was region of the Demon Slayer Corps back when he was the thunder Hashira .

nowadays that ‘s impressive. Jigorou is an adept know for being one of the best when it comes to Thunder Breathing .

The significant matter here is that he stood as one of the most great characters in the usher .

His motivation and contribution as a teacher stand out more than that of Urokodaki in a way or so .

however, because of less filmdom clock time, he was n’t able to make as much of an impact as Urokodaki did .

inactive, he is one of the best teachers in the testify and there ‘s no deny that .

46. Murata

This guy is quite a background being. however, while he was on shield, he was quite harbor .

Murata is one of the members of the Demon Slayer Corps who belongs to the low rank and file .

There is n’t a lot information about him early than the fact that he is n’t all that potent .

And his bearing in the show is just adenine vibrant as you would expect. He met our main cast including Tanjiro Kamado and Hashibira Inosuke on batch Natagumo .

And this took place while they were against the Spider Demon Rui. Murata managed to leave an affect on the consultation during that sequence .

however, he was n’t seen much later on !

47. Rengoku Shinjurou

Rengoku Shinjurou
Rengoku Shinjurou has been quite outstanding in the newfangled season of Demon Slayer. Ever since the death of Rengoku Kyoujirou, his don Shinjurou has been quite disturbed in the series .

It is stated that his rough and aggressive position was quite convention. And in the anime, he tries to avoid any classify of compunction for his late son .

however, deep devour, he is done with his animation and it is revealed late on in the series .

There ‘s a rationality why everyone wants to know what this homo has gone through. And so, he deserves to be here on our list for certain .

He is the erstwhile Flame Hashira and that ‘s what gives him even more recognition and appreciation vitamin a well .

48. Rengoku Ruka

Rengoku Ruka
Rengoku Ruka is none early than Shinjurou ‘s wife and Kyoujirou and Senjurou ‘s mother. Well, that was a tongue cruller .

furthermore, she is known for being a womanhood with pride and confidence. There ‘s not much known about her in the testify .

however, there have been instances of her being a depart of the series in one way or another .

It has been stated that she died because of an incurable disease. And there could be a joining between her end and Shinjurou ‘s rough behavior .

however, that has n’t been by rights stated in the series so far. All in all, she is quite a kind and strong personality, known for her grace and presence .

therefore, she is standing there on our list .

49. Terauchi Kiyo

Terauchi Kiyo
Terauchi Kiyo is one of the servants of the chat up mansion. There is n’t much to know about her since she is a background character .

however, merely like her ‘said-sisters ‘, she is besides the one who assisted our chief cast, Tanjiro Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, and Hashibira Inosuke to grow and rank higher in their respective groups .

This is because of her presence that the express gets a little snatch more of the blithe touch that it needs to progress .

And indeed, this express manages to capture all the tones and themes thanks to characters like Kiyo .

careless of how the position goes, Kiyo is still one of the noteworthy characters in the series .

50. Kamado Hanako

Kamado Hanako
And last, coming in from the Kamado family, we have Kamado Hanako. Hanako is the youngest baby of our boy Tanjiro .

And she was known to be quite adorable and captivating as a sister fictional character. however, the show has taken its clock to use the emotional pain that this character holds and use it to create a set more significance to the incidents that take identify in the zanzibar copal .

It is because of characters like Hanako that we get to understand the graveness of every end that takes place in the serial.

And she is one of the best when it comes to the beauty of the anime we know by the name of Demon Slayer .

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