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The demons in Demo n Slayer are immortal creatures with supernatural abilities, largely playing the antagonists in the series. They eat humans and are about invincible, with their weaknesses being the sunlight, wisteria flowers, and most importantly, the Nichirin Blades used by the Demon Slayer Corps .
here is a tilt of all demons that have appeared in the Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- manga series, ranked based on my opinion of which are the strongest .

11. Temple Demon

all demons in demon slayer
The Temple Demon was one of the beginning demons that Tanjiro encountered ( aside from Nezuko, of course ) and probably one of the weakest demons that appeared in Demon Slayer. As any other monster, he has supernatural intensity and could recover quickly after being injured .
From what we could see of this devil, he held a deep hate towards humans.

10. Tongue and Horned Demon

all demons in demon slayer
The Tongue and Horned Demons were lower demons that were living in the Tsuzumi House, which Inosuke and Zenitsu defeated .
The Tongue Demon could manipulate the length and accelerate of his spit. He besides seemed like an unintelligent devil that entirely cared about eating humans .
The Horned Demon powers laid on his forte which seemed to be the reason for his exultant demeanor and certitude .

9. Hand Demon

all demons in demon slayer5
The Hand Demon was defeated by Sakonji Urokodaki and trapped in Fujikasane Mountain, which is surrounded by wisteria flowers. After his get the better of, he swore to take revenge against Urokodaki and killed about all his apprentices who went to the batch for the Final Selection .
He seemed to be the most potent monster in Fujikasane Mountain and was able to survive every excerpt for five decades, killing about 50 people, but that changed when Tanjiro defeated him .

8. Swamp Demon

all demons in demon slayer
The Swamp Demon was the first devil Tanjiro encountered after becoming an official penis of the Demon Slayer Corps. He was behind the case of young girls ’ disappearances that was assigned to Tanjiro during his first mission .
His lineage Demon Art “ Swamp Domain ” allowed him to create black dimensions that looked like swamps. He could besides split his body into three and each of them had different personalities .

7. Tamayo and Yushiro

all demons in demon slayer
Tamayo and Yushiro are the only demons apart from Nezuko that appeared in Demon Slayer that were not antagonists .
Tamayo is a skilled sophisticate that was turned into a demon by Muzan. Her Blood Demon Art is called “ Supernatural lineage ” and allows her to cast powerful spells that can have assorted effects. Unlike the other demons, Tamayo has freed herself from the control of Muzan .
One of the spells that we could see in the first season was “ Scent of Illusory Blood Visual Dream ”, which created ocular hallucinations in the form of flowers. The early one used by Tamayo was “ Magical Aroma of Daylight ”, which forces others to tell the truth .
Yushiro was turned into a devil by Tamayo and since then he has been working as her adjunct. Being a creation from Tamayo, Muzan can not control him .
Yushiro ’ s Blood Demon Art is called “ Blindfold ”. He is more of a supporting aid in the fights because his ability allows him to hide or reveal one ’ south presence using a amulet. He can besides control other demons and share visions with others .

6. The Drum Demon – Kyogai

all demons in demon slayer8
Kyogai is besides known as the “ Drum Demon ” and was the antagonist during the episodes of the Drum House. Kyogai used to be a member of the Twelve Kizuki, he held the place of Lower Moon Six, but at some point, Muzan considered him “ watery ” and took away his situation .
Kyogai ’ south body had six drums located in different parts and it was related to his Blood Demon Art “ Drumming ”. When played, each of the drums produced unlike effects in his surrounding like rotate the room, teleportation and cast solidus attacks .

5. Susamaru and Yahaba

all demons in demon slayer
Susamaru and Yahaba were two supporting antagonists that aspired to become members of the Twelve Kizuki.
Susamaru is besides known as the “ Temari Demon ”. She possessed incredible physical strength and amphetamine, which were her strong points while throwing around her Temari handball. Her Blood Demon Art technique was “ Hiasobi Temari ” which allowed her to create and manipulate Temari handballs at will .
Yahaba was a sadistic monster who merely wanted to fulfil Muzan ’ sulfur expectations. He used the Blood Demon Art proficiency “ Kotetsu Arrow ”, which allowed him to create and manipulate vector arrows at will. He besides relied on the two morphed eyes that were located in his palm to guide him .

4. Nezuko

all demons in demon slayer10
Kamado Nezuko is Tanjiro ’ second younger sister who was transformed into a demon by Muzan. Unlike early demons, Nezuko does not need to eat humans to survive or increase her forte. rather, she just needs to sleep to recover or increase her energy .
As a devil, Nezuko can use a Blood Demon Art proficiency, which allows her to manipulate her blood and create demonic flames that can deal huge damage against demons but are euphemistic against humans. Nezuko can besides alter her body ’ second size and altitude.

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3. The Spider Family

all demons in demon slayer
The Spider demons were a kin created by the Lower Moon Five, Rui and lived on Natagumo Mountain. The five members had spider features and abilities related to that trait .
Each extremity had a character to play in the “ Family ” : the mother, the father, the older sister, older brother and the fiddling brother. But this herculean syndicate, in reality, feared their drawing card, Rui, because he would punish them if they did ill-timed .
The church father could enhance his intensity and lastingness. The mother could create spider threads that would stick on the corpses and manipulate them like puppets. The daughter could besides create spider threads, but she created cocoons filled with acid to dissolve her victims. The son, who was literally a spider with a human head, could throw a deadly poison to his victims to turn them into spiders .

2. Twelve Kizuki

The Twelve Kizuki are the strongest demons that serve under Muzan ’ mho conduct orders. It is composed of twelve different demons and divided into two groups : Lower Moons and Upper Moons. Each group have six members, one stronger than the other depending on their rank .
But after the end of Rui, Muzan started to question the forte of the Lower Moons and decided to kill them .

Lower Moons

all demons in demon slayer
The members of this group were :

  • Kamanue (Sixth Lower Moon)
  • Rui (Fifth Lower Moon)
  • Mukago (Fourth Lower Moon)
  • Wakuraba (Third Lower Moon)
  • Rokuro (Second Lower Moon)
  • Enmu (First Lower Moon)

Upper Moons

all demons in demon slayer
The Upper Moons in Demon Slayer are the six most awful demons, and this group is composed of :

  • Daki and Gyutaro (Rank Six)
  • Kaigaku (Rank Six Replacement)
  • Gyokko (Rank Five)
  • Hantengu (Rank Four)
  • Nakime (Rank Four Replacement)
  • Akaza (Rank Three)
  • Doma (Rank Two)
  • Kokushibo (Rank One)

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1. Kibutsuji Muzan

muzan kibutsuji
Muzan is the main antagonist in the series and the King and godhead of all demons ( except for Yushiro heh ) .
Being the “ original monster ”, Muzan is the strongest monster that exists in the populace of Demon Slayer. He could use about any character of ability and possesses incomputable forte and positive feedback accelerate along with early demonic characteristics .
Muzan Blood Demon Art technique is “ Biokinesis ” which grants him absolute control over all his body. He can manipulate his body ’ south cells and transform into person wholly modern .
Which one of the demons do you think is the strongest ?
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