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Odō no Oni



Human ( once )


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Dark Green

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chapter 2

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Episode 2


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Hikaru Midorikawa

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This is my turf. If you break into my territory, I’ll make you pay!
  Temple Demon to Tanjiro Kamado in Trainer Sakonji Urokodaki

The Temple Demon ( お堂 ( どう ) の鬼 ( おに ), Odō no Oni ? ) was the first base Demon Tanjiro Kamado encountered that has taken a human ‘s animation .


The Temple Demon was a muscular Demon of average altitude. He had pale, ash-grey skin with two fleeceable marks around both of his upper arms and legs and shoulder-length, peaky green haircloth parted at the middle of his brow. He besides possessed outstanding fangs and sharply nails, attributes common to Demons. The Temple Demon was seen wearing a sleeveless, aristocratic tunic with a dark-turquoise-and-white convention outlining his expose chest of drawers. He wore pale color bracelets around his wrists and ankles. After getting his head kicked off by Nezuko Kamado, the Demon grew two mesomorphic arms out of the sides of his head. [ 1 ]


Temple Demon profile (decapitated) CH2 The Temple Demon after being decapitated by Nezuko .


The Temple Demon, like most Demons, was barbarous and pitiless to humans, attacking Tanjiro Kamado without a moment ‘s hesitation upon discovering he was human. [ 2 ] He appeared to be very defensive of his territory as he was irate about Tanjiro and Nezuko intruding onto his world. [ 3 ] The Demon besides displayed a sense of superiority over Tanjiro when the two fight, boasting his agile recovery after getting hit in the kuki. [ 4 ]


The Demon had already been attacking travelers who take shelter at a small synagogue hut on the pathway that leads to Mount Sagiri. When Tanjiro was asking for directions, one of the villagers mentioned that it would be dangerous for him to travel at night as people had been going missing in the sphere .


Tanjiro and Nezuko pass by the temple that the Temple Demon is feeding in, and, smelling rake, the former rushes over and opens the door. He is shocked to find the Demon feeding on two dead men, and, annoyed, the Demon turns to the Kamado siblings and warns them about trespassing on his turf. The Demon turns to face them and, as the death lighter whithers away, he pounces on Tanjiro. [ 5 ]

Tanjiro cursorily reacts by drawing his tomahawk and slashes open the Demon ‘s throat. The man-eating Demon stumbles binding, but it only takes a few seconds before the “ scrape ” is amply healed. Nezuko meanwhile, is distracted by the bloody victim ‘s bodies. [ 6 ] The Demon pins down Tanjiro before he has meter to react. Tanjiro ‘s enemy easily overpowers him in military capability and focal ratio. The Demon tries to snap the male child ‘s neck but Nezuko comes to her senses and rushes rear to her brother ‘s english. She kicks the Demon ‘s read/write head clean off his soundbox, freaking out Tanjiro. [ 7 ] The Demon ‘s body lento tries to grab Tanjiro so Nezuko kicks it away into a corner. The Demon ‘s promontory and body can move individually. The consistency attacks inaugural, serving to isolate Nezuko. Tanjiro tries to help, but the Demon ‘s question grows arms and he leaps onto Tanjiro ‘s tomahawk. The body kicks Nezuko respective times before throwing her trench into the forest. [ 8 ] Tanjiro headbutts the Demon with heedless abandonment and it proves effective. The Demon suffers two blows Tanjiro ‘s rock hard head before getting thrown with the tomahawk into a corner, pinning him there. Tanjiro tracks his sister to a cliffside where she ‘s being kicked closer to the edge. [ 9 ] Tanjiro tackles the Demon ‘s body over the large cliff, but Nezuko grabs him before he falls excessively far. The Demon ‘s body falls to its death, and the mind is knocked unconscious as a result. [ 10 ] Tanjiro prepares a knife to finish off the Demon ‘s head. He ‘s struggling to come to terms with taking another life and believes this is n’t the Demon who attacked his family. A serviceman in a Tengu mask appears and tells Tanjiro he ca n’t finish a Demon off using a simpleton knife. [ 11 ] The disguise homo challenges Tanjiro to figure out another means. The male child believes crushing the Demon ‘s head with a rock candy will suffice, but ca n’t bring himself to viciously end the animal. The Demon awakens and curses Tanjiro until the sunday rises and he disintegrates into ash. [ 12 ] After the Demon ‘s death, Sakonji gives the Demon ‘s victims a proper burying. [ 13 ]



  • Temple Demon is the first character in the manga that comments on Tanjiro’s extremely hard head.
  • Some Japanese fans also call him “Shrine Demon” 堂 ( どう ) 鬼 ( おに ), Dō Oni




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