Demon Slayers vs Enmu

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Demon Slayers vs Enmu




58 – 61


Kimetsu no Yaiba : The Infinity Train Arc


Infinity Train


Mugen Train Arc


The Demon Slayers are victorious

Demon Slayer Corps

  • Tanjiro Kamado
  • Zenitsu Agatsuma
  • Inosuke Hashibira
  • Kyojuro Rengoku


  • Nezuko Kamado
Twelve Kizuki

  • Enmu
Powers and Abilities

  • Water Breathing
  • Hinokami Kagura


  • Thunder Breathing


  • Beast Breathing


  • Flame Breathing


  • Blood Demon Art

  • Blood Demon Art
Damage and Casualties
  • Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenitsu suffer minor injuries
  • Enmu is killed

The Demon Slayers vs Enmu was a battle that took set on the Infinity Train. It focuses on the battle between Demon Slayers Tanjiro Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma and Inosuke Hashibira, the devil Nezuko Kamado and the Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku against Lower Rank One Enmu .


After reports of numerous disappearances on the Mugen Train, the Demon Slayer Corps assigned the Flame Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku, with the mission to hunt down the responsible. finally, as the number of disappearances grew to over forty, the Demon Slayers Tanjiro Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, and Inosuke Hashibira were sent ampere well to aid Kyojuro. Nezuko Kamado besides joined as her buddy believe it was better that they stayed together at all times. As the sun sets, the trio climb aboard the train and touch with Kyojuro, who explains the situation at hand. Moments later, two hidden demons emerge from the train, hidden via their Blood Demon Arts. however, the Flame Hashira proved more than capable of dealing with the creatures and was able to protect all of the passengers .
As the night haul on, all four Demon Slayers soon fell into a deep sleep, experiencing strong and graphic dreams. In reality, they have fallen into the Blood Demon Art of Enmu, Lower One of the Twelve Kizuki. By mixing his lineage into the ink of their tickets and having a discipline conductor punch them to activate his spell, Enmu was able to manipulate their dreams to keep them pacified and unconscious, while he sent four willing passengers to enter their dreams and cripple them. however, Kyojuro ‘s intensely potent spirit was able to protect himself from his intruder but he however remained asleep .
interim, Tanjiro himself began to notice foreign things within his pipe dream, such as address of Nezuko ‘s transformation during the time it never happened, seeing her wooden box at a glance but finding it has vanished from view, and finally, a contemplation of himself begs him to wake up. It reminded him that he is in fact silent on the Mugen Train and needs to wake up to fight of a nearby danger. Despite realizing he is in a dream, Tanjiro remained trapped as he could not find a manner to escape, and he remained unwilling to leave the syndicate he loved so dearly. Sensing perturb with her brother and seeing the others asleep, Nezuko, who is unaffected by Enmu ‘s Blood Demon Art, attempted to wake up her buddy. After headbutting him and sustaining a little slash, she became disquieted and tested again, unwittingly activating her own Blood Demon Art, Exploding Blood. While he remained asleep, Tanjiro was able to sense Nezuko in risk and began regaining consciousness. After accepting the reality of his family ‘s deaths and being guided by a imagination of his beget telling him to do what is necessary to awaken, Tanjiro was able to find the dissolve and sliced his throat in his dream, successfully waking up. Seeing his friends silent asleep, he discovers the passengers sent by Enmu and cursorily dispatches them ; to his surprise, the son sent to kill him spoke of his sorrow in wanting to harm such a pure soul, and Tanjiro was able to forgive him after seeing his desperation to escape his life and live in a dream. Tasking Nezuko protecting the others, Tanjiro detected a strong demonic odorize on the ceiling of the educate, climbing up the carriage and coming side to face with Enmu.

Lower One becomes perplexed at how he managed to escape his pipe dream, mentioning it was meant to make him glad and he could have showed him one depicted his family ‘s ghastly deaths .


Tanjiro is infuriated by Enmu ‘s comments and immediately readies the Water Breathing, Tenth Form: Constant Flux in order to behead Enmu as he unleashes his Blood Demon Art: Whispers of Forced Unconscious Hypnosis. Enmu tells Tanjiro to go to sleep as his hand mouth releases the Blood Demon Art, forcing Tanjiro to lose consciousness and sleep. however, the Demon Slayer quickly regains consciousness and keeps engaging the Lower Rank with the Water Breathing. Enmu continues using his blood Demon Art to make Tanjiro fall asleep but keeps waking up from him killing himself in his dream. This keeps happening until Enmu decides to make Tanjiro see his family angry and disappointed at him for them believing that he let them die from a demon. With his own siblings, mother and evening his church father insulting him, this angers Tanjiro knowing that his class would never badmouth him under any circumstance. Because of this Tanjiro is able to behead Enmu using the Water Breathing, Tenth Form: Constant Flux .
As Tanjiro beheads Enmu, he comments that there was no reaction from Enmu being beheaded leading him to believe that whether he himself was in a dream or if he was equitable overall weaker than the former Twelve Kizuki member he fought, Rui. Enmu however notes that ‘ that person ‘ commanded him to kill Tanjiro Kamado along with the other Hashira, and he points out that the Demon Slayer ‘s being makes him seethe in anger. As he is saying this, a huge bunch of human body connects Enmu ‘s discorporate head to the ceiling of the gearing. Tanjiro looks in unbelief and fear as Enmu tells him that even a toddler can figure out why he wo n’t die tied if he is decapitated by a Nichirin Blade. He describes that this is not his actual body but that he merged with the stallion train with it being his flesh and bones. As Tanjiro tries to cut Enmu, his “ head ” fuses with the caravan before that happens .
Tanjiro panic, immediately tries to go spinal column to the passengers to defend them despite him stating that he can only protect two carriages at best. He shouts Kyojuro and the others, begging them to wake up in order to defend the passengers. suddenly, a faint noise keeps building up from inside the Infinity Train, that being Inosuke Hashibira screaming his catchphrase “ EXPLOSIVE AWAKENING!!! “. Filled with relief but seriousness soon after, Tanjiro tells Inosuke to take wish of the passengers coming to the latter ‘s frustration due to his dream. Inosuke then jumps back into the crevice that he created and unleashes his Beast Breathing, Fifth Fang: Crazy Cutting wanting admiration from the passengers when they wake up, as Tanjiro goes to another passenger car through a window he cuts off one of the fleshy ingrowths with the Water Breathing, First Form: Water Surface Slash .
On another region of the Infinty Train, Nezuko Kamado readies herself to defend the nearby passengers from Enmu ‘s ingrowths by slashing, smashing and punching them. soon after, one of the ingrowths becomes to close to a passenger so Nezuko puts her arm in between the two, taking a collision. As the ingrowth compass Nezuko ‘s arm, she tries to slash it off with her nails but another ingrowth grips her other arm and soon both of her legs, completely constricting her. Before the ingrowth rip Nezuko apart, a sudden dart of lightning coming from multiple nearby carriages light up and destroy all the ingrowth constricting Nezuko. The flaunt turns out to be Zenitsu Agatsuma hush fallen asleep but with his natural instincts kicking in, with this being said he cursorily slashes and destroys all the surrounding ingrowths with his Thunder Breathing, First Form: Thunderclap and Flash, Sixfold. As he finishes the proficiency, Zenitsu comments to Nezuko that he will do anything to protect her from damage but soon loses focus and goofily finishes his sentence. On the early side of the prepare, Tanjiro notices the sound of lightning behind him and questions if Zenitsu and Kyojuro have woken up. Kyojuro is shown shaming himself for staying asleep as the hundreds of passengers were of near-death states as he charges a Flame Breathing technique, presumably being the Flame Breathing, First Form: Unknowing Fire. The bluff impact of his techniques shakes the whole baby buggy and even nearby ones out of the rail track, adequate to make Tanjiro and the others lose their foothold. As the Infinity Train finishes derailing, Kyojuro goes into the lapp carriage where Tanjiro is and explains that there are eight total carriages and he will defend the bet on five and Zenitsu/Nezuko will defend the other three. With that out of the means, he requests Tanjiro and Inosuke to first defend Zenitsu and Nezuko and then find a weak blot of the Lower Rank in order to kill it .
Tanjiro comes in and saves Inosuke at the dent of clock time from the ingrowths by using the Water Breathing, Sixth Form: Whirlpool as the chunks of human body cut off fly far off from the prepare. Enmu is then hear screeching in pain by everyone even on the identical back carriages. From hearing this, Tanjiro believes that the “ weak smudge ” is somewhere nearby and requests Inosuke to open the floor that they are standing on if the Lower Rank ‘s weak smudge is residing there. The latter gets frustrated for being commanded around by his “ subordinates ” and uses his Beast Breathing, Second Fang: Slice towards the floor, revealing large vertebrae-like bones. Tanjiro sees Enmu ‘s neckbone and immediately uses the Water Breathing, Eighth Form: Waterfall Basin in order to behead the Lower Rank but the latter protects his neckbone with pulp before Tanjiro ‘s technique can make contact with the vertebra .
The flesh that defended the neckbone quickly expands in all directions with fleshy hand-like appendages flailing round. Tanjiro grab hold of the train conductor and with Inosuke cursorily leap to a condom distance as the flesh continues expanding into the structure near similar to an arena. Tanjiro promptly requests Inosuke to help him out in rate for their Breathing techniques to combine in order to inflict some damage onto the neckbone but before they manage to do that, Enmu unleashes his Blood Demon Art: Eyes of Forced Unconscious Sleep, forcing Tanjiro to fall asleep constantly. Upon seeing the Blood Demon Art, Tanjiro quickly tells Inosuke to cut his own neck inside the ambition in ordering to wake up. As Tanjiro keeps on waking up and falling asleep, at one point he does n’t know what is reality anymore and positions his Nichirin Blade near his neck cook to cut his own throat in the real world. Before he could do then, Inosuke promptly grabs Tanjiro ‘s wrist and drags it toward the flat coat to stop him from killing himself. Inosuke informs Tanjiro that this is reality and continues slashing the ingrowths with the numerous eyeballs with the kanji for “ Dream ” ( 夢 ( ゆめ ), Yume ? ) etched on their irises. From this, Tanjiro realizes that due to Inosuke ‘s boar mask it ‘s fabulously hard for one to know the point of view for the latter. however, as he comments to himself about Inosuke ‘s perception, the train conductor rushes in with one of Enmu ‘s human body made awls and begs them to not stop the “ dream. Tanjiro however takes the blow from the conductor to his abdomen and chops his neck to knock him out. Inosuke asks Tanjiro if he is very well, and the latter responds that he is. Before they can communicate anymore, dozens of ingrowths lash out at the two Demon Slayers as they constantly slash at the ingrowths for defense and discourtesy .
As Inosuke falls towards the engine of the train, he grinds both his Nichirin Blades on the dozens of eyeballs from Enmu ‘s Blood Demon Art and with the momentum of the fall along with his swordsmanship, Inosuke uses his Beast Breathing, Fourth Fang: Slice ‘n’ Dice to cut away the pulp that protects the neckbone for Tanjiro. With Enmu ‘s neckbone exposed, Tanjiro pleads to his founder Tanjuro to help him defeat the final Lower Rank as he transitions between the Water Breathing to the Hinokami Kagura. With that, he uses the Hinokami Kagura: Clear Blue Sky, severing Enmu ‘s heading, sincerely killing him.

With Enmu beheaded, he abundantly shrieks in pain and horror as he unleashes his ingrowths to attempt to consume all the 200 passengers onboard presumably to help accelerate his positive feedback in order for him to reattach his sever head. They were thankfully stopped by Kyojuro Rengoku and Zenitsu Agatsuma with their respective Breathing Styles .


The entire Infinity Train completely derails as the Lower Rank continues shriek and the ingrowth thrash everywhere. Tanjiro begs to Inosuke and the others to defend the passengers at all costs, however his comments soon stop as the shed blood in his abdomen continues. Inosuke concerned at Tanjiro asks if his wound is okay with the latter answer that it is approve and that he should focus more on the passengers. Panicking, Tanjiro realizes that if he dies the train conductor will be a murderer due to his abdomen wound being tell for his “ murder ”. As the Infinity Train collapses onto the terrain, Tanjiro tries his difficult to grasp the train conductor but to no avail. thankfully, his impact onto the ground was quite soft due to him rolling because of the momentum of the trail .



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