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The Hinokami Chronicles

I don ’ triiodothyronine know how CyberConnect2 does it. They pump out mostly-decent-at-worst brawler adaptations for merely about every anime conceivable, and they do it constantly. I mean sure I ’ d like to get another Asura ’ s Wrath sprinkled in there. But a decent Demon Slayer game is fine with me .
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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Hinokami Chronicles (PC, PS4, PS5 [reviewed], Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S)
Developer: CyberConnect2
Publisher: Sega
Released: October 15, 2021
MSRP: $59.99

In font you haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate read or watched any Demon Slayer media ahead, the setup is a draw more palatable than you might expect. The narrative follows Tanjiro Kamado, an unlikely hero who begins a career in literal devil slaying to save his sister-turned-demon, Nezuko. The twist is that Nezuko is actually a “ good devil ! ” and provides a batch of the amusing relief of the show, which doesn ’ t take itself besides seriously ( until it does, and devastates you ). The series has developed a lot of grip throughout the by few years, culminating in a massive film that blew the doors off the Japanese box office and even did well internationally.

This particular game covers the get down of Tanjiro ’ s travel, into the events of the film : thus you can see why the new “ it ” anime would be getting an adaptation. And like many CyberConnect2 projects before it, it ’ s a brawler with a truncate story mood and a limit versus mode. It knows what it is. What ’ second immediately apparent about The Hinokami Chronicles is how fantastic it looks, but that ’ s CyberConnect2 for you. Some scenes are ripped out of the zanzibar copal directly, peculiarly the closer animations, and they look incredible when they ’ re playing out on a PS5 .
combat is very basic ( as brawlers tend to go ), but easily to learn. There ’ second lightly attacks ( which serves as the independent dial-a-combo ), dashing, a skill button ( that ’ s basically a special attack from Smash that ’ s altered with directional inputs ), grabs, guards ( with a pushback parry command ), boosts ( powering up meters like DBZ ), a give button to pop ultimates, and a support skill button ( typically tag-team assists or swaps ) .
Guarding/parrying and dashing around are winder elements of the system, and prevent it from being a button-mash-heavy matter. While the roll is extremely restrict ( more on that in a moment ), the characters that are present are unique adequate to justify their universe and add more diverseness to the cast. Coupled with the vibrant ocular style, it ’ sulfur easy to feel dazzled by all of the animations and want to try newly characters to see what they can bring to the table. serviceable combat, in this case, is fine .

Story mood, which can be considered the bulk of The Hinokami Chronicles ( specially if you ’ re going at it solo ), is very alike to other CyberConnect2 games to a defect. The conversant framework still holds, in that you ’ ll broadly see an presentation cutscene, get dropped into a series of very analogue paths littered with nickel-and-dime rubbish throng, fight a emboss, then watch an outro setting. It ’ mho never agonizingly unfun, as the crippled looks and sounds fantastic all the while, but I very wish they either opened up the hub a snatch or equitable went from competitiveness to fight without any of the ostentation.

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Demon Slayer ’ s events are often hurried, to the point where you miss some crucial bits of character development or some meaty narrative elements. The kid, the flashy action, and the comedy are all placid present, and shine through even in these splice moments. Cleverly, and it ’ s like CyberConnect2 knew they couldn ’ thyroxine fit everything in, a fortune of the narrative is told through flashbacks. We benefit the most from this when we ’ rhenium thrust into the history mood after Tanjiro has already trained a bit, preferably than get the rote origin report treatment that ’ randomness already been told .
Bosses are the bright spots, and offer the same dramatic zanzibar copal action twists the series is known for — but you get to play them out this clock. Bosses frequently sport multiple phases/forms, coupled with voice acting that augments the battles in a big way and makes them come more alive. There are a lot of big fictional character moments excessively, even with the bosses ; a stark line to the identical static and insistent versus mode .
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Where it starts to crumble a snatch is message. So the versus mode ( which features a 2v2 setup ), flush at the best of times with some unlocks, is very lean. A lot of the characters are actually just alternate costume versions, and in classical anime brawler/fighter fashion, there are clones of the hero. At the moment, there are no demons to play, but they will be added “ post-launch. ” It ’ s a shame they weren ’ metric ton in now, because it would have made versus vastly more interesting .
contribution of the issue is that versus is so intrinsically linked to report mode and the Kimetsu Points unlock system. Presented like a quasi-Fortnite-season legislate, you ’ ll unlock points ( all in-game ) and buy rewards. Characters and the like are the big cash-ins ( and are appropriately expensive ), while little things like banners and icons are bum. The system international relations and security network ’ t exciting enough to actually dig through, and I found myself just wanting the character unlocks a soon as possible.

Every fourth dimension I ’ five hundred take a break from the crusade to try out versus mode I ’ vitamin d get a little blase, then head binding in. The 2v2 concept is fun though, and if you have a spar partner, you ’ re going to get a lot more mileage out of The Hinokami Chronicles. But 2v2 besides betrays the current miss of roll choices, as there are only therefore many combos to test before you fall into casualness .
Demon Slayer : Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Hinokami Chronicles is another becoming brawler adaptation that asks you to already have a bit of background on the reference material to truly enjoy it. In that common sense, it joins a very crowded space of many other zanzibar copal games before it, and many of you out there know where you stand on these .
[ This review is based on a retail build of the game provided by the publisher. ]

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