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Shabana Gyūtarō ? )
( Kimetsu Academy ) [ 1 ]
Mantis ( By Inosuke Hashibira )

Gyutaro Shabana (謝花 妓夫太郎,Mantis

Reading: Gyutaro



Human ( Formerly )





( Human ) [ 2 ]
> 126 ( Chronologically )


Hair Color

Black to Lime Green (Demon)
Black (Human)

Eye Color

Red with Yellow Sclera (Right)
Lime Green with Yellow Sclera (Left) (Demon)
Blue (Human)



Twelve Kizuki



Base of Operations

Yoshiwara, Tokyo
Kyogoku House

Personal Status




Daki ( Younger Sister )

Unnamed Mother


Manga Debut

chapter 85

Anime Debut

Episode 40


Japanese VA

Ryōta Ōsaka

English VA

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The sufferings of my past were lessons on what to do to others as revenge! If I don’t cause misery equal to my own unhappiness, I’ll never balance the scales! That’s how it is when you’re a demon! And we kill anyone who tries to tell us otherwise.
  Gyutaro and Daki to Tanjiro Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, Inosuke Hashibira and Tengen Uzui in How to Defeat Them

Gyutaro ( 妓夫 ( ぎゅう ) 太 ( た ) 郎 ( ろう ), Gyūtarō ? ) was one of the primary coil antagonists in the Entertainment District Arc of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He was a devil affiliated with the Twelve Kizuki, holding the position of Upper Rank Six ( 上 ( じょう ) 弦 ( げん ) の陸 ( ろく ), Jōgen no Roku ? ), a stead he shares with his younger baby, Daki. [ 3 ] Over a century ago, Gyutaro was a homo child who worked as a debt collector in the Rashomon Riverbank of Yoshiwara, [ 4 ] [ 5 ] the lowest class in the Entertainment District, before he and Daki were turned into demons personally by Doma, who was Upper Rank Six at the meter. [ 6 ]


As a devil, Gyutaro was a relatively improbable man of a slightly muscular build with a black-dotted, picket grey complexion whose human body was reasonably foreign in that his upper torso, arms and legs were all highly muscular where his waist was incredibly cheeseparing, his pelvis jutting out at an unnatural angle. He possessed thin, green and loss eyes, their sclera bright orange, that were slanted drastically downwards at the sides, the kanji for “ Upper Rank ” ( 上 ( じょう ) 弦 ( げん ), Jogen ? ) and “ Six ” ( 陸 ( ろく ), Roku ? ) carved across them. He has indocile black haircloth that cut aggressively murder to a undimmed green around the crown of his head, wear messily styled with odd bangs and several ahoges. His body and face has detectable ink-like markings in the class of blacken spots on his body and a streamlined water-like pattern on his face. Gyutaro has been described to look identical surly. [ 7 ] Gyutaro wore no shirt, entirely sporting a pair of baggy gloomy pants and seven pieces of practice red fabric to decorate his torso, one large one around his neck and three smaller ones around each arm. As a human, Gyutaro had alike facial features as he did as a monster, notably the ink-like patterns on his face. He besides possessed the lapp strange contorted human body and hair that he had when he turned into a monster. His eyes were notably bloodshot and are a pale gloomy color, with visible veins lining his sclera, and he has missing and uneven teeth which seemed to grow back into sharper ones as seen below. He was seen wearing a dirty, tattered kimono when he was a child, but after Ume was born and he started working for a whorehouse as her collector, his clothes have improved, he now wears a short-sleeved wide-striped kimono with a notably blank and firmer fabric. One outstanding fact is that he remained barefoot in both his lives as a human and a devil .


Gyutaro when he was a human Gyutaro as a human .Gyutaro body Gyutaro ‘s full appearance in the manga .


Gyutaro is barbarous, petty, and covetous of anyone blessed with a better life sentence than him, owing to the hard liveliness he lived in near-constant poverty and the harsh tragedies he experienced as a human. He developed a substance abuse of sarcastically complimenting a person ‘s best traits and then trying to revengefully kill them afterwards, as he did to Tengen Uzui. Because of these hardships he faced as a human, Gyutaro finally attained a personal belief that to take from those who have a better life than he had as a homo is justify. A habit he seems to have is the preference to inflict injury to himself when he is angry, frustrated or jealous as seen when he scratched himself hard enough to tear deep wounds into his own flesh when he grew jealous of Tengen. Having lived over a hundred years and battled many Demon Slayers and Hashira, Gyutaro has become arrogant and disdainful in combat, developing the habit of underestimating his opponents and looking down on them as below him, as he did with the team of Demon Slayers dispatched to kill him by having his baby competitiveness and hand with them first rather than himself. He has besides shown himself to be intensely sadistic, revelling in the kill of the Demon Slayers by horrifically injuring them and tormenting the helpless Tanjiro for his own use .
Despite his negative traits, Gyutaro does possess a actual, firm love for his younger sister, Daki. Having raised her himself due to his mother ‘s mental instability, this familial love was then potent that, despite becoming a demon and closely forgetting his life sentence as a homo, he still retains a considerable attachment to her. due to this, he has developed a leaning to occasionally spoil and allow her to do whatever she pleases, even if her actions go against his best interests. however, his love for her does not stop him from screaming and insulting her out of frustration. When he beginning exposed himself, he tenderly attended to his baby ‘s cries and injuries, both praising her efforts while insulting her lack of intellgence. Upon his death and his final thoughts, Gyutaro is shown to possess no regrets on the choices he made throughout his life—especially his choice of willingly becoming a demon and his subsequent actions of killing and eating hundreds of people for hundreds of years—showing how misanthropic and bitter he had become due to his frightful and harsh circumstances as a human. however, he late states that his only truthful repent he holds in his liveliness is his sister, Ume, showing that deep down, Gyutaro regrets that his negative influence through how he raised her was the lawsuit for her growth into a selfish person. During his final moments, Gyutaro wonders if she could have experienced many other fantastic things and lived many unlike lives without having to walk on the path of becoming a devil if he was n’t in her life. He authentically wishes that she was born and raised by person other than himself, wholly shouldering the blame for all of her condemnable actions and showing good how much he loves her. by and by, evening in death, Gyutaro is shown to have Daki ‘s best interests at heart by telling her to go to the opposite guidance where the light was better, showing that he wished Daki would have a fresh start to a newly life without him being a bad influence on her .


Human Life

Gyutaro was born into poverty within the lowest class of the Entertainment District. His mother would often beat and try to kill him even before he was born due to presumed try spontaneous abortion since she could not afford to feed him, but her efforts were proven to be in bootless when she died of syphilis. Throughout his childhood, he was berated for his appearance, voice, and poor hygiene from the other residents of the district. When his baby, Ume, was born he gained a sense of pride and acted as her “ collector ” within the district. After Daki turned thirteen, he returned home plate from work one sidereal day, only to discover his baby tied up and burned to near death and left to die in a chuck because she blinded a samurai ‘s eye out with a hairpin. He jumped into the trench and began to panic, tearfully demanded that his baby be turned back to convention while cradling her body. As he embraces his dying sister, the lapp samurai whom she blinded appeared, snuck up behind Gyutaro and slashes his second in an try to kill him. He then overheard the samurai talk to brothel coach who is revealed to be the one who asked to have Gyutaro killed. however, before the samurai is able to finish him off, he manages to jump out of the dump and kill both the director and the Samurai with his sickle. Despite being injured, Gyutaro carried his baby Ume ‘s dying body throughout the Hanamachi district in search of serve, but was ultimately hit with the hard and barbarous truth that there was merely no one who would give aid to them no matter where he went. He finally succumbed to debilitation, both he and Ume being on the verge of death. Before the end, they were then found by the then Upper Rank Six Doma, who was searching the Entertainment Districts to devour the young women of the area. He then offered to “ help ” them by turning them into demons, ascribable to him being a “ dainty Guy ” and gave them a few drops of his blood to initiate their transformations. He then gleefully challenged them to become herculean adequate to be chosen by Muzan and join the Twelve Kizuki themselves .

Demon Life

As a monster he and his sister, who was now known as “ Daki ”, continued to reside in the Entertainment District and continued to terrorize and feast on its inhabitants, with the siblings apparently developing a sample of alone eating from the zone ‘s finest and most beautiful geisha and oiran of the zone. After an stranger phone number of years, the siblings were finally noticed and acknowledged by “ that man ” and given the rank of Upper Rank 6 of the Twelve Kizuki that they then shared between themselves. somewhere along his long life as a monster, Gyutaro successfully killed and ate at least fifteen Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps while his sister killed and ate seven .


After a tantrum-throwing Daki called out for him, Gyutaro emerged from her soundbox, promptly taking her to another part of the room. He reattached her discerp steer, comforting her while doing indeed. Tengen attacked the pair, but Gyutaro quickly countered it, injuring the Hashira. He then complimented the Demon Slayer on stopping his attack. [ 8 ] The cryptic devil further complimented Tengen ‘s face, skin, flesh, and stature, a good as his presume popularity with women. Feeling covetous of the Hashira, Gyutaro threatened him with a afflictive death. Hearing Daki ‘s complaints about Nezuko Kamado ‘s involvement, he promised to exact vengeance upon all those who had hurt her. Throwing his sickle-like weapons with great force, which returned to him soon afterwards, Gyutaro was unable to injure Tengen or the bystanders he was protecting. He restated his envy of the Hashira, which entirely increased when the Demon Slayer revealed he had three wives. The mysterious demon unleashed his Blood Demon Art: Flying Blood Sickles, a barrage of blood blades. His assail accomplished nothing, as Tengen escaped through a hole he made in the floor, which surprised the waste monster. Gyutaro commanded his attack to turn, revealing its auto-tracking nature. Tengen deflected the attack again, throwing and then detonating several small bombs in Gyutaro ‘s vicinity. Wrapped in his baby ‘s girdle, Gyutaro withstood the blast, smugly stating they are one. [ 9 ] The emaciate monster informed his adversary he was different from the former Hashira he had fought, once again expressing his envy at Tengen ‘s talents. He remained silent as the Sound Hashira rejected his claims, who cited Gyomei Himejima and Muichiro Tokito as examples of amazing talent, but countered by demanding to know how his Flying Blood Sickle ‘s poison had n’t killed the Demon Slayer so far. Moments late, Gyutaro grinned, declaring Tengen ‘s affirmation of poison resistance to be a bluff, and blocked the Hashira ‘s twins blades with his double sickles. Clashing briefly with his adversary, Gyutaro was ferocious at Tengen kicking his baby. He was then surprised as Tengen threw more bombs at him and his baby, which he managed to escape unharmed. He quickly deduced the true nature of the fail, special gunpowder capable of hurting demons, leaving him confident in their eventual victory, but was surprised as Tengen ‘s subsequent sword hit extended. Marveling at the Hashira ‘s bobby pin lastingness, Gyutaro deflected the attack, but was left with a little wound to his neck. He warned Tengen of his impending death, only to be surprised by the arrival of Inosuke Hashibira and Zenitsu Agatsuma. [ 10 ] [ 11 ] The mysterious devil reiterated his death terror, believing the arrival of the Hashira ‘s subordinates to be insufficient. Tengen remained convinced in their victory, having deduced that cutting off both of the siblings ‘ heads off at the same time was the key to success, but Gyutaro assured him it would n’t be easy to accomplish. He besides mentioned how he and his sister had eaten numerous Hashira, fifteen and seven, respectively. He then watched mutely as Daki was taken onto the ceiling by Zenitsu, with Inosuke going to assist the ash-blonde youth in his contend, but remained convinced that she would prevail. Utilizing his connection with his sibling, Gyutaro closed one of his eyes, and quickly attacked Tanjiro Kamado. He closely struck a blow to the youth ‘s neck, but was thwarted by Tengen at the last second causing him to only stab him in the chin mere inches away from the black affect, and proceeded to exchange a flurry of blows with his opponent. In the middle of this clash, sashes from his sister ‘s dispute above them descended, prompting Gyutaro to call Tengen ‘s claim of success to be a lie, a well as labeling his adversaries as bungling for miss of movement command. [ 12 ] The Demon Slayers can be seen engaging in struggle with the two demons of the Entertainment District, fighting ferociously on the rooftop and inside one of the brothels. As the build begins to collapse, Tengen finds himself getting cornered between two of Gyutaro ‘s attacks however Tanjiro jumps in and manages to protect him from the slashes. Tengen proceeds to use Sound Breathing, Fifth Form: String Performance to try to corner Gyutaro, but Daki ‘s obeah interferes and protects her brother from the attacks .
Tengen begins to be pushed back by the obeah, however Tanjiro moves in to cut the obeah and tries to distract Gyutaro. meanwhile on the rooftop, Inosuke and Zenitsu can be seen struggling as they try to evade the attacks from Daki ‘s obeah. The boys realize that Daki is know attacking them with the lineage blades used by Gyutaro, making it impossible for them to approach her. now that the whorehouse has been destroyed, Tengen and Tanjiro are left to fight Gyutaro and the obeah below the night flip. On a nearby rooftop, Hinatsuru appears carrying a large box filled with kunai darts and proceeds to launch dozens of them down below onto Gyutaro. At first he is left confused behind the random attack, but then Gyutaro utilizes his Blood Demon Art: Rampant Arc Rampage to deflect them away from him. Gyutaro is left aghast when Tengen proceeds to attack him despite getting pierced with the darts. He attempts to decapitate him with his sickle, however Tengen manages to evade his assail and successfully cut off his peg. At that consequence, Gyutaro is struck on the neck by one of the kunai darts and fails to regenerate his feet, realizing that the darts were coated with Wisteria extract. As his body begins to go numb, Tanjiro closes in on him to try to decapitate Gyutaro, leaving him seething with curio as the Demon Slayers cursorily gain the upper berth hand .
however at that moment, Gyutaro manages to regenerate his legs and proceeds to attack them at a close vicinity. He uses his Blood Demon Art, Rotating Circular Slashes: Flying Blood Sickles to emit numerous lineage slashes to attack them. Before they can reach him, Tengen Uzui grabs detention of Tanjiro and throws him back to protect him from the attack. Within seconds, Tengen uses Sound Breathing, Fourth Form: Constant Resounding Slashes to deflect Gyutaro ‘s attack but finds that he has disappeared from sight. To his horror he looks up to roof to see that Gyutaro has managed to capture Hinatsuru and is about to kill her .
Tengen tries to save her however Daki ‘s obeah blocks him from reaching her. Tengen yells at Gyutaro to stop as he tries to push through. Tanjiro comes close to the build and tries to use the Hinokami Kagura to reach her however his body refuses to listen to him. Tanjiro promptly changes tactics and uses a class of the Water Breathing to quickly save Hinatsuru from Gyutaro. Realizing that he managed to save Hinatsuru, Tanjiro decides to utilize both the Water Breathing vitamin a well as the Hinokami Kagura in rate to increase his attacking power. Gyutaro is left surprised by Tanjiro ‘s unexpected steer and charges at him. however at that consequence, Tengen comes behind Gyutaro and swings his blade at Gyutaro ‘s neck while openly yelling that he owes Tanjiro. Tanjiro assists Tengen by besides trying to swing his blade down onto Gyutaro ‘s neck, however the demon manages to use his sickles to halt both of their attacks and attempts to absorb their blades. Tengen uses his free branch to use his second blade to pierce the Gyutaro, but his agile reflexes allow him to catch the tip of the sword in his mouth. Sensing that Gyutaro is about to unleash more blood blades, Tengen tells Tanjiro to hang in there as Hinatsuru yanks Tanjiro away from them, allowing Tengen to leap off of the roof while pulling the devil with him .
As Inosuke runs aside with Daki ‘s beheaded head, Gyutaro abruptly appears behind him and impales him through the chest. Tanjiro looks on in repugnance as Gyutaro grabs Daki ‘s head while Inosuke collapses on the roof, he then looks down on the crunch and is once again horrified to see Tengen laying run and unresponsive on the reason. Zenitsu tries to warn Tanjiro of the oncoming obeah attack, but before he can escape, the roof collapses from below him and Tanjiro falls to the flat coat apparently buried beneath the debris. Tanjiro awakens from his dream and tries to recollect his thoughts but before he gets up, Gyutaro can be seen standing over him, questioning if he ‘s still alive. Gyutaro takes it upon himself to tell Tanjiro that Inosuke was pierced through the heart, Zenitsu was suffering and trapped beneath the debris, and Tengen ‘s heart had stopped due to the poison. He proceeds to refer to all of them as hapless and asks Tanjiro how the demon in the box is related to him, and he responds by saying she ‘s his new sister. Gyutaro begins to laugh at Tanjiro ‘s hapless attack to protect his baby and tells him he should be using his hands, before proceeding to break his fingers. As Tanjiro withers on the labor in pain, Gyutaro proceeds to berate him for his helplessness and pulls him by the hair’s-breadth. He teases Tanjiro and tells him to try to decapitate him, but rather of attacking him, he slaps his hand on a little bag and hangs his head down in defeat. Believing that he broke Tanjiro ‘s fighting heart, he reveals his distinguished idea of offering Tanjiro the opportunity to become a monster for the sake of his baby. Tanjiro suddenly looks up into the flip and Gyutaro asks him if he ‘s trying to hold back his tears but to his surprise, Tanjiro responds that he had been preparing for the moment .
With his font gets close to Gyutaro ‘s, Tanjiro brings his pass down and headbutts him with a bang-up force momentarily stunning him. Daki screams at him to get up but as his peg falter, and looks down to discover that a kunai dart has been lodged into his leg. He realizes that when Tanjiro had looked down, he opened a bag given to him by Hinatsuru which contained Wisteria Poison. Tanjiro manages to stand up while Gyutaro remains paralytic and crouched before him, and uses his remaining intensity to swing the blade down onto his neck .
Having regained his foot and subdued Gyutaro, Tanjiro manages to draw his blade onto Gyutaro ‘s neck and press down to try to decapitate him. As he tries to force the blade down, Tanjiro envisions himself in Gyutaro ‘s place and thinks that if he were in his site, he would want his comrades to kill him before he could live as a monster. Tanjiro continues to struggle to try to cut through Gyutaro ‘s neck but before he can do so, Gyutaro manages to emit his blood blades to repel his sword. Tanjiro is knocked off poise as Gyutaro regains his foot, causing them to reengage in conflict. Gyutaro gains the upper hand and brings his sickle down onto Tanjiro ‘s neck, however at that moment Tengen, regains his awareness and protects him from the sickle. Despite being hard poisoned and missing his left pass, Tengen engages in principal to fountainhead combat with Gyutaro while remarking that he ‘s perfected the Musical Score Technique. It is revealed that his technique allows him to analyze maneuvers of his opponents and read them like notes on a piece of plane music. however the poison has hindered his attacking ability meaning that he can entirely defend Gyutaro ‘s attacks .
Gyutaro manages to land a brawny attack to the leave side of Tengen ‘s boldness resulting in the loss of his left eye, and proceeds to stab Tengen. Tanjiro yells out to Tengen after witnessing him get stabbed, but Tengen orders him to ignore him and jump. Tanjiro leaps into the vent towards Gyutaro and attempts to decapitate him, but is apparently stabbed through the call on the carpet by Gyutaro ‘s sickle. The monster begins to panic as they gain the upper hired hand and pulsate his poison to try to kill Tanjiro, however he proceeds to endure the annoyance, and swings his blade towards Gyutaro. It is revealed that the demon siblings were able to keep the Demon Slayers at bay through a hide ability. During the struggle, Gyutaro was controlling his sister and was able to see through her point of view, giving them the advantage. His poison besides affected the Demon Slayers greatly, but there was always a member of the team that would slip through, allowing them to continue the fight. Tanjiro can be seen swinging his blade down onto Gyutaro ‘s neck, despite the demon ‘s sickle cutting through his jaw. His arm potency is n’t enough to slice through his neck so he resorts to forcing his integral body to push through, ignoring the pain. Gyutaro notices the exchange in Tanjiro ‘s scar as he develops a Demon Slayer Mark and his eyes roll back in his head. The change in his demeanor proves to be excessively bang-up as Tanjiro ‘s blade cuts through Gyutaro ‘s neck, causing him to panic .
meanwhile, Daki can be seen resisting Zenitsu ‘s attempt to decapitate her. She attempts to use her obeah to kill Zenitsu at close range, but Inosuke unexpectedly rushes up revealing that he protected his heart from being stabbed by rearranging his organs. He besides reveals that poison has no effect on him since he was raised on the mountains, before proceeding to assist Zenitsu in decapitating Daki. The three boys let out a howl as they muster out the military capability to slice through the Demons necks. After the long battle, Zenitsu and Inosuke do to decapitate Daki up on the rooftop while Tanjiro can be seen decapitating Gyutaro simultaneously on the land. Their heads fall onto the land and hustle around until they end improving expression to face. As Gyutaro ‘s body falls onto the earth, Tengen notices something being emitted from it and becomes alarmed. meanwhile up on a nearby rooftop, Suma, Hinatsuru, and Makio have arrived to witness the end of the battle. As Makio begins to bicker with Suma over her behavior, Hinatsuru notices something is imperfectly down on the battlefield. She looks down to see Tanjiro struggling to breathe as he bleeds out from his jaw, while trying to slow down the poison. Tanjiro looks over at Tengen who ‘s sitting down in front of him and yelling at him with a panic saying. however, Tanjiro fails to comprehend his sudden alarm as Tengen looks at him with repugnance. After the battle is over, Nezuko and Tanjiro search for the heads of the Upper Rank siblings. Tanjiro smells the perfume of the demons and guides Nezuko to head towards them. When they arrive, Gyutaro and Daki can be seen viciously arguing over their kill. Their heads begin to disintegrate as they blame each other for losing the struggle, with Gyutaro degrading Daki for being useless. Daki retaliates by saying that person vitamin a ugly as Gyutaro can not be considered her relative, which leaves Tanjiro looking at them concerned about the hurtful words they are spewing at each other. Daki and Gyutaro continue arguing as their heads begin to disintegrate, she starts chastising her brother for being useless and questions if they ‘re even related. Gyutaro grows angry at her comments and calls her a weakling, even regretting protecting her in the first place. He loses his anneal and goes on to spew hateful remarks such as mentioning that his life would ‘ve been better without her and wish that she had never been born, causing Daki ‘s eyes to well up with tears. Tanjiro intervenes and covers Gyutaro ‘s mouth, stating that he does n’t mean what he ‘s saying and that they should n’t spend their final moments fighting with each other. Daki begins to wail at Tanjiro out of frustration, yelling at him to leave them alone and stop lecturing them. Daki ‘s point reaches its last phases of decay and she cries out for her brother to save her, saying that she does n’t want to die. Gyutaro dispiritedly watches as her head dissolves away while placid calling out him, before he impetuously calls out to her by her birth name, Ume.

As he reaches his concluding moments, Gyutaro recalls his past as a human bear in the Kirimise to a prostitute mother. Before she died from syphilis, his mother tried to kill him many times, even after his younger sister was born. due to his appearance and miss of hygiene, the unseasoned Gyutaro was bullied and detested by everyone he met. Things began to change after his baby was born, as her beauty dismissed his inferiority building complex, and he used his ugliness, plus his newfound active skills, to become an efficient debt collector. however, the commodity fortune would not last for the siblings. When Gyutaro turned 13, his sister blinded a samurai with a comb, and was subsequently burned alive for her crime. Having been away on his problem at the prison term, Gyutaro returned to find her scantily alert, and hugged her as she clinged to life. He cursed the gods to return his sister and for treating them cruelly, before he is attacked by the same samurai. The samurai slashes Gyutaro from behind, allowing him to bleed out at he chats with one of the whorehouse managers. The director brazingly calls Gyutaro a pain and a animal for harassing the locals of the zone, before expressing her pity at having lost Ume as a concubine. Before the samurai could finish him off, Gyutaro viciously kills the director, and berates the samurai for having a lavish life style before gruesomely killing him american samoa well. As Gyutaro tried to find help for him and his sister, no one would help them due to their repute and circumstances. He trudges on through the street until he ultimately collapses and bleeds out on the floor, as snow begins to fall. The siblings lay on the floor die, until they are discovered by one of the Upper Ranks, who offers to turn them into demons. Gyutaro adamantly proclaims that he would become a Demon again, no count how many times he is born-again, wanting to always bring concern as “ Gyutaro the Debt Collector ”. Gyutaro muses how Daki could have been if he had raised her differently, before taking note of his surroundings. A younger looking Daki appeared behind him, disgusted with their current location and wonder where the die was. The bony valet ordered her not to follow him anymore, getting angry when she would n’t comply. A tearful Daki apologized for her earlier barbarous insults, stating that it was because she had not wanted to accept that it was her fault that they had lost. When Gyutaro still refused to let her come with him, Daki tackled him from behind, stubbornly refusing to ever let go, vowing to always be his little sister no topic how much they are born-again, and reminding him of the promise they had made farseeing ago to constantly stay together. last accepting her company, Gyutaro carries his sister into the fire that awaits them .


Overall Abilities: As the true Upper Rank Six, Gyutaro is an extremely knock-down devil with over a hundred worth of battle experience under his belt out, having killed 15 Hashira in the past, the strongest and most skilled devil Slayers in the Demon Slayer Corps. [ 13 ] His huge skills and abilities were apparent as he possessed the means to easily combat both Tengen Uzui, the Sound Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, and Tanjiro Kamado, a talented Demon Slayer who has fought Lower Rank demons in the past, finally overwhelming them in battle. even when the conflict turned in the favor of the Demon Slayers, Gyutaro and Daki promptly managed to take control of the situation and overwhelm them. Another testament to his exponent is the fact that despite being killed in battle, Gyutaro was however capable of sternly injuring and maiming Tengen, Tanjiro and Inosuke and would have likely killed them if not for Nezuko ‘s own alone Blood Demon Art and if not for his own arrogance getting the better of him, he would have likely won and killed them all himself, as Muzan Kibutsuji late stated. [ 14 ] even as a child with no combat train, Gyutaro managed to defeat an adult fencer by himself. Core Detachment: Gyutaro own the ability to wholly detach his “ core ” from his own torso, with it apparently taking the mannequin of his right eye that he then implants into his sister Daki ‘s brow, that then enhances and strengthens all of his sister ‘s abilities and powers. [ 15 ] Through this, Gyutaro besides then develops a psychic connection with her and allow him to see, hear and sense everything she does and even possess and take control condition of her body in club to better coordinate their attacks. [ 16 ]

  • Decapitation Immunity: Additionally, through detaching his “core” from his body, Gyutaro is immune to decapitation by Nichirin Swords. This effectively ensures that both he and his sister cannot be killed unless both of their heads are cut off simultaneously.[17]
  • Extrasensory Perception: Through his psychic connection with Daki, Gyutaro can sense everything around her as well, allowing them to coordinate their attacks. This was shown when Gyutaro act on the information given to him on pure instinct and maneuver both his and her attacks and actions perfectly while in battle, as seen during their battle against Tengen, Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenitsu, where he perfectly coordinated his attacks with Daki’s to both launch several simultaneous assaults on all four opponents despite the both of them fighting in separate locations and facing two entirely different pairs of opponents by manipulating his sister’s actions and controlling her sashes to strike in tandem with his blood slashes to create powerful surprise attack combos.[18][19][20]
  • Shared Biology: Gyutaro and Daki possess a rather abnormal trait not seen in most demons. Despite the fact the siblings are two different people, the two have essentially a single body. This can be seen with how Gyutaro normally remains concealed within Daki without altering her physical mass in the slightest. Even though Gyutaro is inactive for the majority of the time, he is still more powerful than his sister who is an active predator. This implies that humans consumed by Daki also serve as nutrition for Gyutaro, allowing the two to grow stronger at the same time. Gyutaro also has control over his sister, being capable of not only reattaching her head for her, but also healing her burnt tissue for her when she was under emotional distress.

Flesh Manipulation: Like all demons, Gyutaro possesses the ability to manipulate his own flesh to a certain extent. He chiefly uses this ability to shape his pulp into an extremely shrill Kama which he can control telekinetically. [ 21 ] This was besides apparent as Gyutaro could merge his soundbox with Daki ‘s and former managed to encroach and infect the swords of Tengen and Tanjiro with his flesh Kama in order to prevent them from pulling out their blades effectively keep them in place. He besides displayed the ability to twist his neck backwards. [ 22 ] Immense Durability: Gyutaro possesses an fabulously durable body. This was shown when Tengen and Tanjiro both used their Nichirin Swords to attack Gyutaro ‘s Kama made from his own flesh but to no avail as they could n’t even slice through it. [ 23 ] When Tanjiro landed a surprise attack on Gyutaro ‘s neck, his blade failed to make a dent in the Upper Rank ‘s body. [ 24 ] Tanjiro only managed to lob off Gyutaro ‘s head when he “ summoned a hundred times ” the strength in his body, which awakened his Demon Slayer Mark in the procedure, to successfully cut through his neck. [ 25 ] Immense Regeneration: As a member of the Upper Ranks, Gyutaro ‘s regenerative powers are extremely potent. With his huge recovery travel rapidly, he could instantaneously heal the scratches he inflicted upon himself in a matter of seconds. [ 26 ] More impressively, he could regenerate from the damages dealt to him by Tengen ‘s explosive beads that possess enough explosive impel to harm the bodies of Upper Rank demons. [ 27 ] even when he was hit with kunai that was coated with wisteria extract that could paralyze an ordinary demon for half a day and seal the movements of Lower Rank demons, Gyutaro still managed to regenerate instantaneously. [ 28 ] Immense Speed & Reflexes: As an Upper Rank demon, Gyutaro has assimilated an extremely high concentration of Muzan Kibutsuji ‘s blood which have greatly enhanced his own focal ratio and reflexes to levels that can out-match the Hashira. As seen with most demons, Gyutaro can besides use bursts of rush so fast he appears to teleport. [ 29 ] He could besides keep up with the vesiculation movements Tengen, the Hashira with the fastest running speed out of all his peers, sometimes moving fast adequate to evade his reflexes and land hits on him before he can even react. [ 30 ] [ 31 ] Gyutaro was besides fast adequate to block a barrage of fast kunai. [ 32 ] Immense Strength: Gyutaro possesses superhuman physical strength, being able to clash with Tengen ‘s own huge arm potency while fighting. He was besides able to break two of Tanjiro ‘s fingers without much campaign, [ 33 ] send him flying into a construct at high speeds, and cause Tanjiro to cough up lineage with a individual kick to the stomach. Gyutaro was besides able to send Tengen flying back a big distance with another kick. [ 34 ] Poison Generation: Gyutaro possesses the ability to generate highly deadly poison, which he uses to coat his blood sickles. [ 35 ] The poison is strong enough that it would about instantaneously kill person inflicted with it, and those who do n’t will be badly weakened and might be rendered ineffective to fight. even Tengen who has developed a high tolerance to poison from his shinobi train is greatly weakened by Gyutaro ‘s poison to the point he had to forcefully stop his affection to prevent it from spreading tied further. [ 36 ] The poison had much worse effects on Tanjiro and Inosuke, despite the latter having some form of natural poison resistance. [ 37 ] [ 38 ] Tanjiro was about immediately helpless when he was inflicted by Gyutaro ‘s poison while Inosuke was left in a near-death country after a while. [ 39 ] Tactical Intellect: Gyutaro displays incredible tactical foresight and intelligence. He is able to use the information he gathered from Daki to coordinate their attacks against his opponents. Gyutaro was besides able to use his Blood Demon Art tactically to create ineluctable attacks. [ 40 ] After seeing Hinatsuru fire a barrage of kunai, Gyutaro correctly surmised that mounting an attack that would normally be easily mitigated by his regeneration had an fundamental motif and chose to deflect the attack quite than taking it forefront on. [ 41 ] He is besides shown to use his flesh manipulation ability in creative ways, such as trapping Tengen ‘s and Tanjiro ‘s blade in his flesh Kama to keep them from moving. [ 23 ] Lastly, Gyutaro figured out Tanjiro ‘s scheme which was to disguise the aroma of the wisteria-laced kunai with a prostitute ‘s incense bag in order to land a surprise attack on him. [ 42 ] Unlimited Stamina & Endurance: Like all demons, Gyutaro possesses an infinite measure of stamen and survival. He was able to engage in fight with Tengen, a Hashira, and Tanjiro for the entire duration of the conflict without showing any signs of fatigue or effort. Gyutaro besides showed huge resilience to pain when he twisted his own neck backwards to block Tengen ‘s sword attack and had both his legs sliced off, not displaying any signs of pain in neither instances. [ 43 ] [ 44 ] even before becoming a monster, Gyutaro was able to get slashed in the bet on by a katana and did n’t flinch nor show any signs of pain. [ 45 ]

Fighting style

Kama Proficiency: Gyutaro has displayed command in dual wielding his flesh Kama in combat. As an Upper Rank demon, he has lived for over a century and has refined his skill to the target he can surpass the Hashira, the strongest swordsmen in the Demon Slayer Corps, in close range combat. even before he became a monster, Gyutaro has shown to be apt in utilizing his Kama for violence, well killing a woman and later slicing an adult fencer ‘s head in two with them when he was enraged. With his devil abilities, he can even control and move his flesh Kama telekinetically, which Gyutaro used to make them fly back to him like a boomerang. [ 21 ] As noted by Tengen and Inosuke, Gyutaro ‘s fight style is comparable to that of a mantis. [ 46 ] [ 47 ] Gyutaro ‘s combat style seems to revolve around aiming to piercing his opposition ‘s neck with the tip off of his Kama .
Blood Manipulation: Gyutaro ‘s Blood Demon Art allows him to manipulate his own soundbox ‘s rake in assorted ways. He is shown to generate them from his pulp Kama or from open wounds on his body or release rake at will from his veins. [ 48 ] [ 49 ] It is implied that Gyutaro does n’t run come out of the closet of blood due to his regenerative abilities, giving him a about infinite source of blood to fuel his techniques. In fight, he normally creates barrages of coagulated falcate blood adenine sharp as blades that can travel at vastly fast speeds to attack his opponents. Gyutaro is adequate to of freely manipulating these blood slashes at will, altering their movements until they hit his adversary [ 17 ] or shaping them however he pleases. furthermore, his blood sickles are coated in deadly poison. Gyutaro can use his Blood Demon Art tactically to create ineluctable attacks that can overwhelm the likes of Tengen [ 40 ] and hold off the combined efforts of Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke. furthermore, Gyutaro ‘s blood slashes appear to be extremely baneful as Inosuke noted that a one abrasion from them would be adequate to kill him. [ 50 ] The blood he manipulates is shown to be quite durable angstrom well since Tanjiro deduced that his sword would shatter if he took the technique head on without deflecting it. [ 51 ] Furthermore, Gyutaro can create a carapace of blood in the form of a dome, which he used to protect himself from a barrage of kunai, farther exemplifying its huge lastingness. [ 52 ] More impressively, Gyutaro can create long-ranged round torrents of razor sharp blood that can decimate the surroundings with facilitate. [ 49 ]


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  • Flying Blood Sickles 飛 ( と ) び血 ( ち ) 鎌 ( がま ), Tobi Chigama ?[48] – Gyutaro releases multiple sharp and durable sickle-shaped blades of solidified blood by swinging his Kama.
  • Rampant Arc Rampage 跋 ( ばっ ) 弧 ( こ ) 跳 ( ちょう ) 梁 ( りょう ), Bakko Chōryō ?[53] – Gyutaro creates a dome of sickle-shaped blades of solidified blood around him that defend from incoming attacks.
  • Rotating Circular Slashes: Flying Blood Sickles 円 ( えん ) 斬 ( ざん ) 旋 ( せん ) 廻 ( かい ) ・飛 ( と ) び血 ( ち ) 鎌 ( がま ), Enzan Senkai : Tobi Chigama ?[49] – Gyutaro unleashes circular waves of sharp solidified blood from his body. This technique has massive range and he is even able to activate it as his head is being cut off.
— Gyutaro ‘s Blood Demon Art —

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Gyutaro uses his Flying Blood Sickles technique Flying Blood SicklesGyutaro uses his Rampant Arc Rampage technique Rampant Arc RampageGyutaro uses his Rotating Circular Slashes - Flying Blood Sickles technique Rotating Circular Slashes: Flying Blood SicklesFlying Blood Sickles Flying Blood SicklesRampant Arc Rampage Rampant Arc RampageRotating Circular Slashes - Flying Blood Scythes Rotating Circular Slashes: Flying Blood Sickles


Flesh Kama: Gyutaro carries around a pair of Kama fashioned from his own flesh and blood. They serve as his independent tools in fight and are extremely durable and sharp, being able to tear through flesh and obstruct attacks from Nichirin Swords with facilitate. They have a fleshy outside and are blood bolshevik in color. Gyutaro concisely displayed the ability to move his Kama telekinetically, making it fly rear towards him as if it were a boomerang. [ 21 ] When he was a child, Gyutaro possessed a similar pair of Kama which person left buttocks and was most probably his main reservoir of inspiration for using a pair of Kama as a devil. [ 54 ]



  • Muzan Kibutsuji has stated in Chapter 98 that Gyutaro was the true holder of the position of Upper Rank Six, not his sister Daki.
  • Gyutaro was one of Muzan’s favorite Upper Ranks, since he highly values his circumstance and greedy personality.[55]
  • The word ‘Gyu’ refers to the barkers who would entice customers to enter the entertainment district. After working as a Gyu, he took the word and used it to name himself as Gyutaro, with ‘Taro’ being a common ending for male names.[56]
  • Since it is implied that Gyutaro’s mother died from syphilis, it is likely that Gyutaro suffered from congenital syphilis, which occurs when a mother is pregnant while being infected. That would explain Gyutaro’s ugly appearance, as the symptoms include deformed skeletal structures, crooked teeth, inflamated gums and blotches caused by rash.


  • (To Tanjiro Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, Inosuke Hashibira and Tengen Uzui) “The sufferings of my past were lessons on what to do to others as revenge! If I don’t cause misery equal to my own unhappiness, I’ll never balance the scales! That’s how it is when you’re a demon! And we kill anyone who tries to tell us otherwise.” [57]
  • (To himself) “It turns out I was good at fighting. So I worked as a debt collector. People found me creepy. They feared me. I liked that feeling. I became proud of my ugliness. And with such a beautiful sister, I began to lose my sense of inferiority. It felt like our lives were finally going in a good direction.“[58]



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