Human Life

Born in the Sengoku Period, Kokushibo ‘s birth name was Michikatsu Tsugikuni. When he and his brother Yoriichi were born, twins were considered a bad omen, and when their founder saw that Yoriichi had a strange birthmark on his brow, he declared that he would kill Yoriichi. [ 1 ] however, their beget Akeno Tsugikuni was outraged at his announcement, and an agreement was made that rather of being killed, Yoriichi would be sent to the temple and become a priest upon turning ten-spot. Yoriichi and Michikatsu grew up very differently, Yoriichi being confined to a three-tatami room classify from the rest of the house and kept away from his brother. Michikatsu, who snuck around behind their father ‘s back to see his brother, pitied Yoriichi, who was thought to be deaf until he was seven and clung to his mother ‘s side whenever Michikatsu saw her. At some bespeak, he gave Yoriichi a flute he made as a give .
Around when Michikatsu was seven, he was practicing sword swings while his buddy watched. It was then that Yoriichi spoke for the first base time, shocking Michikatsu ; however, Yoriichi ‘s resolution of his goal to become a samurai like his brother was dismissed, as he would be sent to the synagogue when he was ten. however, Yoriichi continued to watch Michikatsu ‘s trail, and one day, one of their father ‘s men offered to give Yoriichi some education. Though he only showed Yoriichi a basic stance, the boy was able to land four blows on the homo. This incident bewildered Michikatsu, who had never ahead landed a blow, and he begged his brother to teach him his privy. To Michikatsu ‘s disappointment, Yoriichi only expressed his antipathy for battle and stated that he no longer wanted to become a samurai. once, however, Yoriichi mentioned that before he took a stance, he breathed deeply, examining his bone conjunction, muscleman contraction, and blood flow, implying an early mannequin of the Sun Breathing style that Yoriichi would late adopt. This conversation caused Michikatsu to realize that for Yoriichi, the bodies of populate things were transparent, causing him to pursue mastery of the blade with renewed intensity .
As Michikatsu studied the sword, he felt covetous of his brother, who he felt was squandering his lifelike physical talent. He besides feared that, nowadays that their father likely knew about Yoriichi ‘s huge potential, their roles would be swapped and he would be the one air to the synagogue in Yoriichi ‘s space. Yoriichi recognized this deoxyadenosine monophosphate well ; the night that their mother finally succumbed to her illness, he came to Michikatsu ‘s room at three in the dawn to tell his brother the news and command adieu to Michikatsu, as he planned to leave for the temple before their father could make Yoriichi the family ‘s new successor. Yoriichi expressed gratitude to his brother for giving him kernel and fondly held the flute that Michikatsu had given him earlier. Michikatsu, however, was irritated, wondering how Yoriichi could treasure a flute that could n’t evening play in tune, and watched his brother go while saying nothing. His jealousy of his brother entirely grew when he read his mother ‘s diary following her death, which revealed that Yoriichi had known everything about their mother ‘s illness from when she would die and the increasing failing of the bequeath side of her torso, and had planned consequently. From then, Michikatsu resented Yoriichi, who he realized to be not only physically gifted, but a genius adenine well. He wished for his brother ‘s death and for the next few years, not hearing anything from him, he believed it to be true .
Ten years late, Michikatsu became a samurai and married a woman who gave birth to two of his children. One night, a Demon attacked his camp and left him the only survivor, but was promptly killed by Yoriichi who came to his rescue and apologized for not being able to save his subordinates. Seeing the object of his hate again and twisted by jealousy, Michikatsu abandoned his family and became a Demon Slayer to train with Yoriichi. He saw his brother attempt to teach the early Demon Slayers his own Breathing proficiency without success. careless, he altered them to suit their own strength, creating the foremost Breathing Techniques. During that meter, he trained alongside a Wind Breathing drug user and polished his sword skills together with them. finally, Michikatsu awakened a Demon Slayer Mark and developed a Breathing Style derived from the Sun Breathing known as the Moon Breathing. Despite this accomplishment, it left a bitter taste as it was still not a potent as Yoriichi ‘s own Sun Breathing.

As a Demon Slayer, Michikatsu was often disdainful in the singularity of their generation, but was irritated by his brother ‘s optimism when he brought up the fact that the pair had no successors in line for their unique Breathing Styles, the Sun Breathing and Moon Breathing. [ 2 ]

Demon Life

Frustrated from being unable to surpass his buddy, ampere well as fearing the destine death of those who awakened their Demon Slayer Marks, Michikatsu was persuaded by Muzan Kibutsuji and became a Demon, taking the name Kokushibo. [ 3 ] As he was a Breathing Style drug user, it took him three days to in full transform into a demon. finally, he became Upper Rank One of the Twelve Kizuki, remaining at that rank for hundreds of years, while his original identify was lost to history. lone soon after becoming a devil, he killed the Oyakata that led his earned run average of Demon Slayers and brought his head to Muzan. [ 4 ] His young son was left to lead the Demon Slayer Corps afterwards. soon after he became a demon, his drawing card Muzan meeting another Demon Slayer, Yoriichi himself. Since Muzan already had him as a dependent, he casually tried to kill his twin, unable to sense any anger or aura of baron in him. alternatively, Yoriichi was able to completely overwhelm the Demon King and about killed him. Muzan scantily escaped with his life and enlisted Kokushibo ‘s help to wipe out Sun Breathing. As Yoriichi was banished from the Corps, Muzan and Kokushibo were able to kill all the fencer that used the Breathing Style .
Sixty years after becoming a Demon, he came face to expression with Yoriichi for the last time. Yoriichi was devastated by his decision to transform, whereas Kokushibo became disgusted seeing his younger twin nowadays aged and creaky, american samoa well as infuriated upon realizing he defied the destine of all scar Demon Slayers by being far older than 25 years of long time. Beyond this, Kokushibo was n’t as angry seeing him as he expected. Seeing Yoriichi cry shocked Kokushibo, as it was the first time he had shown emotion in his presence, confusing him. As Yoriichi was silent a Demon Slayer and wanting to rid his human past, he knew he had to kill his younger brother. Despite his old historic period and apparent blindness, Yoriichi ‘s fighting position in training to strike frighten Kokushibo, who knew then his huge skill and office was still bearing. Despite gripping his blade in anticipation, Yoriichi had already struck and sliced across his neck. Kokushibo became angry seeing his brother ‘s strength had not weakened in the slender and waited for a return strike, despite knowing it would surely kill him. Yoriichi never had the chance to cut Kokushibo ‘s head wholly off, dying due to honest-to-god age while standing up. [ 5 ] At that moment, Kokushibo became sincerely angered, seeing that his continually excelling buddy had appeared before him having transcended everything and for dying of old age alternatively of losing a conflict, as well knowing that even Muzan could n’t lay a scratch on Yoriichi, his one opportunity at a fair conflict is now gone and his brother remains undefeated forever. Enraged by the feel of inferiority, he slashed Yoriichi ‘s body in half, but unwittingly broke the flute he gave him as a child. Seeing that he still thought highly of him even after his transformation, Kokushibo could n’t help but shed a tear. ineffective to truly sever his bond with his brother, he decided to keep the flute for himself. [ 6 ] Having fought numerous Demon Slayers across the centuries, he encountered one Demon Slayer about 300 years anterior to the present with an ability like to Genya’s-devouring Demons to enhance his own persuasiveness. It is implied that this Demon Slayer ‘s ability was n’t a ace as Genya ‘s given that Kokushibo slew him just by cutting his torso into two. [ 7 ]


Kokushibo was summoned to a meeting of the Upper Ranks, arriving before all of his colleagues. He mutely sat facing a wall, only speaking when his presence was acknowledged by the Biwa Demon, and revealing that Muzan had arrived. Muzan revealed the death of Gyutaro, berating Kokushibo and his companion Upper Ranks for being unable to destroy the Ubuyashiki class and failing to find the Blue Spider Lily. Kokushibo admitted that he had nothing to say in his department of defense, as Kagaya Ubuyashiki had cleverly hidden himself. [ 8 ] After Akaza viciously destroyed Doma ‘s head, Kokushibo covertly sliced off the early ‘s hand, stating he had gone excessively far. He explained to Doma that he had not intervened for his benefit, but for the preservation of the hierarchy of the Upper Ranks system. He then told Akaza to arrange for a blood battle if he wanted to take Doma ‘s position, asking him if he understood what he was being told. Akaza acknowledged this fact ; promising to kill the high-level Upper Rank, which Kokushibo wished him luck before departing. [ 9 ] During a meeting of the Hashira reporting the appearance of foreign marks, Amane Ubuyashiki recalls that these marks were coarse among a choose few users of the original Breathing Style, Kokushibo having been one of those few. [ 10 ]

Kaigaku remembers his meeting with Kokushibo while engaging Zenitsu. then, Kokushibo overwhelmed him and he cursorily surrendered. But he decided to give Kaigaku a moment probability and offered him a big amount of Muzan ‘s blood, then hoping Muzan would accept him, he could take a position among the Upper Moons. Kokushibo told the monster killer to be grateful for his give but threatened to behead him should he spill a drop. [ 11 ] Following Akaza ‘s death, Kokushibo is seen alone. Murmuring how Akaza had abandoned his path to reach promote heights and how he had failed to defeat Kokushibo, and reprimanded him for how decrepit he is. simultaneously, he reaches for his katana, and immediately slices the surrounding stone pillar to pieces in a individual stroke. [ 12 ] shortly after, Muichiro Tokito is transported to the same room as Kokushibo. Kokushibo then comments : “ You came … Demon Slayer. For some cause … you seem conversant ”. [ 13 ] He then deduces that Muichiro is a descendant of a child he left behind after becoming a demon. He besides deduces that his human surname of Tsugikuni has died out over the generations. After Muichiro calms himself down and performs versatile Styles from the Mist Breathing, his Demon Slaying Mark appears. Kokushibo then complements how accomplished Muichiro is as a fencer at such a new age. Kokushibo states that it must be due to the brawny blood he passed down, although Muichiro dismisses such claims. After some more battle, Kokushibo manages to cut off Muichiro ‘s arm. Muichiro quickly tightens his arm to stop the bleeding, greatly impressing Kokushibo. however, Muichiro is effortlessly pinned against the pillars when Kokushibo impales him with the Muichiro ‘s own sword. Kokushibo then offers Muichiro the opportunity to become a monster who is close to Muzan, stating that this would not lone heal his arm, but besides offer him great power. [ 14 ] This discussion is however interrupted by Genya shooting his Nichirin Gun. Kokushibo effortlessly avoids the gunfire, appearing behind Genya and then proceeding to cut off both his arms and his torso in half, commenting that : “ Hmm… I see… You’re the one who’s been eating demons, huh ? ” [ 15 ] however, he realises that Genya is unlike the early imitation Demon from 300 years ago and that the way to kill him is the like way regular demons are killed, by chopping off their head. Before he has the opportunity to do this, Genya is saved by his brother. After Genya apologises for everything he ‘s done to Sanemi, Kokushibo states that : “ Hmm… brothers and Demon Slayers, that brings back memories… “. [ 16 ] Sanemi and Kokushibo then begin their acute duel, with Kokushibo being slightly taken aback at the skill of the Wind Hashira. however, he retains his composure and stated that he could n’t survive if his senses were n’t honed from long experience. [ 17 ] This goes on for sometime, with Kokushibo flush stating that long ago, in the Sengoku earned run average, he gained a distribute of experience fighting against a similarly strong Wind Hashira. [ 18 ] Kokushibo then gets a good adequate mown on Sanemi, stating that moving would lead to his entrails to spill out. Sanemi proceeds to laugh hysterically, boasting the fact that he had marechi blood. [ 19 ] Sanemi uses his abnormal body and breathing skills to control his muscles to coagulate the lineage and stop the run ampere much as possible. After some struggling and Kokushibo showing hilarity at the opportunity at fighting such a skilled Hashira, he was about to deal a significant blow until Gyomei, the Stone Hashira arrives. Kokushibo was unable to retain himself. openly stating that he admired Gyomei ‘s glance physical form. [ 20 ] Following an intense back and forth conflict, Gyomei reveals his trump card he meant to save for Muzan, his Demon Slaying Mark. Kokushibo then confirms that he excessively has the Demon Slaying Mark. Almost showing sympathy towards Gyomei, he reveals the caution of the Demon Slaying Mark : “ Without exception, the commemorate ones die before they reach the long time of 25. ” [ 21 ] Stating that the notice reduces biography anticipation and that Gyomei should be dead by the end of the night since he ‘s 27 years honest-to-god. After an experiential discussion of what it means to be a Demon Slayer and a human, Kokushibo offers Gyomei an opportunity to become a monster so he can survive and continue to hone his craft the same way he has. Gyomei outright rejects the offer and states that Kokushibo stated one falsehood : “ I suspect there was an exception. There was one who had the score, lived past 25 and is silent alive. ” [ 22 ] Kokushibo then appears to be reasonably judder, but the two continue their intense battle .
After Sanemi manages to stitch his injure, he rejoins the affray as the two now face Kokushibo in a 2 on 1 battle. Kokushibo notes with surprise the ease with which they are able to cooperate despite being users of two different breaths. [ 23 ] The three of them continue their battle until abruptly, Sanemi and Gyomei are cut by what appears to be an elongated sword with three blades extending from the sides, two from one side and one on the other. Kokushibo immediately appears to be wholly serious in his meet, angrily stating : “ You merely shredded my kimono, not tied adequate to kill an baby. once I dispatch you two, the rest will proceed well. ” [ 24 ] In the meanwhile, Muichiro manages to free himself from the pillar. With the little life sentence left in him, he helps Genya by re-attaching his consistency and feeding him a ball of Kokushibo ‘s hair. Genya then feels power he ‘s never felt before, but more importantly appears to directly hear Muzan ‘s voice, asking Kokushibo how many Hashira he has defeated. [ 25 ] indicating that Muzan is probable however incapacitated by the initial explosion and the Blood Demon Art Tamayo performed on him. The struggle then begins to pick up, Kokushibo ‘s attacks increasing with both intensity and frequency. He is able to sever two of Sanemi ‘s fingers, and Gyomei and Sanemi are both reduced to putting all of their efforts into just avoiding his attacks. right as it seems that Sanemi is about to lose, though, Muichiro rejoins the battle, saving the other Hashira equitable in time. [ 26 ] Genya, who is hiding from the struggle behind a wall, recalls a conversation he had with Tanjiro about being the weakest person in a struggle, and, motivated by this, swallows a break piece of Kokoshibo ‘s blade in ordain to gain its abilities. The advantage seems to again shift to Kokushibo, but in an unexpected turn of events, Gyomei is able to sever the Upper Rank ‘s right weapon while Muichiro stabs him through the torso, immobilizing him while Genya unleashes a bombard of bullets on the devil using his gun, which he altered using his own cells in a similar manner to Kokushibo ‘s sword. The bullets embedded into the Demon ‘s pulp then erupt into “ trees, ” completely trapping him as Gyomei and Sanemi rush in to finish him off. The sensation agitate Kokushibo, who is reminded of an confrontation from 400 years ago in which he met his unseasoned buddy, Yoriichi, after not having seen him for 60 years. [ 27 ] In the confrontation, Yoriichi was able to land a shoot on his brother ‘s neck, which no one had ever done before ; however, Yoriichi passed away on his feet before he was able to land the adjacent blow. Enraged by the think of being defeated, Kokushibo sprouts multiple blades from his body and mortally wounds Muichiro and Genya and sternly injures Sanemi and Gyomei. still, the four commission onwards, undeterred. As Muichiro ‘s blade turns bolshevik, apparently seering Kokushibo ‘s organs, Genya unleashes another Blood Demon Art, rooting another tree in Kokushibo ‘s back while Gyomei lands a blow on Kokushibo ‘s head with his thrash and Sanemi rushes in with his sword. Their weapons all begin to turn red, and, struck with thoughts of his brother, Kokushibo wonder at how the Demon Slayers who came after them have risen up to surpass them. however, wonder soon gives way to rage as Kokushibo ‘s head is cut off, and, to the horror of the four Demon Slayers, Kokushibo regrows his promontory. [ 28 ]

Kokushibo begins to celebrate, boasting to himself that now that he has conquered death by beheading, any attacks thrown at him are now render meaningless. however, his gloat gives way to disbelief when he sees himself in the reflection of Sanemi ‘s blade. His newly shape is monstrous, with tusks and spikes protruding from his head, face and back. Disgusted by his new appearance, he recalls his master motivation to be the strongest samurai in the nation and wonders if the path he has taken is what he very wanted. While he reflects on his motivations, Gyomei is able to crush his head with his flail, again beheading Kokushibo. The Upper Rank attempts to regenerate, but to his unbelief, his flesh begins to crumble away and he is rendered ineffective to use his Blood Demon Art as a result of Muichiro ‘s red blade adhere in his body. [ 29 ] As he falls to the ground, disintegrate, he reflects piercingly that he alone wanted to be like Yoriichi. He becomes reminded that the one thing he wanted to forgot is the thing he can only remember vividly, Yoriichi ‘s side. While his life flashed before him, he admits that he abandoned everything and in the conclusion, has achieved nothing by killing his alone remaining blood relative and betraying his samurai code. In his concluding moments, he questioned why he was ever born, calling to his brother for an answer, before fading away completely and leaving only his break flute behind .



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