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[ 1 ]


Hair Color

Black with Yellow Bangs

Eye Color

Light Brown



Demon Slayer Corps


Demon Slayer

Personal Status


Active (Pre-Timeskip)
Deceased (Post-Timeskip)


Tengen Uzui ( Husband )
Hinatsuru ( Co-wife )
Suma ( Co-wife )


Manga Debut

chapter 71 ( Partial Appearance )
chapter 72 ( Full Appearance )

Anime Debut

Episode 35


Japanese VA

Shizuka Ishigami

English VA

Erica Mendez Makio Images Image Gallery Makio ( まきを, Makio ? ) is a supporting character of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. She is a kunoichi and one of Tengen Uzui ‘s wives .


Makio is a new woman of median altitude possessing a epicurean human body with pale hide and big golden brown eyes framed by eyelashes with big ones introduce on both the upper berth and lower lashes, and dilute eyebrows arching downward which gives her a determined and froward expect. She has black hair tied up with golden-brown bangs which hang broadly, framing her boldness. Makio is seen wearing a crimson, sleeveless striped dress that ends mid-thigh which besides reveals her cleavage and secured with a black obeah where she stores her kunai. She has gray-colored bandages wrapped around her calves and up to her thighs. Her footwear consists of a pair of zōri with crimson straps. During her time as Daki ‘s prisoner, she is seen with cuts and bruises across her soundbox .


Makio has a froward personality similar to Inosuke Hashibira : bluff and convinced in the way she acts. Out of her two co-wives, Makio tends to have less solitaire with Suma. When the women fought Daki ‘s obeah in the underground cavern, Makio can be seen berating her for being condescending. [ 2 ] Later on when the three wives reunite, Makio can besides be seen slapping Suma and calling her an idiot after she makes insensitive remarks about Hinatsuru dying. [ 3 ] however, Makio does have a softer side that shows when dealing with Tengen. She is seen worrying about his declining health following their major struggle, and clings to him in relief after Nezuko heals him. [ 4 ]


At some charge of her biography, Makio married Tengen Uzui, along with Suma and Hinatsuru. After she left the kin, her family travel to see Kagaya Ubuyashiki in order to fight as a depart of the Demon Slayer Corps. [ 5 ] At some point in the past, Makio was instructed aboard Suma and Hinatsuru by Tengen on his personal political orientation : to put their own lives first, then estimable humans, and last himself. Makio questioned this border on to life in private, as it went against what they had been taught as kunoichi, Hinatsuru assured her that it was okay to put her own condom first. [ 6 ]


Makio initially arrives at the zone to work clandestine as a concubine at the Ogimoto House, she tries to gather intel on reports of a monster within the district and sends spinal column information to Tengen via crow. however one day, Makio gets captured by Daki ‘s obeah and is promptly interrogated over who she ‘s sending the letters to. [ 7 ] Refusing to rat out the mission, Makio is then kidnapped by the Obi girdle and gets stored within its clandestine bunker. late on when Inosuke discovers the bunker, he cuts the Obi freeing both Makio and Suma from within it and the two women assist him in protecting the girls from getting reabsorbed by the Obi. [ 8 ] After they reunite with Tengen in the cavern, Makio and Suma are freed and lead the elimination of the citizens within the zone. [ 9 ] once Makio and Suma succeed in evacuating the citizens, they return towards the end of the battle and discover the consequence. Makio alongside her co-wives hurry to provide first help to Tengen, but discover their antidotes are n’t working to cure Gyutaro ‘s poison. After initially panicking over what to do, Nezuko approaches the group and heals Tengen with her abilities, allowing the women to rejoice and embrace him. [ 10 ] As the cleanup begins, Makio and her co-wives can be seen assisting Tengen off of the battlefield so he can begin his convalescence.

Makio and her co-wives do n’t show up a lot for the rest of the series outside a abbreviated moment with Uzui where they compliment Tanjiro on his train .


Overall Abilities: Makio does not possess any shape of superhuman abilities. however, as she was raised as a kunoichi, Makio possesses some human body of shinobi skills, being able of wielding a kunai american samoa well as performing maneuvers and fighting much more proficiently than regular people can .


Standard Kunai: As a kunoichi, Makio carries around two standard black kunai for battle purposes, 2 of which she uses for melee battle and the rest as range projectiles .


  • Makio is actually a distant cousin of Tengen’s.[1]
  • Makio’s name contains solely the hiragana for “ma”








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    • The reason as why wo is pronounced and spelled ‘o’ is due to obsolete pronunciation in Japanese vocabulary.
  • Makio’ English voice actress Erica Mendez is currently in a relationship with Akaza’s English voice actor Lucien Dodge.
  • Makio’ Japanese Voice actress Shizuka Ishigami.




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