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“Insignificant being be gone!”
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Makomo Tomioka


冨岡 真菰


Tomioka Makomo







15 (Physical Age)
??? (Chronological Age)


Same height as Kanae Kocho


Same weight as Makomo


Same birthday as Makomo (False Birthday)
July 25th (True Birthday)

Hair Color

To be revealed

Eye Color

To be revealed



Demon Slayer Corps
Giyu Tomioka
Tomioka Division
The Water Breathing Division


Water Tsuguko
Head of Tomioka Division
Captain of The Water Breathing Division

Demon SlayerHead of Tomioka DivisionCaptain of The Water Breathing Division

Combat Style

Water Breathing

Personal Status




Tsutako Tomioka (Aunt; adoptive)
Unnamed Brother In Law (Uncle-in-law; adoptive)
Giyu Tomioka (Father; adoptive)


Manga Debut

To be revealed

Anime Debut

To be revealed


Japanese VA

To be revealed

English VA

To be revealed

Stage Play

To be revealed

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真 means truth; I will emulate the true nature of my name and bring true, infallible justice down upon the heads of any demon who dares to cross me, for though I feel sympathy for their plight, yet at the same time, I cannot ignore their wrongdoings. All demons have rotten hearts, filled with thoughts of their gracious master so by virtue of this principle, I will end their lives in retribution for the lives they have taken, my father`s late love. I will do whatever it takes to avenge the murder of anybody or anything, my sensei has ever loved; from his late older sister, his younger siblings, and all three of the Butterfly siblings. I am the silent shadow that stands behind my master! I am his justice and I will cut down anybody or anything that prevents me from carrying out his will!
  Makomo Tomioka

Makomo Tomioka ( 冨 ( とみ ) 岡 ( おか ) 真 ( ま ) 菰 ( こも ), Tomioka Makomo ? ) is the chief female protagonist of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Water Hashira Chronicles. She is a Demon Slayer of the Demon Slayer Corps and the current Water Tsuguko ( 水 ( みず ) 継 ( つぐ ) 子 ( こ ), Mizu Tsuguko ?, illuminated. Water Successor ) to the current Water Hashira Giyu Tomioka. When she was a young child, she was saved by Giyu Tomioka and became his first personal Tsuguko after passing the Final incision for Demon Slayers ; having become his Tsuguko, she decided that if she died, her teacher would need more than one student ; in case he died or decided to retire from active duty .


Makomo takes the appearance of a fifteenth-year-old young womanhood of a muscular stature and pale complexion, who is about always seen smiling or possessing a kind facial expression. She has midst deep sapphire blue-coloured hair of evening lengths that flows down her thorax and back, stopping at her thorax, which she wears tied back into a orderly bun tied at the back of her head, pinned in place by a elegant Chinese-designed haircloth stick. Her bangs stop directly above her eyebrows. Her eyes are big and gentle-appearing, their irises a dark sky blue sky that fades to a light flip aristocratic and their pupils a blue black, being framed by thin eyebrows. Makomo wears the standard Demon Slayer uniform with amber buttons, consisting of a dark ocean-blue tinted straight-lined black jacket and a knee-length pleat skirt. Over this, she wears a red haori with a tap and white flower department of transportation pattern, modeled after the matchless that Makomo ` s namesake break during the Final Selection. Attached to the side of her head by a string threaded through either side of the guard mask, is a replica of the warding mask that the original Makomo tire during the Final Selection ; took the determine of a fox ‘s side, hers additionally being decorated by two blue flowers painted on its left side. On her feet, she wore a pair of fall brown-coloured sandals, tied around her ankle from her list and closed at the toe.


At a superficial flush, Makomo first presents herself as a cheerful, bright, kind, generous, healthy, and friendly Demon Slayer ; kind to even the demons, the source of her intense hatred. inherently easy, people underestimate her ; in all actuality, Makomo is the furthest person from kindness. She is actually very reserve, a lot like her teacher and adopted rear, Giyu Tomioka ; even though she pretends differently. Demons are the truthful source of her hatred as she believes that they must die without question ; this intense hate is noted to be what drives Makomo to such lengths in regulate to enact her own brand of department of justice. Her potent sense of justice is derived from Giyu ` sulfur own smell of judge ; most notably, Makomo seems to disagree with Giyu ` second opinion on keeping Nezuko Kamado animated, though she late retracted that opinion after Nezuko saved her from a Demon, further showing her coherent nature. however, Nezuko is the only monster that she is uncoerced to openly show her compassion for, as she warned Shinobu against being near Yushiro or Tamayo in case she got killed. Though she is highly respectful towards her superiors, she can be slightly critical of her adoptive founder and his decisions ; shown when she questioned Giyu on his decision to let Tanjiro train underneath Makomo and his other successors, citing it as a awful estimate or when she told off Giyu for allowing Tanjiro to go on a mission with two disrespectful people. At a non-superficial level, Makomo is presented as a edgy, formal, hard-and-fast and rule-abiding Demon Slayer ; identical close in personality to her superior policeman. Often exasperated with the actions of the people around her, she can come across as reasonably cynical and callous in diverse situations, though she doesn ` thyroxine mean to. Like all of Giyu ` mho subordinates, she can be slightly cold-hearted and mean-spirited when the affair calls for it. She is near with Petra Nakahara, the biological older half sister of Sumi Nakahara ; Petra being another subordinate of Giyu Tomioka and one of his possible successors. She seems to be deeply attached to Petra and is highly overprotective over her ; even coldly telling Zenitsu Agatsuma to stop making advances on Petra, unless he rightfully wanted to die, wholly forgetting about the predominate regarding the use of swords on another Demon Slayer .

Abilities and Powers

Overall Abilities: As a Tsuguko of the Demon Slayer Corps, Makomo is a very powerful swordswoman. She is easily able to hold her own against Kanao Tsuyuri, a chap Tsuguko and another powerful swordswoman. In fact, it is implied that she is the one and strongest possible successor to Giyu Tomioka ; well outclassing her companion trainees and so far despite that, she is however nowhere near the level of domination that her superior policeman displays. During her early young, she defeated two Lower Moons singlehandingly and lived to survive the narrative ; this is the same skill, which made her a Tsuguko to Giyu Tomioka ( the current Water Hashira ) .

physical Abilities

  • Enhanced Strength: As a Tsuguko, her physical strength is quite astounding, considering her weak and frail-looking appearance; she effortlessly brought a tree crashing down with a single strike, she was able to balance on the edge of a sword as well as fight her enemy while standing on the edge of the sword, she was also capable of knocking out Zenitsu Agatsuma with a single strike.
  • Enhanced Speed & Reflexes:
  • Enhanced Stamina & Endurance:
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