10 Best Demon Slayer Manga Covers, Ranked

Demon Slayer ‘s manga cover art proves multiple times to be adenine beautiful as the story within. These are the best manga covers for Demon Slayer. While a good floor is one of a reader ‘s top priorities when looking for a new book to get lost in and manga is no exception. But in the global of manga, the cover plays an about evenly important role in attracting the subscriber ‘s gaze in the first place. Koyoharu Gotouge ‘s Demon Slayer manga does precisely that .
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They use color not only to highlight the characters and their personalities but besides to apply color custom and respective techniques that naturally guide the viewer ‘s eye around the art. occasionally, certain shapes and patterns are used to help guide the lector and to represent a deeper mean. The manga cover artwork proves multiple times to be equally beautiful as the history within.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for  Demon Slayer  by Koyoharu Gotouge!

10 Volume 2 Depicts The Demon King Meeting The Boy With Hanafuda Earrings

Demon Slayer Volume 2 Tanjiro Muzan Cropped This is one of the first times where a form convention is used to guide the viewer ‘s eyes. The shape is similar to that of blood spatter. This form can be seen at the peak then appearing again on Tanjiro ‘s arm to Muzan ‘s shoulder and then on the bottom .
The use of blood hints at the lineage chase that led to these characters ‘ first meet. additionally, blood adds to the homicidal purpose that Tanjiro has for the valet who killed his family and that Muzan has for the son with the hanafuda earrings that reminds him of a former enemy .

9 Volume 21 Captures A Photographic Moment

Demon Slayer Volume 21 Yushiro Holding Hands With Tamayo Cropped This cover of Yushiro holding Tamayo ‘s hand along with the background coloring material resembles that of an old japanese vintage photograph of a pair, possibly showcasing a consequence of love freeze in time. The colors of purple and pink combined with the flower patterns guide the viewer around the while .
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slowly bringing the eyes to the sudden red chair to highlight Tamayo’s quality and possibly highlight the significant function she plays in the fight against Muzan. The colors used in Tamayo ‘s kimono are reflected in a gradient style in the style text which could besides add to her being the focus of the cover .

8 Volume 4 Shows A Clash With A Loud Boar Man

Demon Slayer Volume 4 Inosuke Tanjiro Cropped The bluff red background about seems to demand attention exchangeable to Inosuke ‘s personality. The black that ‘s shaped to look slightly like lighting hints at a rattling experience which slightly describes Inosuke ‘s first gear appearance. In Japan, the symbolism of crimson changes depending on its application, but samurai would normally don red to showcase persuasiveness and power .
That combined with western symbolism of crimson being associated with anger accentuates the aggravation felt between Tanjiro and Inosuke upon foremost meet. It besides showcases Inosuke ‘s doggedness to prove he is more herculean and stronger than Tanjiro .

7 Volume 9 Showcases The Sound Hashira With His Bling

Demon Slayer Volume 9 Sound Hashira Tengen Cropped This screen gives off a fun and brassy vibration that fits good with Tengen’s royal poinciana personality. There are multiple repeating color techniques going on with gradient techniques that make it mind-bending but not chaotic .
The pinks and blues play well together, leading from the background top to his headgear to his swords then down through his outfit into the deed. The gold color is distributed evenly throughout, from the dabble blend with blue to the sword accents to the bands to the bottom, making sure Tengen stays the kernel of attention .

6 Volume 14 Sings The Colors Of The Love Hashira

Demon Slayer Volume 14 Love Hashira Mitsuri Cropped The use of bright, neon colors fits well with Mitsuri ‘s cheery personality. The main color guide is tap, a fitting color for the Love Hashira, which does an about curving movement from the clear to the concentrate and curving back down again .
While the greens accents the pink, it makes certain to guide the spectator from either direction back to concentrate arsenic well to the focus of the character. additionally, the cover about has an ’80s feel with Mitsuri looking like a pop idol from the lapp era.

5 Volume 6 Depicts The Insect Hashira’s Mask Of Beauty

Demon Slayer Volume 6 Insect Hashira Shinobu Cropped This cover charge is beautiful but appears confusing at first glance. The imperial discolor appears to be the main player here, guiding from the championship text through Shinobu ‘s hair down throughout her outfit. however, it ‘s the pastels weaved throughout her butterfly pattern coat that catches the eye at first gear, like to Shinobu ‘s beauty and calm demeanor .
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Upon looking deep into the background, there ‘s a mess of colors spreading everywhere, which is about alike to the jumbled-up mess of emotions Shinobu keeps shroud inside .

4 Volume 16 Conveys The Tranquilities Of Love

Demon Slayer Volume 16 Lead Hashira Kagaya With Wife Amane Cropped This cover appears to be a spot different than most of the other covers. There ‘s even a different feel that ‘s not felt with the others. The blend of the white into the bluing then back to white creates an overall palpate of calmness and peace. The find is alike to the personalities of the characters on the cover, Amane and Kagaya .
The blending itself feels like a representation of the way that their personalities complement each early with Amane dressed in blue and Kagaya dressed in ashen. The placid love between the Hashira leader and his wife can be strongly felt .

3 Volume 1 Showcases The Darkness Of Tragedy

Demon Slayer Volume 1 Tanjiro Holding Nezuko Cropped The inaugural volume cover ‘s repeating color trail does more than plainly guide the viewer ; it appears to try to tell a floor. The reddish-pink color leads from Tanjiro ‘s hair down to the expressions of anger and gloominess on his face to crying Nezuko ‘s hairbows .
then it trails to the fingernails of his hands that are holding his baby down to the handle of the blade that shows his desire to protect her then to her obeah. The orange color trails down to wrap around the only global he has left with the black representing the darkness that nowadays covers that world .

2 Volume 23 Proves That There Is A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Demon Slayer Volume 23 Tanjiro and Nezuko Waving Bye Cropped The last cover of the manga series is that of happiness and gloominess. originally, the color white represented mourning in Japan and still does in some parts, but has become more of a symbol of honor ascribable to western influence .
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The white background creates a feel of purity as the darkness that once engulfed Tanjiro and Nezuko ‘s world is gone. There is a blend common sense of happiness of seeing the siblings ultimately smiling after all they had endured, but besides sadness as they seem to wave adieu to fans .

1 Volume 8 Depicts The Warmth Of The Flame Hashira

Demon Slayer Volume 8 Flame Hashira Rengoku Cropped The colors of red, orange, and yellow majestically dance back and forth across the cover. They slowly lead down from the setting through Rengoku ‘s hair into his coat that encircles around him to his blade in the in-between. The colors engulf him like the flames of his fighting intent that can be seen and felt.

The flowers behind the flames reflect the kind and compassionate nature underneath. The shuffle of firey elements in this cover art is done so well that it seems like it would be strong to the touch .
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