Demon Slayer Mark

When the marked one arrives, the mark will appear on others around that person as if in resonance.
  — A surviving record of the Demon Slayer Mark mentioned in A Request for Instruction

The Demon Slayer Mark ( 鬼 ( き ) 殺 ( さつ ) 痣 ( あざ ), Kisatsu Aza ? ) [ 1 ] [ 2 ] is a mysterious set that Demon Slayers can awaken under specific conditions .


During the Sengoku Era, the Golden Age of Demon Slayers, the progenitors of the first ever Breathing Styles all manifested markings on their bodies, [ 3 ] which subsequently came to be known as Demon Slayer Marks. Demon Slayer Marks are birthmarks that appear on the face ( or sometimes on the torso ) of Demon Slayers that resemble the crests of demons in appearance. [ 4 ] Each Demon Slayer possesses a unique model to their Mark which appear to be based on the Breathing Style they utilize. The Mark can only be awakened under very specific conditions and grant limited abilities while besides enhancing preexistent traits of the holder. once awakened, the Mark can disappear after a period of fourth dimension along with its effects, though it can be re-activated ( as seen with Muichiro Tokito and Tanjiro Kamado ) by meeting the lapp conditions or through educate to maintain the ‘marked submit ‘ to prevent it from dissipating in the beginning place. [ 5 ] [ 6 ] One special property of the Mark is that it is able to spread from one holder to the early as if they were resonating which each other. [ 7 ]

Although this could lone be the case for Tanjiro Kamado, the Demon Slayer Mark has been shown to grow in length and size after repeatedly awakening it multiple times, which can possibly improve how much the Mark enhances the holder ‘s abilities .


For one to awaken the Mark, one of the criteria they have to meet is surviving extremely dangerous conditions, specifically, a heart rate of over 200 beats per minute ( BPM ) and a soundbox temperature of over 39° Celsius ( 102.2° Fahrenheit ), [ 8 ] which is fatal in most cases. Muichiro Tokito states that survival is the keystone dispute that separates those that are marked and those who fail to awaken it. [ 9 ] however, possibly the biggest prerequisite to awakening the Mark is being in contact with an individual that possesses the Mark, or has been marked before. Without fulfilling this condition, the Mark can not be awakened at all .


The progenitor of the Mark is Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the strongest Demon Slayer in being a well as the progenitor of Breathing Styles. Unlike other Demon Slayers that have to meet specific conditions to activate the Mark, Yoriichi was born with it. [ 10 ] Upon joining the Demon Slayer Corps, Yoriichi spread the Mark to all other swordsmen in the organization, enabling them to awaken their own Marks as well. Despite how park the Mark was among the Demon Slayers during that era, most records of the Mark were lost to time either because the bearers then did not think preserving the information was significant and/or because the information was lost in the many times the Demon Slayer Corps was about annihilated. [ 11 ]


Bright Red Nichirin Sword: Bearers of the Demon Slayer Mark can dye their Nichirin Swords a shining bright loss color chiefly through clashing their blade with another score fencer ‘s or gripping it with enormous force. Bright crimson Nichirin swords have the ability to generate acute heat and besides hamper the positive feedback of demons, some of which on the charge of the strongest upper Ranks or the Demon King himself.

Enhanced Physical Capabilities: Upon awakening the Mark, the physical intensity and speed of the carrier is exponentially increased to the point where Hashira or Hashira-level Demon Slayers are able to overpower and defeat the lowest of the Upper Ranks and fight on equal grind and develop in power comparable to the highest among them. It is implied that the pallbearer ‘s physical arm force is increased by around 100x after awakening the Mark, though it could be a hyperbole and frankincense the value could be much lower. [ 12 ] The addition in the travel rapidly of the carrier is quite apparent equally well, as seen with Muichiro Tokito who was having trouble dealing with Upper Rank Five ‘s versatile techniques [ 13 ] [ 14 ] and belated being capable of regularly out-speeding and even blitzing him in his more herculean form after Muichiro activated his Mark. [ 15 ] [ 16 ] [ 17 ] Enhanced Resistance: It is implied that the Mark increases the carrier ‘s resistor to Muzan ‘s demon-transforming blood [ 18 ] like to how entire Concentration Breathing does the lapp a well. Transparent World: Bearers of the Mark can potentially gain access and see into the ‘Transparent World ‘, allowing them to perceive the bodies of others as if their bark was transparent. This enables them to track the flow of lineage, breathe, brawny contractions and joint movements of the person they are looking at which can be used to predict their movements and evade their attacks with ease. [ 19 ] [ 20 ] Additionally, those who can access the Transparent World can perceive the world in slow-motion, further increasing their reaction and movement amphetamine. [ 21 ]

hex of the Mark

Awakening the Demon Slayer Mark besides has its costs. Demon Slayers who have awakened their mark are said to, without exception, die before reaching the age of 25. [ 22 ] [ 23 ] Kokushibo states that awakening the Mark merely reduces the lifespans of their bearers in rally for greater power [ 24 ] while Gyomei describes it as “ paying one ‘s life in progress in the exchange for a greater physique ” in a conversation with Muichiro. however, there is a way to circumvent the Mark ‘s curse on the life on its bearer, which is to gain endless life through becoming a monster. [ 25 ] Kokushibo managed to survive the bane through accepting Muzan ‘s offer to become a devil, living for approximately another four centuries after aging past 25.

Despite what the curse entails, it is still possible to awaken the Mark after a Demon Slayer is older than 25, apparent in Gyomei awakening it along with gaining its benefits. [ 26 ] Kokushibo surmised that due to this alone situation, Gyomei would die within a few hours of activating it, [ 27 ] which came to pass after the final contend against Muzan, though it is potential that he died due to the injuries he sustained during the battle rather than the execration itself. furthermore, Yoriichi managed to live past the long time of 80, [ 28 ] though this can besides be explained by the fact that he was born with the Mark. due to the curse ‘s inconsistency, it is possible that it ‘s just superstition. however, there is nothing that comprehensively disproves it either, so it ‘s equitable adenine probable that the curse does rightfully exist .

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  • Due to only seeing one Mark awakening in the anime, it is currently unclear whether the Demon Slayer Mark can also change the shape of the bearer’s hair to match their Breathing Style as seen with Tanjiro.[29]
  • One possible explanation for the Curse of the Mark is that the exponential increase in power the bearer experiences upon awakening their Demon Slayer Mark takes a heavy toll on their body, the strain resulting in a decreased lifespan which is supported by Shinobu’s remark that the conditions for awakening the Mark is harmful to the body.[9] This also explains why once the Mark is awakened, there is no way to gain back the forfeited lifespan.


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