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General Information

Japanese Voice Actor: Koki Miyata English Voice Actor: Khoi Dhao Age: Unknown Manga Debut: chapter 28

Anime Debut: Season 1 Episode 15 Race: Human Gender: Male Status: Alive


After his family was killed by the demons, he decided to join the Corps as he has no relatives to go to. He has a moo rank precisely like the demon slayers that were sent to the Natagumo Mountain. Murata was in the lapp Final Selection Exam as Sabito and Giyu. Murata was keen on the fact that there is a huge deviation between him and Giyu in all aspects. When he was sent on a deputation in Natagumo Mountain, his early comrades were used as a puppet and started killing each early. Murata was the entirely survivor when Tanjiro and Inosuke arrived. He started explaining to the two what happened to his comrades. While he was explaining to the two another set up of creature soldiers arrived and started attacking them. He was then locked in combat with the puppets and was saved by his juniors. While they are fighting, he introduced himself to them.

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Murata told his juniors to leave the puppet soldiers to him and move on ahead. He told them to be careful as there might be stronger opponents ahead. While in the middle of the contend, he was ambushed by the Older Sister and was wrapped in her Acid Cocoon. He could not cut the cocoon. He was saved by Shinobu Kocho. He felt abashed when she told him that he is naked. After the battle in Natagumo Mountain, he was informed that he needs to report to the Hashira meet to inform them of what happened in the batch. Murata He visited Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu later and complained about being summoned to the meet. When Shinobu arrived, he stopped complaining and abruptly left the three to continue their discussion. He was seen again during the Hashira educate. When he met Tanjiro and Inosuke on the train grounds of Gyomei, he complained about how harsh and unmanageable the discipline is. He is besides impressed with how strong Hashira ’ south are. It was not known whether he passed the training of Gyomei or not. During the battle in the Infinity Castle Arc, he was the one who rescued Zenitsu and Yushiro. He was then belated instructed by Giyu to bring Tanjiro to safety .

Physical Appearance

Murata is an ordinary man with ordinary looks. He does not have especial markings. His hair coloring material is an average black coloring material. His square black hair was parted in the middle. He has an athletic build. His eyes are black. He wears the standard black uniform of members of Demon Slayer Corps. His pants are besides total darkness.


Murata does not want to be looked down upon by those who have a lower membership than him. When they battled the Spider Demon Family in Natagumo Mountain, he continued to fight even when the remainder of his group had been annihilated. He is not the bravest in the Demon Slayer Corps but he is brave than most people. He does not easily give up .


Murata is one of the Water Breathing style users. not a excellent as the others as he was able to master alone two forms of the style. He can entirely use the first and moment forms. He was one of the few members of the Corps to be able to reach the death stagecoach of the Hashira aim which proves that he is above average. When he holds bet on the puppets during the Natagumo Mountain, means that his swordsmanship may not be the best but it is better than others .

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