Demon Slayer: 5 Times Nezuko Was An Adorable Princess (& 5 Times She Was A Frightening Demon)

Nezuko might be a terrify monster, but she ‘s besides one of the cutest characters in zanzibar copal. There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that Nezuko is the star of the Demon Slayer anime. The count of Nezuko memes that flooded the internet was a fairly thoroughly sign, for those wondering .
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Unlike many shonen female characters out there, Nezuko wasn ’ triiodothyronine good cunning for the sake of being cunning. She was besides a fierce monster who killed other demons mercilessly without any hesitation. here ’ randomness looking at five times Nezuko was adorable, and five times her presence scared the daylights out of many Demon Slayer characters.


10 FRIGHTENING: When She Protected Tanjiro From Giyu’s Attacks

1 nezuko Protected Tanjiro From Giyu’s Attacks When Giyu came across Nezuko and Tanjiro for the first time, his first instinct was obviously to eliminate Nezuko. Tanjiro kept begging him to let Nezuko go, but to no avail. When ultimately Giyu hit Tanjiro hard enough to render him unconscious mind, that is when Nezuko ’ s human side awakens .
She immediately rushes to her brother ’ s side and stands guard above his body. She assumes a fierce yet protective stance, making it clear she was there to defend her brother .

9 ADORABLE: When She Shrunk Her Size At Tanjiro’s Request

nezuko 2 Shrunk Her Size At Tanjiro’s Request As a demon, Nezuko has the unique ability to change her size ( within limits ) to make things easier for her. Tanjiro learned this fact equally soon as he saw her size-shift .
After he paid an erstwhile farmer for an fresh basket of his, he realized the basket was excessively little for regular-sized Nezuko. thus, he requested her to become smaller in club to accommodate her inside the basket. Of run, Nezuko obliged .

8 FRIGHTENING: When She Killed Her First Demon Without Flinching

nezuko Killed Her First Demon Without Flinching When faced with his beginning devil, Tanjiro was at a loss. He had no cognition or discipline regarding killing demons. All he knew was to chop their heads off. even in a fight where he knew he could die, Tanjiro showed no reluctance .
equitable as he was about to be killed, Nezuko rushes in to save her brother. All it takes is one complain from her to knock the monster ’ s head off, giving Tanjiro the advantage that he needed .

7 ADORABLE: Her First Hug To Tanjiro

Nezuko Hugging Tanjiro Under Sakonji Urokodaki ’ s guidance, Tanjiro had to undergo an highly rigid regimen to qualify for the Final Selection examination. In order to do indeed, Tanjiro had to stay away from his sister for over a year. sol when he returned to his sensei ’ second sign of the zodiac, his first instinct was to call out for Nezuko .
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Upon seeing her brother ( who she didn ’ thyroxine acknowledge was away for a year since she was asleep the entire time ), she rushed toward him and engulfed him in a embrace .

6 FRIGHTENING: When She Faced (& Killed) The Swamp Demon

nezuko kills swamp demon Unlike many demons from the series, the swamp devil was shown to be an intelligent animal. not merely this, he was able to split himself into 3 distinct personalities. Tanjiro chose to follow two of them into their deluge to kill them .
Nezuko was left above the ground, not only to kill the freak but to defend two of his victims vitamin a well. The fight was a close one, but Nezuko ’ s powers easily outmatched the demon ’ s powers.

5 ADORABLE: When The Udon Shop Owner Overwhelmed Her With His Passion

6 confused nezuko with udon shop owner In a scene supposed to serve as comic relief, Tanjiro and Nezuko break by an udon godhead ’ south stall so that Tanjiro could eat. But when that man sees the bamboo stick on Nezuko ’ second mouth, he becomes frustrated .
He bombards her with many questions, most of which revolve around how she will eat if she has a stick in her mouth. thankfully, Tanjiro intervenes and the valet goes back to cooking delectable udon .

4 FRIGHTENING: When She Uses Blood Demon Art For The First Time

nezuko blood demon art Tanjiro is mindful he is outmatched when he ’ s fighting Rui, an Upper Rank 5 monster. This is why he is will to die if it means being able to chop his point off. Some distance away, Nezuko awakens from her trance .
even though she is still tied up in Rui ’ s world wide web, her handwriting reaches out toward the flip and she mutters the words “ Exploding blood. ” As a form of blood demon art, it proves to be fabulously utilitarian as it catches Rui away guard duty, giving Tanjiro the luck to chop his oral sex off with ease .

3 ADORABLE: When She Behaves Like A Child At Tamayo’s House

8 nezuko Behaves Like A Child At Tamayo’s House At Tamayo ’ s safe-house, Tanjiro has a serious discussion with her about changing Nezuko back to a human being. While discussing the details of that experiment, fans can see Nezuko in the background completely unaware of what ’ s happening .
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She is lost in her own world and can be seen in assorted cute poses since she ’ s bored and knows she won ’ t be able to participate in the discussion the adults are having .

2 FRIGHTENING: When She Kicks Susamaru’s Temari Ball

nezuko Kicks Susamaru’s Temari Ball When Nezuko kicks Susamaru ’ s Temari ball the first time, Yushiro warns her but it is excessively late – she loses her limb. After recovering, she attempts again to kick the ball toward the monster ’ sulfur guidance, and to everybody ’ randomness storm, she succeeds .
Yushiro was the most surprise, seeing how he had not expected Nezuko ’ s devil powers to be so strong. late on, Tomayo comments that it was besides Nezuko ’ s willpower that helped her achieve such a powerful state during the battle .

1 ADORABLE: When She Lands A Surprise Pat On Yushiro’s Head

10 NEZUKO Surprise Pat On Yushiro’s Head tanjiro tamayo After they demolish the two demons, everybody goes back to Tamayo ’ south house. In between a conversation, Nezuko gives a love glib to Yushiro. A knocked out Yushiro looks at Tanjiro, who explains that is credibly because she sees him as his family ( due to her hypnosis ).

Being a true bluing tsundere, Yushiro showed as if he didn ’ t care for her actions. On the inside, however, he enjoyed being acknowledged by the adorable Nezuko as her syndicate member .
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