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initially, Obanai had a reasonably positive relationship with his family. Having since the day he was born, continuously been dotted and pampered by his family to the most extremist degree. Having raised and sheltered him in a perfectly secured wicket cell room for his “ condom ” since parturition, feed him the finest, tastiest foods since he was fiddling and kept him wholly sheltered from everything and gave him everything he could always need, insuring that he would never want anything since the sidereal day he was born. however, Obanai himself admitted that although he was ignorant of the true argue for their over indulgence and extreme protectiveness to him, he himself was disgusted by their constant pamper of him, having greatly hated the excessive amounts of fine foods they would prepare and serve him due to the fact that the austere smells and odors of the food made his nose ache and the insanely plug room ‘s poor breathing merely worsened the problem. The hard isolation that they kept him in besides increased his initial aggression to his relatives. however upon learn of the genuine argue for their excessively protectiveness towards him due to him being their “ extend ” to their benefactor and the true source of his families immense wealth and prosperity, Obanai became completely disgusted by his relatives greed, selfishness and amorality. so much so that he possessed little to no worry or guilt at his attempts to run away despite distrust of what the devil would do to them if he did in order to prioritize his own exemption and safety. however upon the monster ‘s death and learn of the aggregate murder of all fifty dollar bill of his relatives at the devil ‘s bridge player for their failure to keep him imprison and the acute, resentful, selfish rejection of his last exist cousin, who blamed him for “ egotistically ” not letting the Demon eat him. Obanai still developed a severe smell of self loathing due to being born to a kin of selfish, amoral people and belated despite knowing he had no control over their deaths, Obanai still developed a huge feel of guilt for letting them die to save himself despite their selfishness towards him. so much so that this even prevented him from even trying to find happiness for his own due to believing that he was not worthy of it due to his lineage and inherit “ selfishness ” .

Unnamed Cousin

After the Demon his family had been contracted with killed about all his relatives after Obanai made his escape, entirely one of his cousins survived the massacre. due to him having gotten their integral family killed due to running away, his surviving cousin was shown to deeply begrudge and hate her cousin. This is seen where she had attacked and berated Obanai for “ causing ” the end ‘s of their kin and angrily screamed that he should have good allowed the monster eat him rather than let it kill them, wholly ignoring her kin ‘s own atrocious actions of offering people to the demon and taking advantage of their victims for profit and had to be dragged away by Shinjuro Rengoku from attacking him promote.

Obanai himself found her accusation pathetic due to his circumstances and their family ‘s own condemnable actions and rightly rationalized that given his circumstances, it was not his blame. however despite that, his cousin ‘s words however stayed with him and pulled profoundly in his heart, having felt a solid sum of compunction for causing his family ‘s death and guilt for their kin ‘s sins. Despite her position against him however, Obanai had constantly been concerned about his surviving cousin. After asking round, he found out that she was living a comfortable life with her remaining fortune, had married and had children, and lived happily. This revelation greatly shocked Obanai. Although he did n’t hate her, he both feared and envied his cousin ‘s attitude, due to the fact that she was able to completely ignore the true source of her fortune and being able to go on living in luxury as if the calamity had n’t occurred.

Obanai is profoundly in love with Mitsuri, but pride, jitteriness and the fact that he feels he is not worthy of her due to his “ dirty blood ” [ 1 ] keep him from being forthright. He gives her gifts, keeps symmetry through letters, and is protective of her, and, while she enjoys the attention he gives her, she seems oblivious to his feelings but it is revealed that she besides likes him. After the conflict with Muzan, Obanai is seen cradling Mitsuri ‘s body but, although both are still animated, they already felt that they were going to die soon. Obanai reminisces about the inaugural time they met at Ubayashiki ‘s sign of the zodiac and how Mitsuri saved him by making him feel like a normal young man and how he wo n’t let anyone say anything bad about her. In the end Mitsuri confesses that she likes him and that the meals she ate with him were the best. She besides states that he has always been looking at her then lightly and asks him if he ‘d take her as his wife if they are reborn as humans again. Obanai replies that if she ‘s fine being with person like him then he ‘ll decidedly make her felicitous and that, future prison term, he will protect her for sure. This vow finally happens as their reincarnations are married to each other .
Obanai hated Giyu for unclear reasons, though Obanai ‘s temper may be a large factor in it. Despite this, it is apparent that he sees and him as ally and shows a little concern for Tomioka, as shown when he defended him from Muzan ‘s fateful approach, when Giyu lost grip of his blade.

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Obanai besides hated Tanjiro with a heat, even more than he hated Giyu. It started with Tanjiro ‘s rupture of the Demon Slayer impart and insubordination during the Hashira meet, but intensified after Tanjiro interacted with Mitsuri during the Swordsmith Village approach and completed her Hashira train with raving reviews. As the floor goes on, Obanai shows something of warmheartedness towards Tanjiro. An example is when Tanjiro gets slashed in the center by Muzan, and Obanai jumps in to protect him. They besides work together to fight against Muzan when Obanai loses his eyesight due to an injury, Tanjiro gives Kaburamaru one of Yushiro ‘s seals that allows Obanai to see what his snake sees, aiding in the conflict. He then thanked Tanjiro for that .
Obanai seemed to deeply regard Kyojuro and held him in a high standard. He believed he was extremely powerful, expressing his incredulity when he died .
Despite Tengen ‘s victory against Upper Six, Obanai downplays this significant accomplishment to alternatively emphasize the extent of his injuries. Tengen, for his part, brushes aside Obanai ‘s concerns, insisting on retiring and disagreeing with the latter ‘s sentiment that the Demon Slayers were going into decline .



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