Demon Slayer The Hinokami Chronicles Review – CyberConnect2’s latest anime fighter

Demon Slayer : The Hinokami Chronicles is the foremost video game adaptation of the zanzibar copal series of the same name. Demon Slayer is one of the most popular shonen titles. With its anime serial being available on Netflix, it has grown more democratic, receiving attention even in the west. The Hinokami Chronicles adapts the first season of the anime series, leading up to the events of the beginning film, Mugen Train. CyberConnect2, well-known for adapting shonen zanzibar copal series into action-packed fighting games, handled the adaptation of The Hinokami Chronicles. For fans of the zanzibar copal, this crippled is a boom, their inaugural probability to ultimately slay demons and execute water breathing style sword techniques themselves. But how effective was The Hinokami Chronicles in adapting the anime, and how well does it translate into the video crippled form ? Let ’ s find out in our Demon Slayer review for the PS5 .
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What is Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles?

Demon Slayer is a popular anime series adapted from the manga of the same appoint. Its title in japanese is Kimetsu no Yaiba, which besides appears in the game ’ randomness extended championship. It follows the floor of Tanjiro, one of the devil slayers, in his bay for vengeance against the devil Muzan, all the while looking for a remedy that will turn her sister Nezuko second to human. He fights against a fortune of demons along the way, rising through the ranks of monster slayers. He learns and fights alongside the Pillars or Hashiras, who are the masters of the elementary styles of their order .
As mentioned above, The Hinokami Chronicles adapts the beginning temper of the anime. As the serial enters its second season on Netflix and through other platforms, The Hinokami Chronicles serves two purposes : as a way for long-time fans to relive the first season to hype them for season 2, equally well as to introduce the series to unfamiliar gamers who might end up becoming fans of the series deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. But just how well did CyberConnect2 succeed in this ? We explore in our DemonSlayer : The Hinokami Chronicles review .

Gameplay: A welcoming and solid fighting game, bogged down by poor exploration and story mode

Demon Slayer : The Hinokami Chronicles features a trench but accessible contend game. It features an initial roll of 18 characters, 12 of which are singular, with the other 6 being alternate versions of the characters, dubbed “ Academy ” versions. Each one of the 12 singular characters have their own alone motion sets, borrowing moves from the zanzibar copal and improvising where necessity. Combat is simple and straightforward : you press the ⏹ button to execute light attacks, which can be chained up to four to five times. Hitting 🔼 will unleash a particular attack, a more annihilative move that besides depletes the musician ’ s energy. ⏺ is used to dodge away from enemy attacks vitamin a well as to close in unto the opponent, and ❎ is used to jump .
The control schema is bare enough to get anyone who ’ s never held a control to learn how to play the game easily. however, more experience fighters may dish out combos by hitting different combinations of the buttons, juggling opponents tied in mid-air. The game ’ s not a button masher, either, with an emphasis on timely parries and dodges that rewards players by letting them counterattack immediately when the opponent is at their most vulnerable. Hitting an adversary and getting hit by them will raise a special meter. The special meter can be raised for up to three times. Pressing L2 at any point that one estimate of the meter is filled will let the actor figure Boost Mode. Having a second filled gauge will let players enter Surge Mode. While in Boost Mode, the player replenishes all of their energy, increases their wrong and attack accelerate, arsenic well as making them more insubordinate to staggering. Entering Surge Mode will allow players to use as many especial attacks as they want during the limited fourth dimension period .
angstrom long as the player has at least one filled gauge, the actor can execute a mighty ultimate travel by pressing R2, which will make the character undertake to land an fire. If it hits, a unretentive cutscene will follow, depicting the actor using their ultimate move and dealing a meaning chunk of damage on the enemy. This will always empty the player ’ s extra estimate, and the wrong conduct will increase based on how many special meter gauges have been consumed .
Players can block attacks by pressing the R1 button. The defensive maneuvers in the game besides has some nuanced moves that can help players outwit their opponents. Flicking the leave stick towards any steering while pressing R1 will let the actor undertake a counterpunch. If they get hit by the opponent while parrying, they break the opponent ’ randomness position and leave them vulnerable. A seasonably hedge can help break off combos and open up enemies, but can besides lead to disaster as it leaves a actor vulnerable when the hedge was mistimed. alternatively, players can besides just flick the left stick forward while pressing R1 to attempt a abstemious advertise which gives the player some space to maneuver .
finally, fights in Demon Slayer : The Hinokami Chronicles are tag-team battles. Each musician gets to bring two characters to each crusade. Both characters contribution all of their gauges, including health, so switching between characters is by and large a tactical move to adapt to the site with a different moveset at your disposal. Each musician has a Tag bar with two gauges, which fills up over time. You can switch characters by holding the L1 button. Tapping the L1 button will summon your partner character for a quick special attack, while pressing the L1 button as you get hit will summon your spouse, sweeping in to save you from foster damage. The first two partner functionalities consume one gauge of the Tag bar, while the Tag Save takes up two gauges .
Each contend in Demon Slayer : The Hinokami Chronicles is delirious and agitate, adapting very well the agitation you get from watching the zanzibar copal. Each moment is cliff-hanging as you ’ ll have to juggle crime and defense, switching between attacking and dodging attacks depending on the position .
The party boss fights in the game ’ s fib modes make very good use of the crusade mechanics. iconic moments in the zanzibar copal series translate very well in the three-dimensional quad of the fighting arena in-game. Being a winnow of the series, getting to fight Yahaba & Susamaru in a 3D outer space and see their attacks get adapted to the plot ’ south engine was exciting. It was identical well-made and well thought out, making each boss conflict in the crippled spirit alone and special. The enemies you fight in report mode will switch between discourtesy and defense a much as you do, forcing you to constantly be on your toes. sadly, the design of these boss battles start and end in the narrative manner, as they are not playable in the game ’ s versus mood at all. That ’ s an apprehensible even unfortunate development, as the demons ’ skills will plainly be imbalanced when played in versus mode. hush, it ’ s a waste since the demons ’ move sets are barely then well thought out and amazing that it ’ s a shame that you can ’ metric ton play as them .
The Boss Battles are decidedly the highlight of the plot. however, they are inextricably tied to the game ’ s narrative mode. The Story Mode follows the anime ’ s fib, dividing it into eight different chapters. Each chapter lasts for about thirty to forty minutes each. story Mode is divided into two distinct gameplay : the exploration and the battles. The battles are equitable american samoa satisfying as they have been described above, but the exploration segments feel more like a job. The worldly concern you move in hera is very beautiful, with set pieces that look amazing in CyberConnect ’ second signature art stylus. however, exploration feels more like makeweight as it by and large involves moving from one place to another, with nothing meaning or worthwhile to do. At some points of your exploration, you will face random encounters of generic demons. Reaching the designated point in the flush will then lead to another degree, if not the boss battle .
The structure of The Story Mode feels identical drag. With its stream design, it might have been better if they ’ ve removed the exploration segments altogether and good focused on transitions between battles and cutscenes .
Working through the Story Mode is how players will unlock new characters and contentedness, however. With alone a handful of characters unlocked at the begin, you will have to force through the dull pace of the Story Mode if you want to fully experience everything that Demon Slayer : The Hinokami Chronicles has to offer.

Unlocking all of the characters without playing the Story Mode will be a meaning grind, besides. The most straightforward way is through completing the Story Mode, as new characters can be unlocked as you complete the game ’ mho chapters. however, whatever unlockable you missed while playing Story Mode can be unlock using Kimetsu Points, points that you earn by completing challenges and reaching milestones in the game. Most of the challenges award about 100 to 200 points each, and playing through Story Mode, you can pick up Kimetsu Points while exploring for about 50 to 200 points each. however, each raw fictional character costs a whopping 4000 Kimetsu Points. Completing challenges by playing through on-line multiplayer will force you to play with the game ’ second limited pool of characters for a long time, before even getting the opportunity to try out new ones .
talk of the multiplayer mode, this is where most players will get their replayability. We tried out the bet on ’ s on-line multiplayer, and it runs largely smoothly, each press of a button gets registered immediately. There were times that the bet on would stutter or lag, but they are infrequent enough to be excusable. It will be in the game ’ s multiplayer ranked mood that players ’ thirst for a challenge will be sated. While the game mechanics are easy adequate to learn, the skill ceiling is reasonably high. It ’ s not the most complicated system in the world, but it offers a deep adequate crusade automobile mechanic that will leave 3D fighting game enthusiasts satisfied. even when the on-line servers won ’ thymine work, the bet on placid offers a great multiplayer mode, as offline couch gameplay is besides an option .


Demon Slayer : The Hinokami Chronicles ‘ report is faithful to its informant material in where it matters most. Demon Slayer ‘ south floor is very grip, very emotional, and at times besides funny. however, a lot of these floor beats have been removed from the main report in privilege of telling a faster-paced floor. This leaves most of the side-stories and back-stories to the game ’ s memory fragments, which players can collect throughout Story Mode. These memory fragments present side-story and back-story through previous cinema-themed swoop shows .
Most of Demon Slayer : The Hinokami Chronicles ‘ Story Mode is in full voice-acted, including the memory fragments. All of the zanzibar copal ’ randomness voice actors reprise their roles in the game, which will surely be appreciated by fans .
For longtime fans of the zanzibar copal, the game ’ s Story Mode serves as a condense version of the fib – at best a good refresher on what happened throughout Season 1. For those new to the series, it serves as a good insertion to the anime ’ randomness major plot points. It can help bring new people into the fandom, but those who are leaving The Hinokami Chronicles and never touching other Demon Slayer media will be missing out on a set of the game ’ second color, humor, and drama. Knowing that most of those picking up The Hinokami Chronicles will be longtime fans of the anime, then it ’ s consider at this item .


The Hinokami Chronicles makes consumption of CyberConnect2 ’ s clear-cut animation and art style. While the fictional character designs still use the way they are presented in the anime, CyberConnect ’ sulfur fingerprints are besides all over the final examination product. The menu, the fonts, and the presentation style of the game all resemble CyberConnect2 ’ s former games, such as their ferment on the Naruto Ultimate Storm series .
meanwhile, the environments you get to explore in the Story Mode do look identical good. It won ’ thymine wow you on next-gen, but they ’ re pretty enough to merit a short-circuit end every now and then to take in the scenery .
The special effects on the characters ’ attacks are very well done, excessively, bringing in newly life to the moves we see in the liveliness. The cutscenes for the ultimate moves are besides well-made, making them worthwhile to watch every clock you see them .

Music and Sound Design

The game borrows heavily from the zanzibar copal, and that ’ s a good thing. Voice acting, reasoned cues, music, and even the sound effects for some of the zanzibar copal ’ south gags are used in the game vitamin a well. On top of all of these, The Hinokami Chronicles makes use of dual environment strait audio, which adds extra depth to the strait design when you ’ ra play with compliant hardware. Playing the game with a headset helped us appreciate this have very much, specially during exploration. Sounds that populate the worldly concern give the otherwise empty environments a hearty feel .


There aren ’ t a set of handiness options in the PS5 translation of the game. You can map all of the buttons mentioned above, but you can not replace them with other buttons not yet mapped, such as the R3 and L3 buttons. The game features five difficulties in the game ’ s vanadium AI modality, from identical easy to very Hard, but doesn ’ metric ton offer any trouble sliders in the Story Mode .

Verdict – Is Demon Slayer worth your time and money?

Demon Slayer : The Hinokami Chronicles is decidedly a treat for fans of the series. The game ’ randomness fighting mechanics are coherent and satisfying to play with, which makes it accessible to both new players and fighting veterans. There ’ second besides a multiplayer mood that will extend the game ’ s replayability for those who very enjoy the contend bet on, arsenic well as loads of collectibles and unlockables that you can earn. however, the game ’ s launch state of only having 12 singular characters is an abysmal selection for a modern active game. CyberConnect2 promised to add six more characters in future barren DLC, but 18 characters are however not that many. Granted, this is largely a restraint of the style itself, as the anime in truth doesn ’ t have a strong selection of characters to feature.

meanwhile, the game could be an easy base on balls for fighting game enthusiasts. There are obviously better fighting games out there, and your mileage will actually change depending on how much you ’ five hundred appreciate the IP. While Demon Slayer : The Hinokami Chronicles is best played for fans, it could besides serve as a springboard for anyone looking to jump into the serial. But there are cheaper and better ways to get into Demon Slayer, and it might even prove to be better for players to first gear watch the anime before deciding to buy the game .
Score: 6.5/10

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