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Demon Slayer is amazing for adults. The storyline is bright. Everything is well thought out and detail. The characters are well developed and you develop emotional attachment to them. There is a set of japanese culture in the series and the liveliness is beautiful at times. The series explores what it means to be human and the different personalities in our world. It gets reasonably thick. I watch it with my 8 year old son. He is absolutely obsessed with it. He ’ s 8 but we haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate sheltered him from much at all growing up. He watched Deadpool ( over and over ) at age 6 with no issues. The beginning episode is quite agitate. If you ’ re thinking you should sit down and watch the first episode with your child and see how it goes, be warned that Tanjiro, the chief character, find about his entire family dead…including the short ones. This sets up the storyline and resurfaces throughout. It ’ second substantive to the floor. I thought my son would be horrified by it, relating it to his own family, but he was emotionally moved by it rather. If they can make it through the first episode they can make it though the serial. But the first episode is emotionally brutal ! The appearance develops surrounding this root and your emotional attachment to the characters causes you to cheer on the monster slayers as they work to clear their global of the demons. If your child is going through a phase of fear of their class die, you might want to wait on this indicate. If you think they won ’ metric ton be able to handle inspire depictions of children being injured and bloodied, stay away. If you do you will be missing an amazing experience. My suggestion is to watch a few episodes first. You won ’ thymine be able to stop ! then you can prepare and discuss. besides be prepared to spend $ on the figures and there are batch of knock-offs. The person who gave the display a bad rat is missing pretty much everything. There is a set of detail in the show that you can miss if you barely have it on in the background. It needs your full attention and sometimes a second or one-third see to catch all of the insidious messages and jokes vitamin a well as the very well detail in the crusade scenes, which seem to whiz by preferably promptly. The support characters are bumbling idiots .. but the point is that anyone can do something if they set their mind to it and their heart is in the proper place ! Demon Slayer is adapted from mangas ( japanese graphic novels ). You can stream Demon Slayer by downloading the Crunchyroll app. They have figures equally well as these other trusted sources : big Bad Toystore Entertainment Earth FYE Gamestop Beware of fakes on Amazon ! ! ! Trust with circumspection those shipped and sold from You can trust companies such as BanDai, Sega & Figuarts

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