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Kyojuro Rengoku vs Akaza




62 – 65


Kimetsu no Yaiba : The Movie – Mugen Train
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Infinity Train


Mugen Train Arc


Akaza is victorious

Demon Slayer Corps

  • Kyojuro Rengoku
Twelve Kizuki

  • Akaza
Powers and Abilities

  • Flame Breathing

  • Blood Demon Art
Damage and Casualties
  • Kyojuro is killed

Kyojuro Rengoku vs Akaza was a battle that took set outside the destroyed Mugen Train. It focuses on the battle between the Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku against Upper Rank Three Akaza .


After Tanjiro Kamado and Inosuke Hashibira have successfully defeated Enmu and escaped the forbidden of operate Demon train with Nezuko Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma and Kyojuro, the Flame Hashira checks on an hurt Tanjiro as Inosuke goes to rescue another passenger. He applauds the unseasoned Demon Slayer for his recently-acquired ability to use the Total Concentration: Constant ( 全 ( ぜん ) 集 ( しゅう ) 中 ( ちゅう ) ・常 ( じょう ) 中 ( ちゅう ), Zen Shūchū Jōchū ? ), and says that this is the first base footstep to him becoming a Hashira. [ 1 ]

Kyojuro then notices that Tanjiro is bleeding from the abdomen and tells him to focus his breathe in arrange to heal himself, which the young Demon Slayer manages with some guidance from Kyojuro. The Flame Hashira tells Tanjiro that if he can master his breathing, he ‘ll be able to accomplish many more things and become stronger tomorrow than he was yesterday. [ 2 ] merely as Kyojuro starts to tell Tanjiro that he does n’t need to push himself any further because everyone ‘s been saved, something jumps down just behind the two Demon Slayers with a great pull, scattering the dust around them. [ 3 ]


The dust clears to a foreign human design with glowing eyes to which Tanjiro looks at and sees the specific kanji in his irises revealing it to be Upper Rank Three, deeply horrifying him. He then becomes fabulously perplexed to why an Upper Rank would be here of all places. Before adding on to his confusion, the Upper Rank about instantaneously dart towards Tanjiro swinging his fist to crush his skull. Kyojuro cursorily unleashes the Flame Breathing, Second Form: Rising Scorching Sun, which cuts the Demon ‘s arm in half and causes him to leap backwards, away from the Demon Slayers. [ 4 ] The Demon immediately reassembles his arm and compliments Kyojuro ‘s Nichirin Blade while licking the blood off his own arm, whom the latter then asks him why he was targeting an injured person. The Upper Rank says that he barely thought Tanjiro would get in the way between himself and Kyojuro, to which the latter responds by asking if they had something to talk about and saying that he despises him despite it being their first gear time meet. As he smiles, the Upper Rank says that he hates faint humans besides and that they disgust him. Kyojuro responds that the two appear to have much complete opposite moral values, and the Upper Rank then asks if Kyojuro would like to become a Demon himself. [ 5 ] Kyojuro immediately declines, but the Upper Rank does n’t back off, saying that he knows the Hashira ‘s strength precisely by looking at him and that he ‘s getting finale to “ supreme territory ”. Kyojuro says that he is the Flame Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku, and the Demon introduces himself as Akaza. The Upper Rank then goes on to explain that, despite him being thus close to it, Kyojuro will never reach sovereign district because he ‘ll just grow old and die before it can happen. Akaza says that if he becomes a Demon, Kyojuro can keep prepare for hundreds of years to become even stronger than he is right now. [ 6 ] Kyojuro says that growing old and die is the very smasher of being human, going on to explain that people are entirely lovable and valued because of this aspect. What humans call intensity, the Hashira says, is n’t a bible that they use in regards to the body, and that Tanjiro is not faint and should not be insulted by Akaza. Kyojuro looks the Upper Rank in the eyes and tells him that he will never always become a Demon, no matter the explanation. [ 7 ] Disappointed, the Upper Rank begins to use his Technique Development, Destructive Death: Compass Needle, Akaza says that he will equitable kill Kyojuro if he wo n’t become a Demon. He promptly dashes towards Kyojuro and the Hashira returns his advance, readying the Flame Breathing, First Form: Unknowing Fire attack, and Tanjiro notes that they ‘re moving therefore fast that he ca n’t follow them with his eyes alone seeing sparks in the serve. They clash, and Akaza leaps up in the air, saying that none of the Hashira he ‘s killed indeed far used flames and that none of them always agreed to his invitation to become a Demon. Akaza says that he finds them unvoiced to understand, specially since alone those who are chosen get to become Demons. The Upper Rank says he is saddened by the remember of the decline of person wonderfully talented, and tells Kyojuro to die now, while he ‘s young and firm. [ 8 ] Being launched into the tune and inverted, Akaza unleashes his Destructive Death: Air Type, which Kyojuro counters with the Flame Breathing, Fourth Form: Blooming Flame Undulation. The Hashira notes that Akaza is attacking him from a distance, punching into the air and moving at a fraction of a wink, and realizes that he ‘ll have to get closer to him if he ‘s to defeat the Demon. Kyojuro abruptly appears in front of Akaza, who compliments his reaction accelerate as the Hashira attacks him with his flames. The two exchange blows with each early on equal ground. The Upper Rank praises Kyojuro ’ sulfur sword skills, and wonders to him how sad it ‘ll be if they ‘re lost early, to which the Hashira replies that it wo n’t be sad because it ‘s only natural for people to die. [ 9 ] Inosuke arrives and Tanjiro begins to get up, wanting to help the Hashira out, but Kyojuro tells him to stay where he is, because his weave could be fatal if reopened. Akaza tells him not to bat an center at “ the weaklings ” and to focus on who he ‘s fighting and Kyojuro, angered, uses his blade to launch Akaza into a nearby forest then proceeds to run inside to finish him off. To his surprise, Akaza ambushes him from below, complimenting his especial movements. Kyojuro immediately dodges his attack and cuts of his weapon, but Akaza retaliates by using his legs to launch him outside the forest. [ 10 ] Tanjiro and Inosuke call out to him, worriedly as Kyojuro, slenderly enervated stumbles to get up. Akaza regenerates his misplace branch and tells him to continue fighting and says that he has no other option. Which Kyojuro unhesitantly refuses and reiterates his hate towards him. Kyojuro then dashes toward Akaza and performs the Flame Breathing, Third Form: Blazing Universe, which creates a shallow wreathe near Akaza ‘s shoulder which he heals instantaneously while expressing his astonishment over Kyojuro ‘s beautiful fire. Akaza unleashes his Destructive Death: Air Type technique which Kyojuro scantily blocks the shockwave and flies backward, then dashes towards him and continues his assail.

Inosuke looks on in astonishment and repugnance, remarking that even if he wanted to help we would only be a hindrance, and that only death awaits if he evening tries to approach them, as both seem like they ‘re in a wholly discriminate proportion. As both the Hashira and Upper Rank continue to exchange blows, Akaza queried whether Kyojuro is certain in continuing to fight him, as it might spell his end. Kyojuro ignores his kid and continues to attack but gets countered by Akaza ‘s fist which creates a shallow cut on the leftover side of his frontal bone. Kyojuro backs up momentarily then proceeds to use the Flame Breathing, First Form: Unknowing Fire which severs both of Akaza ‘s arms which regenerates about immediately. He then calmly remarks that it would be a feel for to kill Kyojuro good then as he has n’t reached his full moon electric potential yet. Akaza ‘s suddenly dashes forwards and punches Kyojuro ‘s guts, which causes it to bleed. Kyojuro coughs out saliva and vomit but remains steadfast and performs the Flame Breathing, Second Form: Rising Scorching Sun. Akaza dodges his technique and attempts to attack Kyojuro while he scantily manages to parry all his blows with his katana. While preparing to attack Kyojuro with a stronger attack, Akaza continues to convince him to become a demon, saying that in one or two years his strength and power would be able to grow exponentially .
Akaza attempts to attack Kyojuro with a strength-enhanced strike, to which Kyojuro barely blocks his attack. however, Akaza ‘s force was able to overwhelm Kyojuro and crush his eye with his fists. Kyojuro stumbles back but continues to grit his teeth in the barrage he is facing and uses both his Flame Breathing, Third Form: Blazing Universe and the Flame Breathing, Fourth Form: Blooming Flame Undulation. Akaza dodges both attacks and takes his stance while Kyojuro does the like, both then go to unleash unlike techniques, the former using his Destructive Death: Disorder attack while the latter using the Flame Breathing, Fifth Form: Flame Tiger. Both close in on each early and Kyojuro manages to cut of Akaza ‘s arm and cause a shallow cut on his thorax. The residue of their attacks clear, and Akaza tells Kyojuro, who ‘s now bloodied and beaten, having lost the functionality of his leave eye, not to die on him barely yet. Tanjiro and Inosuke panic, the latter want to jump in to help Kyojuro but soon realizing that he ‘d lone be a hindrance, as the Hashira and Upper Rank seem to be in an entirely unlike dimension to him .
Akaza says that Kyojuro fighting with the intention of sacrificing his body is otiose, showing him that the injuries he ‘d inflicted on him had already completely healed and comparing this to the hard wounds that now covered Kyojuro. He explains that Kyojuro ca n’t recover from this anymore as he is, but could regenerate himself in the flash of an eye if he was a Demon. Akaza says to an exhausted Kyojuro that humans will never be able to beat Demons. [ 11 ] Tanjiro tries to pick himself up to go and help Kyojuro, but is unable to generate any forte into his limb because of the consequence of him forcefully switching from the Water Breathing to the Hinokami Kagura, which he used to defeat Enmu. Kyojuro turns back to grimace Akaza, still smiling and saying that he ‘ll fulfil his duties before beginning to ready another approach. Impressed, Akaza compliments his fighting spirit and technique, and laughs as he says that Kyojuro very should ‘ve chosen to become a Demon, asking the Hashira to fight with him for all eternity. [ 12 ] Kyojuro commands himself to set his center ablaze and burn beyond his limits. With that, he proudly proclaims his identity as the Flame Hashira as he readies his class ‘s most herculean Breathing proficiency, the Flame Breathing, Esoteric Art: Ninth Form, Rengoku. Akaza besides readies his Destructive Death: Annihilation Type, and the dust this time disperses to reveal that Akaza has stuck his sleeve through Kyojuro ‘s stomach. Akaza screams that he ‘s going to die, and asks Kyojuro one more time to tell the Upper Rank that he ‘ll become a Demon, saying that he ‘s one of the hard choose ones. [ 13 ] This causes Kyojuro to remember his mother, Ruka Rengoku, and a flashback shows one of their final moments together. Ruka asks a younger Kyojuro to think hard about what she ‘s about to ask him, then presenting him with the question of whether or not he knows why he was born stronger than other people. Kyojuro ponders this for a while, then barks out that he does n’t know the answer. Ruka explains that he was given such forte to protect the weak, and that might should be used for the global and for the people, not for abusing it in club to hurt others. She says that it is the debt instrument of those born firm to protect those who are faint, and tells Kyojuro never to forget that. Ruka hugs Kyojuro to her chest and, as she begins to cry, tells him that, tied though she wo n’t be alive much longer, it was a benediction for her to have been the mother of such a solid, docile child. [ 14 ] now bet on in the present, as he summons the stopping point of his force to swing his sword into Akaza ‘s neck, Kyojuro thanks Ruka a well, saying it was an respect for him to have had her as his beget. Kyojuro lets out a abuse as he drives his sword deep in, and, as Akaza tries to hit him with a punch to the expression, the Hashira grabs his wrist and stops the attack before it reaches him. Akaza is incredibly impressed by Kyojuro ‘s persuasiveness, as he however managed to stop the Demon ‘s attack while his fist was stuck right through his solar plexus. He then looks behind Kyojuro, and begins to panic as he realizes that the sun is about to come up. Akaza tries to free himself from Kyojuro ‘s contain, but the Hashira holds on tightly to his wrist, not wanting to let him escape. [ 15 ] Tanjiro finally finds the potency to pick up his sword, and starts to run over towards the pair with the intention of dealing the finishing blow to Akaza. With a loud shout of feat, Akaza tries again to pull himself away from Kyojuro, but the bag of the Hashira, determined, remains securely around his wrist. Kyojuro ‘s blade moves deeper into Akaza ‘s neck, now reaching its kernel. Tanjiro yells to Inosuke to move for Kyojuro ‘s sake, and, equitable as the boar-headed Demon Slayer readies his Beast Breathing, First Fang: Pierce, Akaza manages to pull himself away from Kyojuro. [ 16 ] The Upper Rank promptly jumps backwards, both of his arms now severed, and runs into the forest beside where they ‘d been fighting, leaving Kyojuro to fall onto his knees, defeated. [ 17 ]


As the Demon retreats, Tanjiro throws his sword at Akaza, screaming at him not to run away from the fight and calling him a coward. The diss angers Akaza questioning whether Tanjiro has a genius and think to himself that he was not running from Tanjiro but the sunday and that the conflict is already decide given Kyojuro ‘s injure as he completes his escape into the forest ‘s shadows. The new Demon Slayer yells that Kyojuro is better than Akaza will ever be because he fought until the conclusion and did n’t let anyone die, and that Kyojuro was the true winner of their battle. [ 18 ] Tanjiro lets out a final scream and collapses to his knees, cry, and Inosuke starts to shake. Kyojuro looks over at him and smiles, telling Tanjiro to come over to him so they can have a final examination new world chat before he dies. [ 19 ]



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