Demon Slayer Season 2 Ending Explained

Tengen Uzui, the Sound Hashira, and his three wives don ’ t have the same charge of plat armor. The Mugen Train Arc did barely show us what can happen to a Hashira. The finale begins with Tengen having lost both an center and a hand, adenine well as succumbing to the poison coating Gyutaro ’ s sickles. It seems like Tengen is about to follow in Rengoku ’ sulfur footsteps but thanks to a timely intervention by Nezuko, he survives besides .

How Do the Demon Slayers Neutralize Gyutaro’s Poison?

Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Tengen were all wounded by Gyutaro and as a result, all poisoned by him. normally, this would be a death sentence. Gyutaro ’ mho poison is identical potent. But Gyutaro ’ s poison never came up against Nezuko ’ s Blood Demon Art .
Nezuko ’ s Blood Demon Art revolves around conjuring demonic burn from her lineage. We first saw Nezuko use it during the fight against Rui in Season 1. She used it in Demon Slayer: Mugen Train to pull Tanjiro from Enmu ’ s dream spell. And she used it again in the finale—first to neutralize Gyutaro ’ s post-death attack and then to burn away the traces of his poison in everyone ’ second bodies. Earlier this season, we besides saw her wield it against Daki, injuring the Upper Rank devil egregiously. While her Blood Demon Art doesn ’ thymine detriment humans, it has proven effective against every demon encountered then far—which says a fortune about Nezuko ’ s monstrous likely as a devil.

Why Did Tanjiro Take Sample from the Puddle of Blood?

It ’ south been a while since this diagram point has shown up in the anime so here ’ s a refresher. Back in Season 1, Tanjiro met Tamayo, a rogue monster who wants to defeat Muzan. A skilled doctor, she agreed to help Tanjiro find a way to restore Nezuko ’ south humanness. character of that hand involves Tanjiro taking lineage samples from the Twelve Demon Moons. Since Daki and Gyutaro are Upper Rank Six, they ’ ra flower candidates.

What Happens to Daki and Gyutaro After They Die?

There are two constants in Demon Slayer. Tanjiro will draw military capability from the baron of family, and demons have tragic backstories. Daki and Gyutaro are no different. They were born in the poorest section of Yoshiwara. They were orphaned at a young old age. Gyutaro was reviled for his appearance, and Daki became a child sexual activity worker. then, Daki was burned active by a customer and Gyutaro marked for death .
But while we learn that Gyutaro would constantly choose to become a monster in every life, Daki isn ’ t built the lapp. She ’ s a devil due to Gyutaro ’ s determine. We see this winder remainder highlighted when Gyutaro and Daki reunite in oblivion. Gyutaro calm looks like a monster while Daki looks like her true homo form. Unlike Gyutaro, she hush has the option to go into the light. But she ultimately refuses to leave him, and in concert they both go to Hell .

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