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  • Fox Mask

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Fox Mask Unmasked

Full Name



Fox Mask


Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


Demon Slayer


Master Swordsmanship
Water Breathing
Superhuman Abilities


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Annihilate the Demon Race
Make Tanjiro strong


  • Sakonji Urokodaki (adoptive father)
  • Makomo (adoptive sister; deceased)


Tanjiro Kamado
Nezuko Kamado
Giyu Tomioka



Hand Demon

Type of Hero


Heroic Disciplinarian

Sabito was a minor character of the fantasy horror zanzibar copal and manga serial Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Sabito was a early apprentice of Sakonji Urokodaki, training aboard fellow orphan and close ally Makomo. The two orphans met their unfortunate death at the the hands of the heavily mutated Hand Demon before they could pass the Final Selection and formally become a Demon Slayer. He cryptically manifested after his death to assist Tanjiro Kamado in his preparations for the Final Selection examination, and never appeared again.

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He is voiced by Yūki Kaji in the japanese version of the anime, and by Max Mittelman in the english translation of the zanzibar copal .


Sabito was a fair-skinned young man with a boastfully scratch running from the right corner of his mouth to his justly auricle, and kind, cat-like eyes of a grey lavender color, a horizontal stripe of much pale empurpled visible across them near the bottom. He had thick, spiked, peach-colored hair of varying lengths, the longest reaching his shoulders, that he wore messily down with side micro bangs over the leave of his brow. Sabito wore a green yukata, patterned with a geometric hexagon design of yellow and a dark green, like his best ally Giyu Tomioka, tied off at the waist with a piece of black fabric, below which he sported a pair of hakama pants and over which a plain white haori. Around his calves, he wore two pieces of fabric, that bore the same design as his yukata, which his pants were tucked into, vitamin a well as black socks and a couple of japanese sandals on his feet. As with the rest of Sakonji Urokodaki ‘s apprentices, Sabito ‘s white guard disguise, hand-carved by his master himself, took the form of a dodger ‘s confront, his decorated by a big scar in the same place as the one on his grimace. The mask ‘s eyes and nose were of a dark green while the ears were more of a gray-red, and it was secured around his face by a thick piece of bolshevik rope around his head, the ends of which hung down from behind each of his ears .


Sabito was a good young world who believed that all of his actions should be becoming of a man. He was seen as a pitiless mentor during his meter train Tanjiro Kamado, who was always flying to point out his flaws and refused to acknowledge him as a world. When asked about defeating the Hand Demon, Sabito appeared to have a pessimistic watch on conflicts, saying he believed that no matter how unvoiced person tries it will never be adequate to take the animal down. even so, Sabito entrusted his will to Tanjiro and was felicitous when he surpassed him as Sakonji ‘s strongest student, openly acknowledging that Tanjiro was the toughest of them all and proudly leaving the linger will of all Sakonji ‘s lose children to him. According to Giyu, Sabito was a very kind male child with a solid sense of justice back when he was placid animated. It is implied that Sabito was a altruistic person, as seen in Giyu ‘s flashback, when it is revealed he saved everyone in his group from the Hand Demon during his Final Selection, sacrificing himself in the process .



Sabito was an orphan, who was adopted by Sakonji Urokodaki and trained as an apprentice. Around the age of 13, he became friends with fellow trainee Giyu Tomioka, whom he rescued during their Final Selection test to become a Demon Slayer. Although Sabito was the matchless who defeated about every demon on the mountain, there was matchless that had grown to abominable stature that was a mismatch for any newcomer. Despite Sabito ‘s prodigous skill, the vastly develop Hand Demon well devoured him and his collaborator, Makomo. After Giyu passed the Final Selection and heard that Sabito had died despite him outperforming him and even saving his life, Giyu would become emotionally suppress and self-hating. After replacing Urokodaki as the Water Hashira, he doubted the authenticity of his put, believing he lone had the opportunity because of Sabito ‘s premature death .

final Selection Arc

The soul of Sabito and Makomo were ineffective to rest after their death at the revengeful hands of the Hand Demon, who was obsessed with killing every concluding one of Urokodaki ‘s students after Urokodaki defeated him farseeing ago and brought him to the Final Selection mountain. They resided on Sagiri Mountain, where they once lived as Urokodaki ‘s students. Sabito and Makomo witness that Urokodaki has taken in a modern scholar, Tanjiro Kamado, who had barely learned the ropes of his prepare and was struggling to pass Urokodaki ‘s final test – To split a big boulder with his blade. Lamenting over his miss of build up, Sabito abruptly appears sitting on circus tent of the boulder, scolding Tanjiro for his whine. Sabito challenges Tanjiro with a wooden sword, and proceeds to reveal the skill gap between Tanjiro and Urokodaki ‘s former student. Sabito criticizes Tanjiro, leaving the mentor to the soft and patient Makomo. From Makomo, Tanjiro learns to smell the first step screw thread that will guide Tanjiro to make a perfect convulse when given an opportunity to strike. Tanjiro used what he learned from Makomo to learn when sparring with Sabito. finally, Tanjiro had learned enough from their tutilege to rival Sabito. Using the hatchway screw thread to guide him, Tanjiro swiftly makes a clean slash that cuts Sabito ‘s mask in two, revealing a kind expression contradictory to the regretful hook personality Tanjiro was shown. He disappears and Tanjiro suddenly realizes that he ‘s sliced the boulder.

Earning Urokodaki ‘s approval to enter the Final selection to become a cub Demon Slayer, Tanjiro would encounter a giant Demon that was far larger than any he had encountered. Sabito and Makomo watch over Tanjiro, discussing whether or not he ‘ll be able to avenge their deaths. Tanjiro learns that he ‘s facing the demon who sought out to murder every one of Urokodaki ‘s students, and becomes enraged. however, Sabito comes rear and reminds Tanjiro the importance of manually controlling his breathing rather than succumbing to wrath. Fighting for more than his life, Tanjiro manages to kill the Hand Demon, allowing Sabito and Makomo ‘s person to rest in peace. Satisfied that no more of Urokodaki ‘s students will be unfairly lost to the freak, Sabito jumps from a senior high school acme and disappears, after bidding Tanjiro a grateful farewell .


Sabito swordSabito profileSabito facesVolume 15 Extra Page 06Sabito body image (masked) MangaSabito's mask falling off Sabito ‘s unmask confront in the manga .


  • He is considered the best student among others under the guidance of Sakonji.
  • Sabito shares his Japanese and English voice actors with Basil Sabancci from the video game Valkyria Revolution.
  • His name contains the kanji for “rust” (錆 sabi?) and “rabbit” (兎 usagi, to?).
  • It is said that Sabito’s death is what resulted in Giyu Tomioka’s emotionless personality,


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