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不死川 実弥


Shinazugawa Sanemi









179 cm (5’10½”)


75 kg (165 lb)


[ 1 ]

November 29th

Hair Color


Eye Color

Pale Purple



Demon Slayer Corps


Wind Hashira

Demon Slayer

Combat Style

Wind Breathing

Personal Status


Active (Pre-Timeskip)
Deceased (Post-Timeskip)


Kyogo Shinazugawa ( Father )
Shizu Shinazugawa ( Mother )
Genya Shinazugawa ( Younger Brother )
Shuya Shinazugawa ( Younger Brother )
Hiroshi Shinazugawa ( Younger Brother )

Shuya ShinazugawaHiroshi Shinazugawa

Koto Shinazugawa (Younger Brother)
Teiko Shinazugawa (Younger Sister)
Sumi Shinazugawa (Younger Sister)
Sanehiro Shinazugawa (Descendant)

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Manga Debut

chapter 45

Anime Debut

Episode 22


Japanese VA

Tomokazu Seki

English VA

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Why do you think I went so far as to kill our mother? To protect you. You should have had a house somewhere and raised a family and grow old. To make up for what I couldn’t do for mother and our little brothers and little sisters, you should have had a wife and children and made them happy. And I would’ve never… let a demon get near you.
  Sanemi Shinazugawa to Genya Shinazugawa in True Feelings

Sanemi Shinazugawa ( 不死 ( しなず ) 川 ( がわ ) 実 ( さね ) 弥 ( み ), Shinazugawa Sanemi ? ) is a major supporting character of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is a Demon Slayer of the Demon Slayer Corps and the current Wind Hashira ( 風 ( かぜ ) 柱 ( ばしら ), Kaze Bashira ? ). [ 2 ] Sanemi is besides the older buddy of Genya Shinazugawa, a Demon Slayer who fought aboard Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado. Before becoming a Hashira, Sanemi, along with his spouse Masachika Kumeno, defeated the early Lower Rank One, Ubume, with Masachika dying as a consequence .


Sanemi is a improbable and brawny man with peaky farseeing white hair and big pale purple eyes. His face and body are covered with scars, accrued over his many years of fighting demons. He cuts his hair short somewhere in between the Rehabilitation Training Arc and the Mugen Train Arc. He is normally seen wearing a craze expression on his face. He wears a green-tinted version of the standard Demon Slayer undifferentiated, unbuttoned to expose his chest of drawers and ab with a white long sleeved shirt over it with the kanji for kill ( 殺 ( さつ ), satsu ? ) etched on the back, white buckles around his shins and tabi socks with a pair of white zōri with green straps. During his struggle with Kokushibo, he loses his proper index and center fingers. [ 3 ]


Sanemi as a child Sanemi ‘s appearance as a child .Sanemi colored profile (Demon Slayer Mark) Sanemi ‘s appearance with his Demon Slayer Mark .Sanemi after the Demon Slayer Corps is disbanded Sanemi ‘s appearance after the Demon Slayer Corps is disbanded .


Sanemi is abrasive, hot-blooded, rash, and stubborn, frequently times hotheaded and quick to lash out. He is frequently deaf towards others and can get harebrained extremely well. The merely person Sanemi displayed reverence towards was Kagaya Ubuyashiki, and only after realizing the man was much more than his outward appearance suggested. Sanemi has besides displayed a hunger for conflict, wishing that he could encounter Upper Rank demons and proclaiming his excite in fighting Upper Rank One, Kokushibo. Sanemi ‘s cold, uncivil, and dismissive behavior is the leave of losing excessively many people he cared approximately in the past. late, when he sees those people who have passed, such as his mother, he ca n’t help but give her a smile to be able to see her again. When Genya joins the Demon Slayers in search of him, Sanemi repeatedly dismisses and lashes out during any casual of seeing him, but Tanjiro Kamado is able to tell Sanemi did n’t truly hate him ; and in fact still bore the same brotherly love he had for him in childhood. This was however never expressed outwardly as he tried to push Genya away from him and the Demon Slayers so he would n’t be exposed to danger .
Because of all those he lost to demons, he harbors a deep hate towards demons and is convinced that humans and demons can never coexist. When Sanemi makes up his heed about something, it is highly unmanageable to dissuade him. He does not believe Tanjiro ‘s insistence that Nezuko Kamado would n’t eat humans and moves to prove his own point by stabbing through the box with Nezuko inside. [ 4 ] After riling her up, he slashes his own arm to try and bait her into attacking him due to his rare blood ‘s effect. even after she does n’t, and Kagaya uses this as proof Nezuko wo n’t attack humans, Sanemi does n’t truly accept the Kamado siblings .
Tanjiro is ultimately proper about Sanemi. Despite his poor treatment of his buddy, Genya, Sanemi in truth did love and care for his buddy. He even expresses that he wished that Genya would settle down and have a family. Following the conflict with Upper Rank One, Sanemi shows not only great anger and a certain void towards Muzan, but more cooperation with the likes of Giyu, person he intelligibly did not get along with. flush when Sanemi is launched out of the conflict against Muzan, he displays undeniable courage and determination, like his fellow Hashira. When the confrontation with Muzan is ultimately over and time has passed, Sanemi has intelligibly mellowed out a bit. He is able to smile with Giyu, even after their by confrontations. Most amazingly, he admits his mistakes and apologizes to Nezuko about his actions. It goes to the point he gives her a smile and a pat on the head, as he sees Genya in the manner she responds .


Overall Abilities: As a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Sanemi is a very potent and skilled combatant. [ 5 ] He has displayed his extraordinary abilities and proficiency in fight on multiple occasions. When sparring with Giyu Tomioka, Sanemi was able to fight on equal grounds with the Water Hashira. In the Infinity Castle Arc, Sanemi was shown to be capable of annihilating dozens of demons comparable to Lower Rank demons in lastingness and late could hold his own against Upper Rank One, Kokushibo. According to Kokushibo, Sanemi ‘s physical abilities and techniques have reached their bill. [ 6 ] Kokushibo besides commented that Sanemi and Gyomei were highly skilled evening among the ranks of the Hashira. [ 7 ] After Kokushibo was defeated, Sanemi was promptly to recover from the death of his brother and proceeded to assist the Demon Slayers against the Demon King, Muzan Kibutsuji, Sanemi even putting up a adept crusade himself. Demon Slayer Mark: Later during the battle against Kokushibo, Sanemi awakened his own Demon Slayer Mark that resembled a single composition origami windmill that is green in color with two dots on both sides on his right boldness. The mark dramatically increases his forcible capabilities, as seen when Sanemi was still able to fight and contend with Kokushibo, despite being grievously injured and slashed across his abdomen. however, even though his physical survival, lastingness, and allowance to pain dramatically increased, Sanemi could n’t land a significant strike on Kokushibo without aid from Gyomei and Muichiro. In addition, Sanemi would have been put into a near-death state doubly by Kokushibo if it were n’t for their intervention .

  • Bright Red Nichirin Sword: During the battle against Kokushibo, Sanemi strikes Gyomei’s spiked flail with his sword, turning both of them briefly red which allowed them to decapitate the Upper Rank.[8] Later in the fight against Muzan, Sanemi, learning from his previous encounter, forcefully clashes his sword together with Giyu’s turning both of their blades temporarily red.[9] Turning his blade red granted him the ability to hamper the instantaneous regeneration of Muzan which proved effective in the battle.

Immense Speed & Reflexes: Sanemi possesses frightful accelerate and reflexes. He is the second fastest base runner among the Hashira. During the Hashira Training Arc, when he was disputing with Tanjiro about Genya, Sanemi moved using a collapse of accelerate so fast it made it seem like he teleported according to some observers. late, Sanemi displayed a level of focal ratio comparable to, if not surpassing, Giyu. When faced with demons on par with Lower Rank demons, Sanemi was able to effortlessly slice them into pieces while still sitting down. [ 10 ] Sanemi was shown to be much faster than Muichiro in the Kokushibo crusade as the former was able to keep up with the devil ‘s techniques while the latter was defeated easily despite being marked. Upon awakening his Demon Slayer Mark, Sanemi was able to contend and briefly overpower Kokushibo. additionally, he was besides able to keep up with a weakened Muzan while being supported by other Hashira for a decent period of time .
Immense Stamina & Endurance: Despite sustaining dozens of scars and cuts all over his body, Sanemi never once showed signs of pain or agony, to the point he was will to cut himself with his katana to test Nezuko Kamado, and did n’t even flinch. His incredible stamen and annoyance endurance besides shone through during his battle with Kokushibo, where he could keep up with the Upper Rank demon for an prolong period of time by himself without the Demon Slayer Mark and upon receving numerous severe injuries from one of Kokushibo ‘s techniques, silent continued to fight which shocked him. In the Sunrise Countdown Arc, he could fight Muzan for roughly half an hour straight without rest, exerting his physical and mental capabilities to its limit without tiring out. When Muzan was cornered, he was one of the first ones to take action, having enough energy to unleash two more Wind Breathing techniques. Immense Strength: Due to years of harsh training, Sanemi possesses incredible physical persuasiveness. He could lift Nezuko Kamado in her box with a unmarried hand without feat, knock out Zenitsu Agatsuma with a casual strike, break a wooden sword because he swung it with besides much force, and cut Tanjiro Kamado ‘s ear with a single kick back. He was besides able to briefly compete with Kokushibo, one of the physically strongest demons in universe in a swordfight. Marechi: Sanemi ‘s blood was revealed to be one of the rarest blood types, making it incredibly intoxicating and mouth watering to demons. It is besides unique due to its intense potency that the smallest whiff of his rake immediately causes demons to salivate and lose focus, as his blood was able to affect the strongest of the Upper Ranks, Kokushibo. however, its effect waned after a while and was proven to completely ineffective against Muzan. Despite his blood ‘s authority, Nezuko was shown to be able to resist it ascribable to her own solid conviction and will not to eat humans, which is even further cement and strengthened by the hypnosis planted in her brain by Sakonji Urokodaki. Muscle Control: Sanemi can control his own muscles to an extent, using it to close up and prevent fatal wounds from opening up in the middle of conflict, When he was slashed across his abdomen by Kokushibo, Sanemi was still able to fight after taking some time to manipulate his muscles and close up his wounds. This ability surprised Kokushibo and allowed Sanemi to fight for a longer period of time .
Weapon Versatility: Sanemi has shown to be reasonably flexible in weapon use, being able to use Genya ‘s sword and shotgun along with his own Nichirin Sword in a high-speed battle against Kokushibo. additionally, when fighting Muzan, he utilized fire by dumping vegetable oil on the demon and lighting it with a match. [ 11 ]

Fighting style

Master Swordsman: Being a Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, Sanemi is one of the most potent and skilled fencer in the entire constitution. [ 12 ] His swordsmanship proficiency matched that of Giyu Tomioka ‘s, an extremely skilled fencer in his own right, during their spar match while undergoing column coach. Sanemi ‘s skills with the sword allowed him to keep up with and impress Upper Rank One, Kokushibo, a devil with centuries of swordsmanship skill under his belt. [ 13 ] Sanemi could besides adapt and work with Gyomei ‘s Stone Breathing techniques to push back Kokushibo .
Wind Breathing ( 風 ( かぜ ) の呼 ( こ ) 吸 ( きゅう ), Kaze no kokyū ? ) : A Breathing Style that Sanemi learned and mastered with Masachika Kumeno after care from an nameless cultivator. As the Wind Hashira, Sanemi considered to be the most skilled Wind Breathing drug user of his generation. His charge of skill with Wind Breathing reminded Kokushibo of the first Wind Hashira during the Sengoku Era, the Golden Age of Demon Slayers .


  • First Form: Dust Whirlwind Cutter 壱 ( いち ) ノ型 ( かた ) 鹿 ( じん ) 旋 ( せん ) 風 ( ぷう ) ・削 ( そ ) ぎ

    , Ichi no kata : Jin Senpū – Sogi ?[14] – The user dashes forward at blinding speeds and slashes continuously in a horizontal cyclone pattern.

  • Second Form: Claws, Purifying Wind 弐 ( に ) ノ型 ( かた ) 爪 ( そう ) 々 ( そう ) ・科 ( しな ) 戸 ( と ) 風 ( かぜ ), Ni no kata : Sōsō – Shinato Kaze ?[15] – The user lifts the sword upwards towards the right, above their head and unleashes four vertical slashes at once down on the enemy resembling claws.
  • Third Form: Clean Storm Wind Tree 参 ( さん ) ノ型 ( かた ) 晴 ( せい ) 嵐 ( らん ) 風 ( ふう ) 樹 ( じゅ ), San no kata : Seiran Fūju ?[16] – The user unleashes a whirlwind of slashes around their body that can defend them from incoming attacks and slice up their surroundings.
  • Fourth Form: Rising Dust Storm 肆 ( し ) ノ型 ( かた ) 昇 ( しょう ) 上 ( じょう ) 砂 ( さ ) 塵 ( じん ) 嵐 ( らん ), Shi no kata : Shōjō Sajinran ?[17] – The user releases several slashes above them from below their target.
  • Fifth Form: Cold Mountain Wind 伍 ( ご ) ノ型 ( かた ) 木 ( こ ) 枯 ( が ) らし颪 ( おろし ), Go no kata : Kogarashi Oroshi ?[18] – The user creates several circular arched slashes that increase in size from above their target.
  • Sixth Form: Black Wind Mountain Mist 陸 ( ろく ) ノ型 ( かた ) 黒 ( こく ) 風 ( ふう ) 烟 ( えん ) 嵐 ( らん ), Roku no kata : Kokufū Enran ?[19] – The user rotates their body in an uppercut movement, creating a tornado of slashes.
  • Seventh Form: Gale, Sudden Gusts 漆 ( しち ) ノ型 ( かた ) 頸 ( けい ) 風 ( ふう ) ・天 ( てん ) 狗 ( ぐ ) 風 ( かぜ ), Shichi no kata : Keifū – Tengu Kaze ?[20] – The user leaps into the air while swinging their blade which generates gale-force winds to shred their opponent apart.
  • Eighth Form: Primary Gale Slash 捌 ( はち ) ノ型 ( かた ) 初 ( しょ ) 烈 ( れっ ) 風 ( かざ ) 斬 ( き ) り, Hachi no kata : Sho Rekkaza Kiri ?[21] – The user leaps into the air and swings their blade which generates circular torrents of wind that slices up the opponent instantly.
  • Ninth Form: Idaten Typhoon 玖 ( く ) ノ型 ( かた ) 韋 ( い ) 駄 ( だ ) 天 ( てん ) 台 ( たい ) 風 ( ふう ), Ku no kata : Idaten Taifū

    ?[22] – The user backflips into the air and while upside-down, unleashes a powerful gust of circular wind that slashes apart anything below.


Standard Nichirin Sword: As a Demon Slayer, Sanemi carries around a standard size and shaped Nichirin katana with a jagged blueprint resembling the jaw of a beast in a tad of green. His hilt is in an abstract shape with 8 points with an overlapping blueprint ; each plate has a forest green kernel with a flatware margin. As a Hashira, Sanemi ‘s blade has the words Destroy Demons ( 惡 ( あっ ) 鬼 ( き ) 滅 ( めっ ) 殺 ( さつ ), Akki Messatsu ? ) engraved on the side. With his katana, Sanemi has a standard sword cocktail dress that is a shade of deep grey with silver medal marks resembling scars strewn on it .




  • (To Kokushibo, after he identifies Sanemi as the Wind Hashira) “That’s right! And that wind… is going to wrench off your head!“[27]
  • (To Genya Shinazugawa) “Why do you think I went so far as to kill our mother? To protect you. You should have had a house somewhere and raised a family and grow old. To make up for what I couldn’t do for mother and our little brothers and little sisters, you should have had a wife and children and made them happy. And I would’ve never… let a demon get near you.” [28]
  • (To Kiriya Ubuyashiki) “We don’t need any of your gratitude! The biggest reason why the Demon Slayers stayed together is because of the efforts of the Ubuyashiki family!“[29]



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