Spider Family

I ruined our pretend family! We had no real blood ties, but we were all afraid of Demon Slayers and we wanted companions.
  — Spider Demon (Daughter) to herself in Shinobu Kocho

The Spider Family was a kin of demons on Mount Natagumo with spider-like traits and abilities, formed and led by Lower Rank Five, Rui, of the Twelve Kizuki .


The Spider Family was a group of five demons : Father, Mother, Daughter, Son, and Rui, who portrayed himself as the youngest brother of the syndicate but was actually the on-key drawing card and most mighty of the group. however, the kin at one point had nine total members, previously having two extra sisters and brothers. They were most likely killed by Rui for failing to meet his expectations in their roles as his family members, leaving only the stopping point four stage and himself. The Spider Family was an oddity, as demons typically do n’t form groups. Although calling themselves a “ family, ” the kin was highly dysfunctional at best and absolute violent and sadistic at worst within their own akin, with agonizing levels of physical and psychological pervert being normally practiced. There was no sign of real sleep together or believe between its members and as Tanjiro Kamado put it, it was a fake bond that reeked of misgiving, fear, and disgust. One former extremity told Daughter that each one of them came to Rui because they were afraid of the Demon Slayers and only played in his ghastly game to survive. Rui, however, took to capital lengths to try to protect his family, even if most of them lived completely terrified of him. however, due to being given Muzan ‘s lineage through him, each of the kin ‘s members was all quite herculean demons ; they were the strongest demons Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke had faced therefore far in their lives and the kin was responsible for a great loss of life in the Demon Slayer Corps.

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As seen in Daughter ‘s reminisce of her past, upon being accepted and adopted into his syndicate, Rui would first tone and augment the office of each new member by giving a single drop of his own blood and having them drink it. The blood would then painfully strengthen them and give them access to the assorted, spider-like Blood Demon Arts similar to Rui ‘s own abilities. If they survived the process, Rui would then proceed to forcibly alter the newly adopted extremity ‘s physical appearance to resemble his own ahead officially welcoming them into the class .


In accord with what Rui believes to be what constitutes a “ family, ” he forces each and every penis of his “ family ” to fulfill a specific character. “ Father ” and “ Mother ” are supposed to protect and give their lives for their “ children ” while the “ Son ” and “ Daughter ” are supposed to protect their “ Younger Brother ” with their lives without fail or compromise. Rui believed that these sacrificial-like roles are what rightfully make up a family, not at all understanding the concept of familial love that a true syndicate has with each other and this being the true cause why they are will to sacrifice themselves for their siblings/children. He forces his family members to go along with these roles by using terror, pain, and force to make them submit to him which deluded Rui into believing that these fabulously toxic relationships created through these crimson methods are a true and knock-down “ chemical bond ” between them. due to Rui ‘s desire for a family, he would force the family members to perform typical Family-related activities such as making them gather around in a room and sit together, with empty plates and bowl of food presented to them to simulate a family dinner, as seen in Daughter ‘s flashbacks .


After healing their injuries, Tanjiro Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, and Inosuke Hashibira, are sent on a mission in Mount Natagumo. They stumble into a forest and run into an injured colleague Mizunoto. Before he tries to warn them of the danger ahead, he is pulled away back into the afforest by a screw thread. Tanjiro and Inosuke venture into the afforest, only to find it filled with spider webs and bodies of several Mizunoto lying absolutely. They find Murata, a survivor who explains that their members abruptly started to erratically attack one another, resulting in a slaughter. The three are soon surrounded by the moving bodies of their comrades which attack them. The trio defend themselves as Tanjiro realizes they are being manipulated and there are both corpses and living people controlled. Tanjiro discovers the spider threads are controlling their comrades which are placed by the miniature spider demons around. Inosuke tries to kill them, but they are excessively many and his actions are in bootless. Tanjiro pleads with him to detect the reference of the spiders so they can avoid killing their comrades. Annoyed, Inosuke complies and detects the Mother Spider Demon using his Beast Breathing, Seventh Form: Spatial Awareness. Murata stays behind to fight the controlled Mizunoto while the two went after the Mother. On the room, they fight Ozaki who is controlled by the devil, her attacks made stronger by the manipulation. Her attacks take a toll on her as she is forced to fight to the point of her bones breaking. Tanjiro has her follow him and then turns around to launch her onto a tree ‘s branch, entangling the threads. Inosuke follows suit with several Mizunoto. Annoyed by this, the Mother uses her powers to break the necks of her victims and kills them on the spot, deeply enraging Tanjiro. As Tanjiro and Inosuke continue on, the Mother unleashes her potent puppet monster on the two of them. The monster proves to be incredibly strong and Inosuke sustains injuries in the process. With a combination attack, Tanjiro catapults Inosuke into the air, giving him the necessary world power to cut the giant down. Inspired by this, Inosuke in turn launches Tanjiro to the Mother, who realizing her current life sentence is fully of torment and embraces her end with stand-in. Tanjiro notices her intentions and lightly slices her head with Water Breathing, Fifth Form: Blessed Rain After the Drought so she feels no pain. Before dying, the Mother bids Tanjiro good luck and reveals a extremity of the Twelve Kizuki is on the batch.

meanwhile Zenitsu, who was left behind, ventures into the forest as he realizes that Nezuko Kamado, his oppress, was unwittingly thrown into the batch as Tanjiro was carrying her. Zenitsu follows after them, worried for her base hit and wanting to protect her. On his room, he stumbles upon a terrifying sight of a house held by spider network with hanging corpses on the threads. He is confronted by the Son Spider Demon, who tries to prey on him. Zenitsu, besides scared to fight, tries to keep his distance from him and his spider minions, but is told by the Son that he was bitten by his minion which poisoned him. With the poison already in his body, the Son tells him he will suffer several symptoms before ultimately become a minion in 30 minutes, far horrifying Zenitsu until he falls unconscious. The Son finds Zenitsu wyrd but tries to consume him while he was unconscious. Zenitsu, in his trance, starts a rampage, putting the Son on alert. Zenitsu has flashbacks of his train days as he fights the spiders, with the Son realizing Zenitsu is merely able to employ a single technique and gloated his alleged victory. Zenitsu remembers his master saying that it is fine that he could alone use one proficiency, which just means that Zenitsu has to work hard to master that one proficiency. He pushes himself to his limits and in an moment, defeats the Son Spider Demon. Weakened by the poison, he tries to control his breathing to the best of abilities and slow down its effects. While in the afforest, Tanjiro and Inosuke find the Daughter Spider Demon who summons the Father Spider Demon while she flees. The Father yields to the Demon Slayers to stay away from his family as he demonstrates his military capability, about landing a hit on Inosuke but is stopped by Tanjiro who tries to unsuccessfully slice his arm. Inosuke attempts the lapp but to no avail, and the two are pushed off by the Father ‘s fortitude. The two run away and Tanjiro strategically cuts a tree so it falls over the Father. He tries to seize the opportunity to use his strongest technique to kill the Father, but the latter manages to stand up and use the same tree to catapult Tanjiro away from them. Tanjiro yells Inosuke to defend his life until he can return and help him. Inosuke is forced to run but the Father discovers his location due to his blood drops. Inosuke tries to escape but is then disgusted by how he started to think more strategically like Tanjiro, deciding to fight back against the Father. His first slice sticks into the Father ‘s arm until he uses his moment blade to pound the first, slicing his arm. The Father runs away with Inosuke in pursuit and he finds him in a corner. Inosuke gloats that the Father is afraid of him, but soon after the devil sheds his skin causing an increase in muscle batch and he regenerates his sleeve. Inosuke realizes he is outmatched and resigns himself to his destiny until he remembers the words of the people he came across, including Tanjiro. Regaining his senses, Inosuke tries to fight against the Father but is overwhelmed by his speed and power. He finds an open but his blades break when trying to cut the Father ‘s body. The Father grabs him and tries to crush his head, with Inosuke receiving flashbacks of his mother as he is on the verge of end. The Father ‘s arm is then immediately sliced by Giyu Tomioka who seasonably saved Inosuke from death. The Father regrows his arm and tries to attack Giyu, but the Water Hashira instantaneously kills the devil chopping him to pieces, leaving Inosuke dumbfounded of Giyu ‘s persuasiveness. After being separated from Inosuke, Tanjiro finds the Daughter being tortured by Rui. Rui tells Tanjiro to not witness their familial matters, however, Tanjiro protests that he can smell their dependable feelings and that there is no hope or beloved between them, equitable dead fear, disgust and distrust, calling their family a fake. A Mizunoto appears and boldly claims he can kill a “ demon child ” well and climb the ranks that direction, however, he is immediately mutilated by Rui ‘s web. Rui then turns his attention to Tanjiro, angered by his claim that their kin is a forge. Tanjiro realizes Rui is a potent adversary and the two battle, with Tanjiro able to avoid Rui ‘s threads. As Tanjiro finds an opening to attack Rui, his blade clashes with Rui ‘s web, breaking it.

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Tanjiro is able to narrowly evade with a start on his question. Tanjiro tries to dodge Rui ‘s attacks in arrange to get close and decapitate him, but cowers in the fear of Rui ‘s threads ‘ baron and mobility. Rui asks Tanjiro if he will take back his former affirmation but he does n’t respond. He retaliates by enveloping Tanjiro in a web of threads, but Nezuko abruptly appears to shield him from damage to his discouragement. Witnessing this, Rui grows obsessed with having Nezuko for himself, believing her to be the perfect “ sister ” and yearning to develop a bond with her. The daughter protests she is Rui ‘s “ baby, ” but he furiously slashes her in reply. Rui scorns her and the stay of his class for not being able to fulfill the roles he ever gave any of them as he expected them to. The Daughter beg for a prospect at redemption and Rui orders her to kill the rest of the invaders to forgive her transgression, which she fearfully complies to. He then tries to negotiate with Tanjiro, wanting him to give up Nezuko to become his sister so that he can escape with his life. Tanjiro instantaneously refuses, believing Rui ‘s estimate of a bind forged through fear is nothing but a farce. Rui gloats that no matter what Tanjiro does, he ca n’t defeat one of the Twelve Kizuki. As Rui explains his doctrine of roles to Tanjiro, he pulls Nezuko out with his threads, capturing her. Tanjiro rushes to rescue Nezuko who furiously scratches at Rui ‘s front, but is forced to stop to avoid Rui ‘s threads. Tanjiro soon discovers Nezuko hung up in respective threads as punishment for disobedience. As Tanjiro tries another tear, he stumbles trying to evade more threads and finally finds himself at the mercifulness of Rui ‘s beatings. Rui asks if he is trying to get near to behead him and gives him a casual to do so, revealing that his clamber is harder than his threads before catapulting Tanjiro away with a strike. This infuriates Nezuko and Rui responds to her movement by tightening the threads, causing her to fall asleep to regain persuasiveness. Tanjiro tries to calm himself and attempts another charge at Rui using Water Breathing, Tenth Form: Constant Flux. Using the momentum of the rotation of several slashes, his attacks gain the necessity force to cut through Rui ‘s threads. Rui, however, activates his rake Demon Art, strengthening his threads with his blood and trying to envelop Tanjiro on a thread. Before the attack succeeds, Tanjiro has a flashback of his don ‘s Hinokami Kagura and the breathe proficiency used by him. Imitating his church father ‘s respiratory method acting, Tanjiro unleashes Hinokami Kagura: Dance, slicing through Rui ‘s threads. Tanjiro relentlessly pursues Rui who tries to keep him at bay before the two are in the nick of hitting one another. Nezuko is called out by her beget ‘s spirit who pleads her to protect Tanjiro, and she awakens her Blood Demon Art, igniting Rui ‘s threads. Defenseless, Tanjiro seizes the gamble to behead Lower Rank Five .


  • The Spider Family is one of the only mentioned united groups of demon actively working together and teaming up to fight, rather than operating on their own. The only other group is the Twelve Kizuki working for Muzan Kibutsuji.
  • The Spider Family was possibly the only large group of demons not under Muzan’s command that was formed in the entire existence of the demon race, and it was implied by the Daughter Sister Demon that Rui had to obtain special permission from “that man” in order to form the “family,” hinting that all other attempts of Demons creating large groups were all crushed by Muzan himself and later forbidden by him to ever form.
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