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In Demon Slayer, Spider Mom ( Zhi Zhu Gui [ Mu Kumo Oni Haha ) was an ancestor of the Spider family .

APPEARANCE Spider Mom Demon Slayer

APPEARANCE Spider Mom Demon Slayer
In Demon Slayer, Spider Mom is of small stature, with the long, white locks and spots of loss in the shape of dots that connect to one another in her facial features. She wears a long, white Kimono that has large sleeves. Her diminutive stature is magnified because she ’ s even young to be the demon she is .
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PERSONALITY of Spider Mom In Demon Slayer

PERSONALITY of Spider Mom In Demon Slayer
As with most demons, she ’ s barbarous and insensitive towards humans. After a while she began to develop a fear of Rui and her spider-demon father who ridiculed her for being more watery than she was expected to be. She was executed voluntarily in the belief that it was more beneficial to die than wear all the insults. After her death then, she thanked Tanjiro for declaring to him that the demon from the Twelve Moons was still in the afforest.

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There is not much data about her background, but at the time of her biography, she turned into a monster. She retreated to Mount Natagumo. then, Rui forced her to be one of the family, and to change herself in order to appear as he did, in ordain to create an illusion “ family.

She a * * umed the role of mother of the family, but since she was merely a youthful demon was not desirable to play the function, and was subjected to the wrath of Rui angstrom well as the father of spiders.

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STORYLINE Spider mom Demon Slayer


Rui is charged with safeguarding Mt. Natagumo along with the rest of her “ family ” from visiting devil Slayers. Her yarns help her make hunters obey her who wander into their territory and turns them into puppets.

Tanjiro and his companions venture into the forest to take on the syndicate of Tanjiro. They are confronted by her puppets, which kill demons dead. however, the dolls are defeated and Inosuke finds her localization.

As she gets closer threads, they become more unmanageable and her dolls become stronger. then she meets Rui and she asks whether she is able to win and then tells her she ’ second taking the longest clock time. She gets scar because, despite the alleged father-son bond between them but she is amply mindful of the massive baron col between her and Rui. Rui is threatening to inform her forefather about the entire situation unless she kills those rest of the Demon Slayers. In an crusade state she starts to use the physical persuasiveness of the dolls to the soap, inflicting them with great pain as a consequence of the try.

Tanjiro who is not looking to harm his fellow comrades and friends, tries to figure out how to immobilize them without taking them out. Utilizing her threads, Tanjiro takes them and throws the devil fighters into the trees. The threads that control them become catch in the branches of the trees and stop the demons from moving on.Considering the demons ineffective to her demon mother spider, she is able to twist all monster hunters ’ necks, and recruits the a * * istance of her most herculean doll.

Her most mighty puppet is an un-headless monster cadaver that she launches into fight aboard Inosuke along with Tanjiro. When the two see them, they ’ ra shocked by the lack of a neck. They start to fight him, but their strikes are not effective against him. They use a combination attack, which will defeat him. then, immediately subsequently, Inosuke throws Tanjiro into the air towards her Demon Spider Mother. Believing that she will be punished by the rest of her “ family, ” she notices that Tanjiro is flying over the peak of her. In attempting to come up with her adjacent design of natural process to stay animated and avoid death, she is mindful that when she dies she ’ ll find herself in a world in which she won ’ t have to be subject to the hatred and ridicule by her “ family.

In the end, having already given up any type of immunity and the will to fight in the fight, she puts up her hands in the hope of the at hand death of Tanjiro. Tanjiro realizing that she has no longer any purpose of fighting and kills her using her fifth manner : Mercy Rain of a Dry Day using it in target of the first gear. This is a method acting used when the opponent surrenders in a volunteer manner and the demon is in no pain. Following the murder, Mother Demon Spider is amazed at how peaceful and peaceful her death has been and is flush more traumatize and moved by the eyes of Tanjiro that are release of hate, malice or contemn. She sees entirely pure compassion and kindness. When she goes to sleep in the iniquity, she reminisces all the hurtful memories and barbarous stares that she receives from her “ kin ” gives her, and vaguely recalls her previous life as an individual. She recalls that person was a lover to her, and, just like Tanjiro was, looked at her in a quick way. She started to wonder where this person is today. As a thank you for her forgivingness, Tanjiro informs her that one of the twelve Moons is located in the mountains. She advises him to be argus-eyed and procure himself .

SKILLS AND POWER Spider Mom Demon Slayer


Like the early relatives of the family, she has the ability to make use of threads. She can use individuals as puppets. Demon Spider is able to manipulate people as her puppets. Demon Spider can besides draw these threads on live creatures and absolutely bodies to control them, and the victim is ineffective resist the demon.


  • Mother Demon Spider placed 34th in the popularity ranking with 32 votes.


“ Those eyes …. Those kind eyes …. When I was human, I thought person looked at me with kind eyes. I wonder who it was. I don ’ metric ton commemorate. It was person who always appreciated me. I wonder how that person is doing now. ” Chapter 32 .

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