10 Demon Slayer Swords, Ranked (Anime and Manga)

Nichirin swords are a signature in Demon Slayer with their bewitching color-changing nature. This coloring material does n’t equitable look good ; it imbues power excessively. Warning: This article contains spoilers for Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba
Demon Slayer : Kimetsu no Yaiba shows off a murder of Nichirin katanas. All of them being the signature of their respective wielders and a luff of recognition for fan-favorite characters. tied with the second season out and quickly viewed by fans the different sword colors have not all been revealed .
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Nichirin katanas change color once they are given to their exploiter. These colors bestow unlike properties on the blades. This is why potent swordsmen have patterns on their blades angstrom well as distinct colors. Each of these blades ‘ world power enhances the techniques and forte of the holder .

10 Indigo-Gray

A characters wielding two swords in Demon Slayer. This sword is wielded by Inosuke Hashibira, voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka. Inosuke ‘s gemini blades turn indigo-grey upon receiving them, and he puts the numerous gashes into the blades himself. These gashes cause more of a tearing effect in the pulp rather than the clear of other Nichirin katanas .
These gashes are besides theorized to enhance his self-created Beast Breathing technique further. How Inosuke grew into a nature-enhanced person is seen through his creation and use of Beast Breathing and the wield of his double katanas. Inosuke ‘s fight style is animalistic in nature, both in his hand-to-hand and swordsmanship styles allowing him to be irregular in battle .

9 Amber

A character holding two blades in Demon Slayer. The amber Nichirin katana color comes from the sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui. This tinge is not seen in the standard Nichirin katana stylus but quite in Tengen ‘s personalized Nichirin cleavers. Tengen created the Sound Breathing style, bringing together his advance hear and respective practiced techniques such as Musical Score and Echolocation .
These double Nichirin cleavers compliment Tengen ‘s brassy and much flamboyant personality. They intelligibly were personalized to fit him and other equipment he uses. The cleavers are attached by a chain and are excessively large to be sheathed, forcing Tengen to wrap them in fabric when they are not in consumption .

8 Yellow

A character unwielding a sword in Demon Slayer. scandalmongering Nichirin katanas are associated with one of the main rest techniques and are seen wielded by those who practice Thunder Breathing. In the narrative, Zenitsu Agastuma ( voiced by Hiro Shimono ), Kaigaku, and their master Gramps ( Jigoro Kuwajima ) are the ones seen using this proficiency, and Zenitsu and Kaigaku have the chicken katanas .
Zenitsu, having only mastered the first shape in the Thunder Breathing technique creates variations and modifications to enhance his skill and swordsmanship. His blade is adorned with lightning streaks along the entirety of the blade and it is sheathed in a simple black sheath. The yellow sword enhances Zenitsu ‘s accelerate abilities when paired with his breathe technique .

7 Green

An unginged-looking character unshielding a green sword in Demon Slayer. fleeceable Nichirin katanas are connected to Wind Breathing users, most notably the Wind Hashira, Sanemi Shinazugawa. Although Sanemi did not create his rest technique and the weapon that he pairs with it, he is among the most herculean of the Hashira .
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With his command of Wind Breathing, Sanemi is considered to be the most skilled drug user of this technique in his generation. His green Nichirin katana is calm personalized to him and his skills with it adorned with a jag form similar to a animal jaw and held in a sheath covered in markings matching the scars on his face .

6 Gray

Gyomei Himejima from Demon Slayer Gyomei Himejima does not use the standard Nichirin katana like his companion Hashira, this is not rare, however, alternatively he uses a grey lilting weapon consisting of a flail with an ax attached to the conclusion via a longer chain. even with this weapon not following the standard bladed weapon, it ‘s calm forged of the lapp substantial as Nichirin swords .
This weapon enhances Gyomei ‘s ability to fight through its enhancement of his breathe technique, and the sounds of the chain can be detected via his acuate sense of hearing allowing him to further grasp the space and movements around him in struggle.

5 Blue

Giyu pointing his sword at someone in Demon Slayer The first Hashira meet in the history, Giyu Tomioka ( who is interesting enough to get his own OVA ), wields a amobarbital sodium Nichirin katana. This katana falls into the standard of weaponry with it being the same size as most Nichirin blades, characterized to Giyu through its color and hexangular tsuba. Giyu is the Water Hashira, making him his coevals ‘s most skilled Water Breathing user .
His rapid command of the Water Breathing proficiency allowed him to create an entirely new form. Water Breathing Eleventh Form : dead Calm was created by Giyu and is showcased in the foremost season of Demon Slayer. This allows a state of matter of total stillness while handling incoming attacks with undetectable rush .

4 Red

Kyojuro Rengoku wielding a flaming sword in Demon Slayer Red is the key signature semblance of Flame Breathing users, such as Kyojuro Rengoku ( voiced by Satoshi Hino ) and his forefather and dominate Shinjuro. Rengoku was the flare Hashira and his Nichirin katana was made from scarlet ore, and like the other, Hashira had the words Destroyer of Demons engraved on the english .
Rengoku started his teachings with his beget but mastered the Flame Breathing proficiency through careful report of the direction books left behind by other early Flame Hashira in their family. His skilled swordsmanship is shown through his frustration of the Lower Rank Two demon and holding his ground with the Upper Rank Three .

3 Light Purple

Kokushibo holding a sword in Demon Slayer. A ignite purple Nichirin sword has so far to be seen in the zanzibar copal in the manga ; however, this colored blade was wielded by one of the Twelve Kizuki. Kokushibo ( once Michikatsu Tsugikuni ) holds the situation of Upper-Rank One but was a early Demon Slayer .
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His katana has been modified with his own flesh and blood, which only enhances its military capability and abilities. unfortunately, this alteration has turned the blade a red tinge. still, the early purple semblance was connected to the Moon Breathing proficiency, which Kokushibo enhanced with his blood devil art to turn this technique into one of the most deadly .

2 Black

Tanjiro Kamado wielding a black sword in Demon Slayer. The black Nichirin katana first appears in this history for Tanjiro Kamado voiced by Natsuki Hanae. Black Nichirin katanas are thought to be bad fortune, and it is learned that this is due to users passing before excessively much can be learned about the blades. The properties that the black katanas reserve is about wholly nameless ascribable to this and when Tanjiro is met with this he deflates a little .
however, it is late learned that the black sword is associated with the Sun Breathing technique which is the nameless thirteenth breathing form and is theorized to be the first to which the other forms branched from .

1 Crimson Red

A character unshielding a red sword in Demon Slayer. Bright loss Nichirin swords differ from the others because they are not associated with any one of the breathe techniques. alternatively, this state of the sword can be achieved by heating the sword and turning it crimson. This technique inhibits the regeneration abilities of demons. sometimes when potent enough burning them and leave permanent wounds.

This technique can lone be achieved in three ways that are known, clashing katanas, Nezuko Kamado ‘s Blood Demon Art, and raising the blade ‘s temperature with a solid fascinate. however, in the two first stated situations, Demon Slayer Marks must be present for it to work .
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