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Tengen beginning meets Tanjiro at his trial among the other Hashira. Upon hearing that he ‘s been travelling with a Demon, Tengen initially vouches to kill him since he has disobeyed the rules and besides rejects Kagaya ‘s bless to allow Nezuko and Tanjiro to travel in concert. [ 1 ] When they meet again at the Butterfly Mansion, Tanjiro becomes angry and confronts Tengen after witnessing his try to kidnap Aoi and Naho. During the intense change, Tengen becomes fed up with Tanjiro ‘s attitude and explodes at him for disrespecting him despite being his superior. [ 2 ] however, the change finally cools down when the boys offer to accompany Tengen on his mission alternatively of the girls. As they formally begin their mission, Tanjiro ‘s naïvety pleases Tengen, apparently melting away any tension between them. When Tanjiro struggles to restrain Nezuko following her demonization, Tengen scolds him for his lack of control over his sister and advises him to put her to sleep, alternatively of attacking her himself. [ 3 ] As the two work together to take down Gyutaro, Tanjiro becomes concerned over Tengen ‘s deteriorating health due to the poison and constantly tries to protect him from oncoming attacks. even during situations when Tanjiro is risking his life, Tengen systematically manages to throw Tanjiro out of the way, or protect him before he can be badly wounded. [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ]

At the end of the battle, Tengen turns around to warn Tanjiro of Gyutaro ‘s oncoming attack alternatively of fleeing showing his refer for him. [ 7 ] Despite having atrocious wounds himself, Tengen silent shows his concern for Tanjiro ‘s well being as he tells him to stay hush, if not he would die from his injuries. Following the completion of their mission, Tengen ultimately acknowledges Tanjiro ‘s abilities by telling Obanai that he “ has grown to become strong adequate ” to fill his void as he retires. [ 8 ] [ 9 ] initially, Tengen did n’t accept the Kamado siblings because Tanjiro Kamado was keeping his sister who was turned into a demon active. Hearing that he had been traveling with a monster, Tengen vouched to kill both of them for breaking the corps rules. What changed Tengen ‘s mind about Nezuko is when he was dying from Gyutaro ‘s poison, Nezuko used her Blood Demon Art to completely burn away the poison from his entire body which at foremost, confused Tengen think if it was even possible. He finally retires from being a Hashira due to being rendered incapable of fighting .
When the two primitively meet, Zenitsu develops a contemn for Tengen after he attempted to kidnap the girls of the Butterfly Mansion, and ascribable to his aureate personality, flush referring to him as the “ idol of idiots. ” [ 10 ] Tengen ‘s frivolous attitude does n’t sit well with Zenitsu ‘s character and frequently annoys him. When Tengen tells the boys of his plan to find his wives, Zenitsu becomes enraged at his womanizing antics and mocks him for claiming to have three wives, which results in him getting knocked unconscious by Tengen. [ 11 ] Tengen ‘s appearance besides causes Zenitsu to seethe with jealousy as he appears to draw more attention from the women within the Entertainment District. Zenitsu ‘s dislike for Tengen reaches its acme when he abandons Zenitsu at the Kyogoku House and tells the director to have him clean the whorehouse, causing Zenitsu to seethe with rage as he is left to complete his mission. [ 12 ] Tengen initially finds Inosuke to be quite disturbing due to the boar ‘s heading he wears. When Tengen introduces himself to the trio of boys, Inosuke uses the opportunity to introduce himself as the “ god of the batch ”, however his insertion does not appeal to Tengen and he calls Inosuke “ creepy. ” [ 10 ] Inosuke ‘s blunt personality besides does n’t sit well with Tengen as seen when he punched Inosuke for rakishly questioning if Tengen ‘s wives are evening alive. [ 13 ]

Inosuke does n’t inevitably speak to Tengen with regard as seen when he blamed him for being heedless and allowing the obeah to escape from the underground cavern. [ 14 ] however, Inosuke does acknowledge Tengen ‘s advanced abilities and skills to the point where he mimics Tengen ‘s catchphrases. [ 15 ] [ 16 ]
Despite Tengen ‘s victory against Upper Rank 6, Obanai downplays this significant accomplishment to rather emphasize the extent of his injuries. Tengen, for his part, brushes aside Obanai ‘s concerns, insisting on retiring and disagreeing with the latter ‘s opinion that the Demon Slayers were going into decay .
Tengen holds a large total of respect for his wives and cares about them profoundly. When Tengen joined the Demon Slayer Corps, he made sure to inform his wives that they needed to prioritize their lives rather of the mission, and make sure to return home to him. Tengen wanted to make clear that his wives were his top precedence in regards to keeping people safe. [ 17 ] During their persist in the Entertainment District, Tengen would much communicate with them via letters and decided to search for them once he stopped receiving them. [ 11 ] When Inosuke question if his wives are evening alert anymore, Tengen becomes enraged and punches him unconscious mind, showing that he chastises any disrespect towards his wives. [ 13 ] late on when Tengen discovers Hinatsuru in the Kirimise, he administers medication to her and asks her if she ‘s all right. When she starts to apologize to him for failing the mission, Tengen reassures her that she did well and embraces her tightly before instructing her to leave the zone for her guard. [ 18 ] however when Hinatsuru returns to assist in the fight against Gyutaro, she gets captured by the Demon causing Tengen to go into a panic to try to save her. Tanjiro manages to save Hinatsuru in time, allowing Tengen to express his gratitude towards him and mentioning that he “ owes him one ” for saving his wife. [ 19 ]

When Tengen discovers the underground cavern, he slashes the obeah within the vicinity of his wives and apologizes to Suma and Makio for being former. He approaches the women and pats them on the head, reassuring them that they ‘ve lived up to his expectations as his wives, causing the two of them to tear up upon reuniting with him. [ 20 ] Following the events of the final conflict, Suma, Makio, and Hinatsuru immediately rush in to administer inaugural aid to Tengen, but his wounds appear to be besides dangerous for them to treat, causing them to worry. They each become concerned for his good being as Suma begins to wail, Makio begins to panic, and Hinatsuru begins to weep at the sight of his injuries. [ 21 ] however when Nezuko manages to heal Tengen from being poisoned, the women wallow at the fact that he ‘s been healed, and wail as they share a relieved embrace with him. [ 22 ]



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