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Gurenge ( 紅蓮華 ) is the first opening song to Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba zanzibar copal performed by LiSA. Digitally released on April 22, 2019 followed by a forcible handout on July 3, 2019. Gurenge translates into Crimson Lotus Flower, it is an upbeat rock song about obtaining a reason to become stronger. Reading the manga when creating the lyrics, combined her artistic universe see with the series. The song was composed by Kayoko Kusano and arranged by Ryo Eguchi. After the day of let go of of the song on all the major digital music platforms, the song made it into 38 break Daily Single charts and has reached more than 300,000 downloads .
Collaborating with FictionJunction performed From the Edge released on September 1, 2019 for the ending root to Kimetsu no Yaiba ( Demon Slayer ). Closing the year in December 11, 2019 she released her Single Unlasting for the third base ending theme to Sword Art Online : Alicization .


Japanese English
強くなれる理由を知った I learned the reason to become strong
僕を連れて 進め Take me and go
泥だらけの走馬灯に酔う I feel dizzy by the muddy flashback
強張る心 震える手は Heart tenses, hands shake
掴みたいものがある That means you have something you want to grab hold of
それだけさ That’s all
夜の匂いに (I’ll spend all thirty nights) The scent of night (I’ll spend all thirty nights)
空睨んでも (Staring into the sky) Even if I stare at the sky (Staring into the sky)
変わっていけるのは自分自身だけ The only thing you can change is yourself
それだけさ That’s all
強くなれる理由を知った I learned the reason to become strong
僕を連れて 進め Take me and go
どうしたって! An unstoppable “now”
消せない夢も 止まれない今も Dreams that you can’t erase no matter what
誰かのために強くなれるなら If you can become stronger for someone
何度でも立ち上がれ Get up again and again
世界に打ちのめされて 負ける意味を知った I learned why I lost when I was beaten up by the world
紅蓮の華よ 咲き誇れ Bloom, crimson lotus
運命を照らして Shine the fate


Gurenge is about a bloom that struggles to blossom despite the adversities in nature. The crimson imbue of the lotus is connected with life. alternatively of forgetting your past or ignoring your weaknesses, it is better to gain confidence to become hard. Through overcoming asperity, people are able to shine more beautifully than a jewel like a crimson red lotus .

Gurenge Reception

Gurenge was released on April 22 on all the major digital music platforms. soon after free the song made it into 38 break Daily Single charts. The Kimetsu no Yaiba ( Demon Slayer ) series and the open song have become instant hits global. Animer series and music fans have been quick to create their own voice, piano, guitar covers. The birdcall has reached 300,000 downloads and topped more than 6 Million views on YouTube resulting in a identical positive reception from fans. On the first be operation of the song in a two day performance at Yokohama Arena, she revealed the sung to 26,000 to an sphere that was completely sold out.

About LiSA

Risa Oribe ( 織部 里沙 ) was born in Gifu Prefecture, Japan on June 24, 1987. besides known as LiSA, is a songwriter, singer, and lyricist. Her stage mention is an acronym stands for Love is Same All, the same name as the band she formed in Tokyo. One of her root phrases and besides the name of her web log is “ 今日もいい日だっ ” which means “ Another great Day ”. Releasing reach after hits and making an impact in the anime industry. LiSA is well known for her singles in the Angel Beats, Fate/Zero, Sword Art Online, and Kimetsu no Yaiba ( Demon Slayer ) franchise

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LiSA credits western rock music as her musical influences such as but not limit to Avril Lavigne, Oasis, Green Day, Paramore, and Rihanna. Her musical style is beautiful vocals with the adaptability to create wellbeing felicitous to darker vogue tones. When writing Oath Sign, she felt the dark heavy style would be besides unlike from her usual style but was able to receive a favorable reception. Providing her the confidence to make Crossing Fields soon after .

Other Music Works

Commemorating her one-fifth year as a solo artist, she released her Letters To U as a express edition package on March 23, 2016. Used as the open themes to 2016 anime serial Qualidea Code was Brave Freak Out and AxxxiS. Anime Film Sword Art Online The Movie : ordinal Scale she used the theme song Catch the Moment that was besides released as a single. In April 2017, LiSA moved to the Sacra Music record label under Sony Music Entertainment Japan. Releasing her fourth studio album Little Devil parade on May 24 the same year. Datte Atashi no Hero released August 2, 2017 was used as the second ending root to My Hero Academia. Ash besides released 2017th of October beginning used as the second open to theme to the zanzibar copal Fate/Apocrypha. She performed Thrill, Risk, Heartless as the theme to the video plot Sword Art Online : fatal Bullet, and the song Adamas released December 12, 2018 was used in the first gear first step theme of Sword Art Online : Alicization .


LiSA Official Website
LiSA Official Twitter
LiSA Personal Blog
LiSA Sony Music Page
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