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Human ( once )


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Hair Color

Dark Brown to Orange

Eye Color

Pale Blue



Twelve Kizuki

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Manga Debut

chapter 51

Anime Debut

Episode 26


Japanese VA


English VA

Alan Lee Kamanue Images Image Gallery Kamanue ( 釜 ( かま ) 鵺 ( ぬえ ), Kamanue ? ) was a member of the Twelve Kizuki, having held the modern stead of Lower Rank Six ( 下 ( か ) 弦 ( げん ) の陸 ( ろく ), Kagen no Roku ? ). [ 1 ]


Kamanue was a short young man with incredibly pale hide, his expression decorated by a thick line of night green under both of his eyes and across his nozzle that ran up vertically into another, shorter horizontal line on his frontal bone. Four large dots were besides placed at the far ends of the trace on his cheek, the in-between of the one on his brow, and below his lower sass.

His eyes were cat-like in form, the pupils cunt and the irises pale bluing with a white call around the sides, the kanjis for “ Lower Six ” etched onto them. Kamanue besides possessed dark brown hair with bright orange tips that was worn sweep back but fluffed out on either side of his head and neck. He wore a ashen haori with a chicken scale pattern down the sleeves, arsenic well as a egg white button-up shirt and dark hakama pants .


Kamanue was a very on-edge individual who constantly wore a frightened formula, which is likely to do with the fact that he felt decrepit and yielding as the lowest of the Lower Ranks. He appeared to be constantly skittish during his shortstop time at the Infinity Castle, suggesting a skittish personality .


After the death of Rui, Lower Rank Five, Kamanue is summoned to the Infinity Castle by Nakime. He is surprised to find himself in the huge fortress, visibly anxious as to why he is here. He cursorily notices Wakuraba and Mukago in the distance, before turning about to find Enmu and Rokuro in the castle with him, realizing a assemble of the Lower Ranks has never happened ever. Before he can question the situation further, Nakime transports the demons in battlefront of her and another female devil. He wonders who the charwoman in presence of them is, entirely to be answered with a familiar endanger voice. Kamanue and the Lower Ranks promptly bow down as they realize the devil before them is Muzan Kibutsuji himself, having disguised himself to lower their watchfulness to the situation. When Mukago attempts to apologize on their behalf, Muzan silences her and goes on to explain the death of Rui, before demanding to know why they, Lower Ranks, are so weak. [ 2 ]

Muzan lectures them about how being in the ranks of the Twelve Kizuki international relations and security network ’ t the end ; it is entirely the begin of what is to come. He states their sole determination is to consume blood so they can be of use to him. He continues explaining that it has been over a century and the Upper Ranks have remained unaltered, and it has always been those members who have disposed of the Hashira, yet the Lower Ranks are replaced frequently if not constantly. Upon hearing this, Kamanue scoffs at how it seems easy for Muzan to talk about, only for Muzan to repeat the phrase aloud. [ 3 ] adequate to of reading the minds of his demons, Muzan asks Kamanue why he couldn ’ thymine be told that. Realizing he is in fuss, he hears Muzan angrily demanding him to continue his words, before expanding and extending his arm into a tentacle to grab the Lower Rank by his soundbox. Kamanue tearfully attempts to apologize, but is promptly devoured by Muzan as the rest of the Lower Ranks, except Enmu, keep their heads lowered in shock muteness. [ 4 ]

Abilities and Powers

Demon Abilities

little is known about Kamanue ‘s forte and abilities as a Demon, but it can be assumed that he is stronger than Kyogai, the former member of the Twelve Kizuki whose home he took .


  • His name was revealed in the first fanbook.




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