Muzan Kibutsuji

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Reading: Muzan Kibutsuji

Villain Overview


  • Male Form

  • Female Form

  • Combat Form

  • Stage

Male Form Female Form Combat Form Stage

Full Name



Muzan Kibutsuji

That Man


Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


( once )


Progenitor and king of all demons
Leader of the Twelve Demon Moons

Powers / Skills

High-level intelligence
Human consumption empowerment
Demon Creation
Supernatural physical attribution
Supernatural strength
Supernatural regeneration
Immerse resourcefulness
Psychological manipulation
Body manipulation
Invulnerability (save sunlight)
Strategy and tactics
Shockwave emission that can disrupt opponents’ nervous systems
Mouths on his body can suck opponents towards him
Expertise in pharmacology
Can harbor multiple hearts and brains in his body
Ability to hide and blend into human society
Resurrection (so long as there are at least 300 flesh fragments left)
Muzan’s Demonic Blood
Demon siring through injection into others’ bodies
Reading minds of his minions at close range
Function as tracking devices of his minions from afar
Telepathy and memory transference to his minions
Strengthen subordinate Demons
Excessive amount of injection can disintegrate others’ bodies
Analyze and break down poisons in his body
Blood Demon Art::
Black Blood: Brambles


Purchasing imported goods.

Studying foreign languages.
Learning to operate new machines.
Posing as a human and manipulating other humans around him.
Turning people into Demons, or killing them.


Survive from his illness (succeeded).
Destroy the Demon Slayer Corps.
Become an absolutely perfect being/immortal and live a healthy eternal life (both failed).
Kill Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado (formerly).
Overcome his weakness to the sun by devouring Nezuko (failed).
Turn Tanjiro into a demon (posthumously, succeeded until Tanjiro was cured) and influence him to destroy the Demon Slayers (failed).


Mass murder (inc. child murder)
Unlawful human mutations (inc. child mutation)
Physical and psychological abuse
Abuse of power
Suicide inducement

Type of Villain

Egotistical Immortality-Seeker

I’m never mistaken about anything. You have no right to reject what I say, whatever I say is the right thing, my word is absolute. I am the one who calls all the shots and yet you tried to tell me what to do. You deserve to die.
~ Muzan Psychologically tortures then kills lower moon two.
Who gave you permission to speak? (…) Are you refuting what I just said?
~ Muzan Kills a paralyzed Mukago.
Persistent. You’re all seriously persistent. And it bores me. It sickens me from the bottom of my heart. Whenever you open your mouth, you only remember that one dumb notion about avenging your parents, kids, or siblings. You’ve all survived. That should be enough for you. So your family got slaughtered. What’s the problem here? Think of yourself as lucky, and go back to the way you lived life before. Look at it this way. Being killed by me is the same as encountering a great calamity. You don’t need to think so hard about it. Rains, winds, volcano eruptions, earthquakes. Nobody tries to swear revenge on a natural disaster, no matter how many lives it takes. You can’t bring dead humans back to life. Why not just stop fussing over the issue all the time, and live quietly to earn your daily wages. Most humans live that life. Why can’t you all do that? There’s only one reason. The Demon Hunters are an assembly of deviants. And I’m tired of dealing with deviants. I’m the one who really wants to put an end to all this.
~ Muzan sophistically rationalizes his crimes to Tanjiro and Giyu.

Muzan Kibutsuji ( 鬼舞辻無慘, Kibutsuji Muzan ) is the main antagonist of the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba illusion carry through manga and anime series. He is the herculean Lord of the Demons. Muzan has the ability to inject his victims with blood that contains a virus that allows him to convert them into more Demons and uses it to procreate his abyssal race. in the first place a human, Muzan was cursed over one thousand years ago and became the beginning always monster. He is besides the progenitor of most other Demons and the leader of the Twelve Kizuki. He is besides the foe of the Kamado family and the archenemy of both Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado. He is the one that killed the Kamado family, turned Nezuko into a monster and made Tanjiro and Nezuko into orphans, causing them to begin their travel with the goal to make Nezuko as a human again and kill Kibutsuji. He created every monster in being and either programs or tasks them to devour humans, which makes their crimes fall into his shoulders adenine well. This caused many humans to die due to the countless demon creatures, creating a classify of war between demons and the monster hunters. In the zanzibar copal, he is voice Toshihiko Seki in the japanese dub ( who besides voiced Aaroniero Arruruerie ( while disguised as Kaien Shiba ), Rau Le Creuset, and Lord Embryo ) and Greg Chun in the English dub ( who besides voiced Garou, Henry Wu, Gabriel Miller, and N’Doul ). In the stage adaptation, he is portrayed by Yoshihide Sasaki .



Muzan Kibutsuji was born during the Heian Era of ancient Japan to a noble syndicate. ever since he was in his mother ‘s uterus, Muzan was extremely delicate and weak. The endanger of death constantly haunted him : his heart stopped more than a few times when he was a train fetus, he was declared a stillborn upon give birth due to having no pulse or breath. Had Muzan not wailed aloud, he could have been immolated at the funeral pyre. His frailty persisted into adulthood, preventing him from doing standard physical day by day activities. Muzan was diagnosed with a identical rare nameless illness and should have died at the long time of 20. His repair then traveled all around Japan and found the mystic Blue Spider Lily. Using it as function of his music apparently cured Muzan, but the doctor ‘s remedy was incomplete and Muzan still suffered casual relapses. Muzan, having lived in fear of death throughout his whole life, mistakenly believed his doctor was a failure and killed him out of rage.

however, as prison term went on, Muzan finally realized that he had become better physically and the sophisticate ‘s music was indeed working, but he was unable to walk in the sunlight anymore. Muzan besides realized that he had cravings for homo pulp as nutriment ; Muzan had now become a man-eating Demon. needle to say, his family was the first to fall victim to his ghastly appetite. Although the now-Demon Muzan promptly adapted to his new life and had no qualms about feeding on humans, the think that he had to avoid the sun wounded his self. He searched the entire country for the Spider Lily to overcome his weakness to the sun, but he was distillery unable to find it and the only person who knew anything about the Blue Spider Lily – namely the doctor – was dead. evening after becoming a herculean Demon, Muzan considered himself fallible and wanted to somehow get rid of his failing to the sun. With the search for Blue Spider Lily going nowhere, Muzan chose another option : create demons potent enough to withstand the sunday. That ‘s why he decided to reluctantly utilize his demon rake to sire as many Demons as he could. He hoped that one day there would be a monster that would be able to walk in sunlight without burning themselves into ashes and he could then devour them to gain their Daywalking abilities, allowing himself to be immune in sunlight. By giving a blue-ribbon few even more of his blood, he created a group of very powerful demons called the Twelve Kizuki who followed all his orders. once he was about killed by an incredibly brawny samurai warrior who possessed the “ Sun Breathing ” skill, being at a disadvantage and suffering a break down defeat. Since his meet with the Sun Breather, Muzan held a grudge against any Sun Breathers and killed any users in his direction. Unknown to Muzan, this Sun Breathing samurai warrior who about drove him to death, rescued a family by the surname of Kamado from Demons. Thus began the accursed fortune between Muzan and Kamado siblings fostered .

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

One prison term, Muzan traveled to the mountains where the current Kamado Family members lived and injected his blood into them in a wish to turn them into Demons. Muzan ‘s demonic lineage was besides much for most of the syndicate members ‘ bodies to tolerate, though, and they perished. Believing the Kamado family to be dead, Muzan left in disappointment. however, the eldest daughter, Nezuko, ended up receiving a considerable sum of his blood in her body and turned into a very powerful devil fledgling from the dose she received. only Tanjiro Kamado, the oldest child of the Kamado family, remained human, being away from his home during the time the tragedy struck. To revert Nezuko second into a human, Tanjiro began a long and parlous journey of taking on Demons as one of the demon hunters. finally, Tanjiro Kamado coincidentally picked up Muzan ‘s aroma and approached him on an urban street. At first, Muzan did n’t know who Tanjiro was until he saw a pair of earrings on Tanjiro ‘s ears – earrings worn by swordsmen who use Breath of Sun swordsmanship ; The lapp swordsmanship technique that once drove Muzan to brink of death. But since he is walking with his ( human step- ) daughter, he put up a kind facade and pretends to wonder who Tanjiro is. Tanjiro is brainsick at him and wants to kill him. In holy order to get away and distract Tanjiro, Muzan slices a random passerby ‘s neck and turns him into a demon. While that monster attacks his wife, Muzan gets away with his class. Before entering the passenger car, he tells his wife he has to do something and they should go ahead. He then walks through an alley where a drink guy bumps into him. The intoxicated starts mocking him and states, he does n’t like fancy-pants like him. When he adds, that he ‘s indeed pale, he looks like he had died already, Muzan smashes him into the wall, killing him immediately. The brawny brother then angrily attacks him, only to be kicked into the air and be killed. The drunkard ‘s girlfriend holds his cadaver, crying. He then rhetorically asks her if he looks pale or weak, then replied to himself, stating he is infinitely close to perfection. He then stuck his feel into her brow. due to her body receiving thus much rake from him, that it could n’t handle the devil transformation, she melted aside and died in a ghastly manner. Muzan then summons his subordinates, Susamaru and Yahaba, ordering them to kill Tanjiro : the devil hunter who seems to have a joining to the dreaded fencer who used the deadly Breath of the Sun – the fencer who is the only human came airless to killing the demon godhead. After the demise of Kyogai and late Rui, the Lower Rank Five, Muzan was frustrated by the Lower Ranks constant failures. He called the Lower Rank One, Two, Three, Four and the stream Six to a merging, rebuking them and believing he no longer needed the Lower Ranks. As a leave, Muzan started to kill the Two, Three, Four and Six one by one, as they respectively were begging for Muzan ‘s blood, trying to flee, trying to deny Muzan ‘s opinion and trying to think about flattering his overlord. Enmu, the Lower Rank One, was the only Lower Rank left. however, unlike others, Enmu showed no fear over the brink of death and even coolly accepting it for saturated excitement. Enmu ‘s sadistic streak impress Muzan, and he sent Enmu on a mission. Muzan continued to send his Ranks to kill off the Demon Slayers. however one day, he felt that Nezuko was able to walk in the sun. He was so shudder to consume her and last reach perfection, that he immediately killed the family he was hiding at. He arrived at the Demon Slayer Estate and confronted their leader Kagaya. He predicted this however and sacrificed himself by placing bombs. Kagaya died and Muzan, heavily injured, was attacked by all of the Demon Slayers. All of them were transported to the Infinity Fortress, a place controlled by one of his Ranks. All of them were split astir and Muzan took time to heal. While the Demon Slayers fought and died and Muzan healed inside of a fleshy cocoon, all of his Ranks were killed, except the one controlling the Fortress. He burst out of the cocoon, in full healed and stronger than always. Dozens of Slayers surrounded him, but he simply killed each of them and alone grew stronger with each one he ate. finally, he confronted Tanjiro, who told him that he should no longer exist. Muzan was tired of them wanting to avenge their sleep together ones. In his eyes, they should see themselves as lucky and move on with their lives. Muzan told them that they should see his actions as a lifelike calamity, comparing his slaughtering to earthquakes or storms. Following the destruction of the Infinity Castle, Muzan about killed them. During the concluding struggle against them, Muzan was very shock that he aged 1,000 years old. And after that, the sunday rises, causing Muzan to be afraid. When he was about to be defeated by Giyu and Tanjiro. He gets morph into a Baby Form in the armor of human body. After a long epic final struggle, Muzan ‘s duty has been found impossible when he gets destroyed by the sun, disintegrated into debris .

last Dice

Following his death, the victory of the Demon Slayer Corps cost the lives of Gyomei, Mitsuri, and Obanai along with countless lives agents. Despite his death, the perfume of Muzan in Tanjiro ‘s torso turns the Demon hunter into a Demon and attacks everyone by transferring his blood and his memories into Tanjiro ‘s dying body. His will composed of deception through psychological torture in order to convince Tanjiro to live everlastingly by remaining young and deity. however, Tanjiro, ultimately rejects immortality and powers of demonhood with the combine support from spirits of fallen friends and family, along with Kanao, Nezuko, Inosuke and Zenitsu from the earth of the live, leaves Muzan ‘s malevolent heart behind for estimable. frankincense was the end of Muzan Kibutsuji – his damned soul constantly trapped in the black abyss of Hell where nothing exists and no one listens to him .

Beyond the Sanzu River

In this by-product bonus chapter that deals with the contiguous consequence of the final struggle against Muzan and Tanjiro ‘s reelect to humanness, it is revealed that Muzan ‘s soul is indeed condemned to Avici ; the worst and the most agonizing region of all hells. here Muzan is seen in his true, demonic form. Regarding his know with the Breath of the Sun, he plainly expressed, “ dirty ” .


He appears as a young man with pale skin and crimson glowing eyes and he has black curly haircloth. Muzan wears a white fedora along with a black suit and a whiten tie. When attacking, he reveals his fangs and his nails grow sharper and turn blue. Muzan has the ability to change his appearance which made it so easy for him to hide from the Demon Slayers for decades. During his merging with the Lower Ranks, he was disguised as an elegant woman wearing a long black yukata, causing the Lower Ranks to not recognize him immediately. late he transformed himself into his latest cover identity, as the adopt ailing son to an old couple, taking the form of a young child with pale white peel and black neatly satiny smooth combed binding hair’s-breadth. His main kit in this disguise being a plain white button-up shirt and black cargo shorts with long tube socks and loafers .


Muzan. You… Are a being that must not be allowed to exist.
~ Tanjirou Kamado to Muzan.
The moment I saw him, I understood; that I was born into this world – to slay this man.
~ Yoriichi Tsugikuni’s thought of Muzan in their first – and last encounter

The writer of Demon Slayer reveals more of Muzan ‘s past in an consultation that was not covered on the main narrative of the manga. Although possessing astute insight and cutting beware ascribable to being a member of the Ubuyashiki family, he used this family trait to make others suffer. not long after turning into a Demon and was even posing as a human, Muzan married five times, but his extremely offensive diatribes and afoul anneal drove each of them to commit suicide. As the drawing card of demons under the guise of a civilized and innocent world, Muzan is deep down a callous, pitiless, intimidating, heartless, egomaniac and extremely egotistic perfectionist with a awful self-absorbed streak. He never tolerates anyone who mocks him, even to the steer of killing a pair of intoxicated bystanders who were simply crude to him, alongside their female companion, while proclaiming his own delusional magnificence. He sees himself as arrant since he is deity and identical brawny. The alone thing he ‘s weak to is the sun. That is why he turned other humans into demons and spread his blood so that one of them might find a solution against the sunlight, so he can become sincerely arrant. He by and large wants to keep himself out of danger by using his allies and wants to enjoy his life without any injury coming to himself. Muzan is besides shown to be intolerant towards failure, shown when he purged the Lower Ranks after the death of Rui the Lower Rank Five, plainly because he believed the Lower Ranks were becoming nothing but useless failures, and he alone needed Upper Ranks to do his dirty work rather. In cattiness of this, Muzan spared Enmu, the Lower Rank One, because he admired Enmu ‘s sadistic streak and gave him a part of his blood which the latter had shown when facing sealed death. Muzan besides sees his subordinates as nothing but useful tools towards them, and all of his subordinates were once human who followed him because of their hopeless life or sadistic mottle. Muzan lures in people at their lowest to become demons, much corrupting them wholly. Rui, Gyutaro, Daki and Akaza are prime examples of this.

Behind the myriad of facades Muzan displays, and wholly offsetting his insatiate ego and crave for perfection, Muzan has besides proven to be quite cowardly. He constantly avoids conflict whenever he can, prove during his confrontation with Giyu and Tanjiro. He states that the duet managing to survive should already be sufficient and that they should barely live to earn their wages and put a stop to the hertz of revenge. This trait besides complements his manipulative nature, bending many demons to his will to do his bid while he does n’t get his hands dirty. His cowardice was further testify during his confrontation with Yoriichi Tsukiguni. After arrogantly taunting and mocking the Demon Slayer, Muzan groveled and crawled aside when he was defeated, trying to run away. Muzan has attempted numerous times to escape, either by splitting himself or merely running away, he besides remarks multiple times for the Demon Hunters to equitable die and not give up crusade, once again cementing his cowardly nature. He subverts this cowardice in his last moments, accepting that he was going to die when burning in the sun, and deciding to leave behind a bequest by turning Tanjiro into the Demon King. While truly crying over Kagaya ‘s words that all things die in the end, Muzan remains pitiless for the countless atrocities he has committed and dies as he lived – an agglomeration of pure evil. To prevent himself from being exposed, he curses his subordinates in a terrific manner so that none of them may utter his name, or else they will be killed immediately in a ghoulish fit of cruelty. This showed him to be highly paranoid and fueled Tanjiro ‘s disgust towards him, causing Tanjiro to believe Muzan is the only true demon in the world. Muzan is very craft and intelligent. He is perceptive adequate to be able to seamlessly blend into human company and he even started a syndicate. He can hide his evil side and put on a friendly facade if necessary. He is manipulative and can promptly get people on his side for him to use them. His barbarous and levy nature has gained him the capital admiration of many demons .


Does my complexion look terrible to you? Does my face look pale to you? Do I look weak to you? Does it look like I haven’t got long to live? Does it look like I’m close to death? No, no, no, no. I am a being ever close to perfection.
~ Muzan Kibutsuji denies his sickly appearance and brutally kills innocents.
I now imagined that it would be better for the Twelve Kizuki to consist of the Upper Ranks.
~ Muzan Kibutsuji voices his plans to purge the remaining Lower Ranks after considering them to be weak.
You thought you could corner me? You’re all going to hell now! You pathetic Demon Hunter pests, I’m slaughtering you all tonight!
~ Muzan Kibutsuji taunts the Demon Slayers during his last fight.
So kill me. If you can, Tanjiro Kamado!
~ Muzan dares Tanjiro to kill him.
Tanjiro Kamado… You will conquer the sunlight and become the strongest demon- the king of demons! That is because you are the elder brother of Nezuko Kamado and thus share her blood. And you are the only one able to use the same breathing as that monster. You will not die. I believe that. Make my dream come true… Tanjiro.
~ Muzan speaks his last thoughts and turns Tanjiro into the new demon king and subsequently his spiritual successor.
Tanjiro! Don’t go! DON’T LEAVE ME HERE!
~ Muzan speaks his final words as he loses control over Tanjiro.


  • The name Muzan means “miserable, pitiful, merciless” (無惨).
    • His first name, Muzan, means miserable as well as atrocity, cruelty, cold-bloodedness, tragic, pitiful, and merciless. Among them, “tragic” and “pitiful” are rather ironic because Muzan is a cruel person seeking to bring tragedy upon his victims, while his own past is anything but.
  • Muzan’s surname Kibutsuji means “demon dance” (鬼舞) (kibu) and “street, crossroad” (辻) (tsuji).


  • It is revealed that Muzan came from Ubuyashiki family. Therefore, he and Kagaya Ubuyashiki resembles very much one another. In spite of that, Muzan does not use the Ubuyashiki surname.
  • His design with the white fedora and curly hair, reminded a lot of viewers of Michael Jackson, spawning Internet memes.
  • While the doctor who attempted to cure Muzan ended up turning him into a Demon and could be blamed for all the tragedies happening in Demon Slayer series, the manga depicts the doctor as a good, virtuous man. Muzan’s demonization was purely unintended and accidental, as Muzan murdered his doctor during treatment.
  • He is the only character who can genderbend, which is why Mukago and Lower 3 were startled when they realized that Muzan was impersonating a woman.
  • Muzan is the only major character within the series to come in contact with an actual car.


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