Deviants (Homo descendus)


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Scientific Name

Homo descendus [ 1 ]


[ 2 ] [ 3 ] Deviants, [ 3 ] Scum, [ 3 ] Mongrels, [ 3 ] Subhumans [ 3 ]

Changing People,Scum,Mongrels,Subhumans

Affiliation and Identity



Origin and Status


[ 4 ] while experimenting on Homo erectus [ 5 ]

Offshoot of humanity created by Ziran the Tester of the Celestials while experimenting on




Milky Way

Star System




Base of Operations


Place of Birth


Creators and Appearances


Jack Kirby,


Red Raven Comics # 1
( May, 1940 )
( Unidentified )
Eternals # 1
( April, 1976 )
( Identified )



Origins : The First Host

First Host page. For the wide presentation of this event, please consult thepage. About one million years ago, [ 2 ] the “evolutionary borderline between apes and humans” emerged : [ 6 ] Homo erectus. [ 5 ] The Celestials, intrigued by the versatility of human genes, sent their first Host to Earth to perform genetic experiments on this species. [ 7 ] [ 8 ] When the First Host got to the satellite earth, the Celestial Gammenon the Gatherer collected a few specimens, which Ziran the Tester mutated to create one hundred antic Deviants ( Homo descendus ). After Ziran was done with its grizzle, Nezarr the Calculator performed his own tests and created 100 ranking Eternals ( Homo immortalis ). last, Oneg the Prober created a latent gene for the expansion of human potential. [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 9 ] After these creations were released back on worldly concern, the Eternals secluded themselves, while the Deviants established an empire on the continent of Lemuria. [ 8 ]

World Rulers and Second Host

Great Cataclysm pages. For the full presentation of this event, please consult thepages. As millennium passed, the Deviants “ bred like rabbits ” and achieved great numbers. [ 10 ] They created impossible scientific wonders and conquered about the wholly world, enslaving capture humans. then came the final examination confrontation against the last safe seaport of world : the empire of Atlantis. The Deviants launched a massive attack on their human rivals, but one Atlantean city state, Netheria, had created an impervious dome that protected them from all the attacks. [ 11 ] meanwhile, the Eternals besides fought against them, but, when they realized their numbers could n’t compare to the millions of Deviants, they had no alternative but to call the Celestials. [ 10 ] When the Second Host of Celestials arrived on Earth, they were attacked by the Deviants. Seeing a world fallen into chaos, the Celestials soon delivered their judgment and wiped out most of the Deviants. In the process, they caused both Lemuria and Atlantis to sink all the way to the bottom of the ocean floor, but Netheria, shielded by its dome, survived. [ 11 ] The Celestial known as Tiamut disagreed with the actions taken by the early Celestials against the Deviants and came into conflict with fellow Celestial Arishem. [ 12 ] The conflict ended with the get the better of and burying of Tiamut under what would late become northerly California, near San Francisco, but the Deviants would forever worship him as the Dreaming Celestial. [ 13 ]

Living Underground

The surviving Deviants retreated clandestine, to Subterranea, and experimented on their remaining homo slaves in the hopes of creating a new race to act as their servants and shape storm. Their first try created the Gortokians, beings stronger than humans and adequate to of seeing in the colored, but they revolted and fled into the belowground caverns. Their second attack created the Moloids, designed to be more inhuman, docile and weaker, therefore less probable to rebel. Confident in the commitment of their new initiation, they sent them to attack the Gortokians, but they were massacred, ultimately leading to the Deviants ‘ retirement and the abandonment of both their creations. [ 11 ] The Deviants then retrofitted some of Lemuria ‘s stay into a newly kingdom for themselves, [ 14 ] finally reaching incredible numbers once more. [ 15 ]

third base Host / Truce with the Eternals

Third Host page. For the full presentation of this event, please consult thepage. The Third Host of the Celestials visited circa 1000 A.D. The Deviants and the Eternals called a armistice between themselves and pledged to stop interfering with humans until the Fourth Host would arrive. [ 16 ] [ 17 ]

Common earned run average

In the mid-20th century, a group of exalted Deviants, Eternals, and humans put aside their differences and created the Damocles Foundation. The invention of the nuclear bomb calorimeter convinced them that all three species needed to find a way to coexist, which would only happen when they recombined into a single species. The Foundation believed that that individual species would be mutants, and they intended to control the future by creating and controlling those mutants. Their drawing card was Odysseus Indigo ; their members included a group called Sword ( made up of Argos the Hunter, Pyre, Stranglehold, and Zona ), Marcelus, and Veeg. When the Fourth Host arrived to judge Earth, the armistice with the Eternals was over, so the Deviants attacked New York City to trick the humans into attacking the Celestials. [ 18 ] As usual, though, they spent equally much, if not more, feat on disputes with each other. They did manage to invade Olympia, the home of the Eternals. Led by the high priest, Brother Tode, the Deviants posed such a threat that the Eternals formed their Uni-Mind, trapped the invaders in a stone block, and took it into space. [ citation needed ] But even after multiple truces were formed there were still Deviant factions who were set on war against the Eternals. A specific faction leave by Kro was hunting for the Matrix Stone that was created by the Celestials to control ability. [ 19 ]

Alternate realities

Please find here the histories of understudy realities ‘ Deviants .



There is a aberrant equivalent of the mutant X-Factor chromosome. [ 20 ] The Eternal Thanos is a mutant within his kind, possessing a mutation, [ 21 ] the Deviant gene [ citation needed ] and being consequently affected by the “ Deviant Syndrome “. [ 22 ]

Deviant Mutates

Main article: Deviant Mutates

Alternate Universe Deviants

earth X ( Earth-9997 )

The past history of the Deviants on Earth-9997 largely mirrors that of their Earth-616 counterparts. however, it ‘s been revealed that, at least on Earth-9997 the Celestials intentions for the Eternals was not precisely the beneficent intent they had thought. The Celestials method acting of replica is to impregnate the satellite with a part of their department of energy ( or embryo ) and implant Vibranium in the planet ‘s effect. finally after centuries of gestation the a new Celestial would be born, destroying the planet. In rate to protect the Celestial growing within the satellite, they would manipulate the deoxyribonucleic acid of the dominant species to act as ignorant antibodies. On earth, it would be prehistoric man that would be manipulated in such a fashion. Their first attack yielded the Deviants, fluid creatures who were born in new and more atrocious forms within each generation, they were naturally evil. Some of the early Deviants were jumpstart to the third gear tier of mutation, in which their identities, abilities and personality were defined by those around them. It has been identified by Kyle Richmond that these Deviants mutated into the assorted demons and devils that have plagued humanness, at the very least Mephisto is one of these early Deviants. In decree to counteract the Deviants fierce nature, the Celestials created the Eternals, but by and boastfully, the Eternals were disinterested in protecting world. [ citation needed ] The Deviants would finally conquer the Earth and enslave the baseline human slipstream. It has besides been stated that the demons that Prince Wayfinder found ( having traveled back in clock to prehistoric Earth and before finding safety in the Microverse ) were early Deviants. Their enslavement of the human rush did not go unnoticed, and then the second Host of the Celestials came to Earth and wiped out their conglomerate, which sent the Deviants underground where they never amply recovered. [ citation needed ] In the modern long time, the Deviants have interacted with humanity in much the lapp was as their Earth-616 counterparts. In holocene history, the Deviants have played it low key on Earth during the respective ball-shaped, economic, and food crisis. With the exception of Ransak the Reject, who was trying to find a direction to reverse his “ hideous ” form, and Mephisto manipulating others to create another divergent reality to escape into, most of the Deviants remained degage in the current events on Earth. It was not until they were all summoned by Mephisto himself to attack Buckingham Palace and take the sword Excalibur, the alone device on worldly concern that could even kill people following the death of Death. The Deviants and Mephisto about succeeded if not for the interposition of King Britain, Meggan, Medusa, X-51, Black Bolt, and Ransak the Reject. During the battle, Meggan died trying to keep the sword out of Mephisto ‘s grasp. The heroes succeeded and managed to kill Mephisto. Following the kill of their leader, the Deviants retreated. Their current whereabouts are soon nameless. [ citation needed ]









type of Government

Alternates between feudal monarchy and theocracy

level of Technology


cultural Traits



Gelt, Kro, Morjak, Brother Tode, Ahqlau, Broop, Ignatz, Karygmax, Ragar, Shelmar, Sledge, Sluice, Spike, Taras Vol, Tutinax the Mountain-Mover, Brother Visara, Queen Vira, The Mountain


As a pre-human raceway having conquered and ruled earth before the rise of humanity, the Deviants are considered to be among the Elder Races. [ 23 ]

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