How The Batman Handled the Death of the Waynes

Everybody is saying that Matt Reeves ’ The Batman doesn ’ thyroxine show the Wayne murders. After countless shots of falling pearls and smoking guns set against the backdrop of a dimly ignite bowling alley in Gotham, it would seem to be a refresh change. The problem is that it ’ south not true. Robert Pattinson ’ south Bruce Wayne does see his parents die—it ’ sulfur just not in the way audiences are expecting .
When the Riddler releases his television on Thomas and Martha Wayne, Bruce ’ south worldview is completely shattered. In essence, he ’ second watching a character assassination on his parents. He ’ s not an eight-year-old boy stand in Crime Alley, but he ’ second still watching his parents get destroyed before his eyes .
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The Riddler ’ s video recording suggests that Martha Wayne has a history of genial illness, and Thomas sent the mob to kill a reporter who tried to expose it. If the revelations about Thomas and Martha make you uncomfortable, it ’ sulfur because they ’ re supposed to. Like Bruce, most of us have put the Waynes on a base. For years, we ’ ve only seen them through Bruce ’ mho eyes during flashbacks. Since Bruce lost his parents at such a young senesce, the memories he ’ mho preserved have been the complimentary ones. When Alfred reminisces about his early employers and friends, he speaks of the good times, not of their character flaws. Thomas Wayne is constantly reason and virtuous, while Martha is affected role, kind and all things maternal.

We saw a fresh and sympathy Thomas Wayne in Batman Begins, and Martha Wayne was portrayed as an angelic spiritual scout in “ Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader. ” We are meant to believe they had the arrant marriage and were ideal parents. That helps emphasize how tragic their death is in the overall Batman narrative. I previously wrote about how Bruce never got to know his parents since he was sol young when they died. When you ’ re eight-years-old you might be airless with your parents, but you don ’ t know their hopes, dreams and struggles, and you don ’ t see all their flaws .
In recent years, we ’ ve gotten a deeper count at Thomas and Martha across the multiverse, allowing us to see them as people outside of Bruce ’ s rose-tinted memories. Batman : Damned showed us that their marriage was far from perfective, while the Pennyworth television receiver series presents them as an imperfect couple who can ’ thyroxine check bicker. It shouldn ’ metric ton be controversial to say that Thomas and Martha are people with flaws, yet the theme feels wrong to us because it feels wrong for Bruce .
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The Riddler ’ s video recording shatters Bruce ’ sulfur entire worldview. Although the movie doesn ’ t directly say it, I think it ’ second fair to assume his parents are a large part of why he chose to be Batman. Has everything that he ’ randomness done been built on a lie ? Bruce realizes that he never rightfully knew his parents, and the revelation international relations and security network ’ t an easy one. Look at Robert Pattinson when he goes to see Falcone at the Iceberg Lounge. His face is full of desperation, confusion and vulnerability. And consider that Bruce is going to Falcone for answers. How desperate must he be ?
The revelations about his parents weigh on Bruce ’ mho mind, to the steer where it ’ s all he could think about. When Alfred wakes up from his coma, Bruce doesn ’ metric ton even wait before bringing it up to him. It might seem crude, but Bruce is desperate for answers, so much so that he forgets to ask Alfred how he ’ s find. That ’ s how much this disclosure has rocked his world. thankfully, Alfred was able to soften the blow. As Alfred makes pass, Thomas Wayne did not intend for Falcone to kill the reporter, merely scare him. His don may have made morally questionable decisions, but he wasn ’ t a cause of death .
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still, while Alfred ’ s answers might have helped, they don ’ thyroxine change the bottomland line. Martha Wayne however has a history of being institutionalized, and Thomas Wayne still went to the mob to scare off a reporter—even if he didn ’ t want it to end in murder. Bruce calm has to deal with those revelations and carry them with him for the lie of his life. He may not have in full known his parents as a child, but thanks to the Riddler, he now knows them as an adult. In a wind way, this is the biggest hit the Riddler gave to Batman, and he doesn ’ triiodothyronine even know it .
Throughout the movie, Batman is drawn to Mayor Don Mitchell, Jr. ’ sulfur nameless son. The obvious reason is that Batman sees himself in the young boy. Like Bruce, the Mitchell child besides has to cope with having his beget murdered before he could come of age—and finding the body to boot. It didn ’ triiodothyronine occur to me until I saw The Batman a third base time that like Bruce, the Mitchell child besides had to deal with the side effect of Riddler exposing his father. After Mayor Mitchell is killed, Riddler exposes him as a defile politician who makes deals with criminals and cheats on his wife .
How did the Mitchell child deal with these revelations ? We saw how much they rocked Bruce ’ mho worldly concern, and he ’ s a adult adult. It ’ second interesting to imagine that while Bruce is visiting Carmine Falcone and trying to find answers, somewhere across Gotham, the new Mitchell pull the leg of is dealing with the same problem in his own way .
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When The Batman movie was first base announced, I remember hearing lots of jokes about how it was clock time to watch the Waynes get gunned down in an bowling alley again. Putting the morbidity of that impression aside, this movie subverted those expectations by forgoing a Crime Alley flashback. rather, it gave us a new wind on the narrative beat. We ’ ve seen Bruce Wayne watch his parents die as a child and the trauma it gave him. now we ’ ve seen Bruce Wayne watch his parents destroyed as an adult—and it traumatized him all over again. Batman has been around over eighty years, and people are still finding new angles to explore. That ’ sulfur why Batman will never die, even if his parents must.

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