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Safety Tips
Make sure the room, adenine well as the rest of the family, is “ cat-proof. ” even if you already have cats who don ’ metric ton chew on things like electric cords, your new cat may find them fascinating and can get seriously injured or worse while playing. besides check for strings, ribbons, and small objects that can be swallowed, possibly leading to emergency operation or evening a fatality. Be certain that holes in walls, A/C vents, and ducts are all secured. You will be surprised what a daunt caterpillar can fit into !
Be indisputable your new cat is microchipped and start acclimating them to wearing a collar. You never know if you will have an emergency like a housebreaking or house displace. Be train ! The best form of ID, should your newfangled cat-o’-nine-tails safety valve from the home, is a safe cat break-away collar with a chip as a back-up if the apprehension comes off.  
Acclimating to the Safe Room

When you bring your new big cat home, immediately put them in the safe room with the doorway closed. Open the carrier and let them come out on their own. If there are other animals in the house, it is imperative that you do not set the cat carrier down and allow the existing animals to approach. This is threatening and frightening to the cat trapped in the carrier!
initially, they may be shy or frightened and may find a seat where they can gather themselves and feel dependable before checking things out. Cats feel condom either under things ( beds, couches ) or up high ( guy condominium, dressers, cabinets ). finally, they will begin exploring their newly digs, much at night when it is dark. offer nightlights in the condom room. A cat ’ south sight is at its best in low, dense lightly.

Over the following few days, make sure the cat-o’-nine-tails is eating well and using the litter corner. Any kind of change can be nerve-racking to a cat, and moving to a new home is one of the most nerve-racking events your computerized tomography will encounter. Because of this, it is not rare for cats to break with a cold or other illness after moving to a modern home plate. Call your veterinarian immediately if you notice signs of illness.

once the new computerized tomography is eating, drink, and eliminating normally, it is fourth dimension to start the introduction process to the respite of the home and/or to the other pets. You will know they are ready when they are tidal bore to see you when you enter the room and curious about what is on the early side of the doorway. If they are silent frozen with fear and concealment, it is not time to move advancing to give them even more space. They will only feel more submerge .
You will have the rest of your lives together. DO NOT rush or force things, as humans tend to do. even when we think we are taking things slowly, it is never dense enough for a cat !

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