How to use Zoom − with or without the app

Despite a few security wobbles, Zoom remains a firm favourite with people looking to video chat with friends, family and colleagues.
And it ’ sulfur easy to see why. The software is dependable and requires virtually no tech-savvy to operate. The free plan even lets you cram in 100 people on a margin call, so it ’ s a utilitarian tool for both lecturers and people with in truth, very boastfully families .
We ’ ve pulled together an easy how-to-use guide below, and thrown in some excess tricks and tips at the conclusion for good measure .

How to start a Zoom meeting

first gear, you need to set yourself up with a Zoom account, which you can create here. You can ’ thyroxine start a meeting without this, but your co-workers don ’ t need to have accounts to join you ( more on that below. )

future, you ’ ll probably want to download the Zoom app. It is possible to use Zoom without downloading this, but if you ’ re going to save yourself a fortune of hassle we recommend installing it .
once that ’ s done, open the app on your phone or laptop and merely click ‘ New Meeting ’ to start a call. If you want to schedule a meeting for the future, there ’ s a button for that besides, which you ’ ll find on the begin page of the app .
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How to join a Zoom meeting

If you ’ re joining a Zoom meet rather than hosting one, then you ’ ll need to grab the details from the host .
They should besides be able to find a singular merging ID for the video recording chat. If it ’ s a schedule meet, they can find this by looking at their Zoom calendar, which is displayed when they either launch the app or navigate to the Meetings section of their Zoom profile .
If they need to grab the details from a be call, the ID will appear on the top of their television – ask them to ping this over to you. You can then punch this in to access the birdcall via the ‘ Join Meeting ’ section on the Zoom app or web site .
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How to use Zoom without the app

There is a manner to start and join Zoom calls without downloading anything, but you will need to sign up for an explanation .
annoyingly, this applies to people who just want to participate in a call besides – you can either avoid downloading the app and sign up to join a call, or keep off sign up and download the app to join calls. Zoom won ’ thyroxine let you dodge both options wholly .
so if you ’ re avoiding the app, you ’ ll want to sign up and sign in to Zoom via the web site. Once that ’ s done, you should be able to click ‘ Host a Meeting ’ or ‘ Join a Meeting ’ at the top of the Zoom web site home page .
From here, it gets a piece fiddly. After launching or joining a bid, there ’ s a pop-up book box that will prompt you to download the Zoom app. Click cancel on this, and you ’ ll see a little line of text appear that reads : “ If you can not download or run the application, start from your browser. ”

Click on the highlighted aristocratic textbook ( shown below in a screengrab ), and you should be able to launch your call via the world wide web .
Screenshot from Zoom about launching with descriptive details belowScreenshot from Zoom about launching with descriptive details below
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How to use Zoom without an account

The bad newsworthiness is you decidedly do need an history to host a meet. But as mentioned above, you can join a call without signing up to Zoom, deoxyadenosine monophosphate farseeing as you ’ re bequeath to download the app .
once you ’ ve done this and launched the application, ignore the sign in button and click ‘ Join Meeting. ’ You should then be prompted for a meeting ID and an on-screen name for the call .
Your host should know your merging ID. If they invited you to the meet via e-mail, you should find the details there, or give them a nudge to send the digits across in a distinguish message .
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How to set meeting passwords on Zoom

There ’ mho been a lot of worry about privacy recently after a batch of Zoom-bombings had people worried about unwanted visitors crashing their calls. One thing you can do to improve security is to set a password before your suffer starts and distribute to participants .
To do this, click on the ‘ Schedule Meeting ’ button when you launch the app, then scroll down to the password settings. This should let you type in a personalize code that people will need to input before joining your call .
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How to turn off Zoom waiting rooms

Waiting rooms are mechanically turned on in Zoom, which means that your participants will have to wait for your grand arrival before the video call kicks off .
While this is a dainty little ego-boost, if you ’ re person who frequently runs late, it ’ south credibly a good idea to kill this feature. To do this, go to your Zoom settings page on your browser, then toggle switch on the ‘ Join before Host ’ option .
As a final examination side-note, Zoom is free for 40 minutes on group calls, but you can schedule as many meetings as you like. If you need to make longer calls, or if you need something that can host more than 100 people, you might need to fork out for one of the requital plans .

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