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There is a wide range of entertainment in the earth, including games. however, nowadays, not lone does playing games serve relaxation and enjoyment, but besides earning money. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and devices, players will take a chance to have new experiences that they have never gained ahead. Xbox 360 being prevailing in the market attracts more attention. Most players take an interest in the question, “ does Xbox 360 have wifi ? ” .

Does Xbox 360 have wifi?

Yes, If you have an Xbox 360 E console or Xbox 360 S console, you can connect them to wifi.  There is built-in wireless on these consoles. if you use an Original Xbox 360 console, you need a wireless adapter in order to have wireless for it. It just takes by the minute for them to establish a connection to wifi. However, you need to make sure that the wifi is strong enough to connect without interruption as well. See more videos below to know how to do it.

How to connect Xbox 360 Slim console to wifi?

How to connect the Original Xbox 360 console to wifi with a wireless adapter?

How to establish a connection with wifi?

Use wi-fi on a game console

Using Wi-Fi on a crippled console depends on which console interpretation is being used – 360 E or 360 S. This is a coarse business of all gamers because they will find it a cinch to connect to the internet via wireless local area network. It good takes you a few minutes to finish the connection action. however, you need to make indisputable that there is a strong wireless local area network connection at home without interrupting your enjoyment. When using the newer command control panel of version X, the solid process is much simpler – fair click the Tutorial clitoris and select the Network settings item. If the network is not shown in it, then you need to press the X button on the stick and the list of networks will be updated. Compared to the above-mentioned method acting, association with wireless local area network is more easy and comfortable in accord with the state-of-the-art global as today. Besides, it seems to be more economical than other methods of connection in the by .

Wired Xbox 360 Internet Connection

This way is highly appreciated for convenience and adeptness. Internet cable television ; modem or gateway ; and network access via DSL or cable technology. If you have all of these, then you need to follow these steps systematically : The net cable is plugged in at one end of the turned-off router, and the other end is connected to the back panel of the turned-off console. We turn on the modem in the socket and wait until it enters working mode ( normally takes 5-10 seconds ), then we turn on the command panel .

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General information about Xbox 360

The console to become an entertaining device

Xbox 360 is the leading entertainment intersection in the Game market. Xbox is a intersection line that has farseeing been familiar to gamers since the first version was released in 2001 to compete with the dominance of the PS2 game market at that time.

But the destiny of the console table merely came when Microsoft released the latest adaptation, the Xbox 360 in 2005. The Xbox 360 was the opening product for the 7th generation of consoles in the gambling industry. Xbox 360 is home to Microsoft ’ south brightest services like Zune, Bing Voice Search, and of course Xbox Live. Over time, Xbox has transformed to become a home entertainment device for the entire syndicate members rather of equitable being used for gaming purposes and owned entirely by Gamers .


Xbox ’ randomness biggest transfer was the initiation of the Kinect. Kinect is a high-end motion-sensing device. This device records what you move and fully reproduces those actions in the virtual populace. Kinect is Microsoft ’ randomness solution to the problem of reaching non-gamer family members. For hard-core gamers, the Kinect is not actually a very important device, because the traditional control is more than enough and identical accurate for the tasks in the games on this system. But for kids, elders, and non-gaming members of the family, Kinect is sincerely a wonder. surely in each of us, there are times when we have to “ sandbag ” when using the Remote of television, air conditioner just because they have excessively many buttons ; furthermore, each Remote has a different serve that makes getting used to them a pain. Apple has realized a philosophy : physical buttons are the barrier that keeps electronic devices “ away ” from ordinary users. therefore, removing all the buttons will make the experience easy and suitable for everyone. What Kinect is showing is precisely what makes the iPhone and iPad explode in the market nowadays. ordinary users have been able to leave the traditional Console and enjoy fresh experiences that are more fun and easier than always .

Xbox Music

In addition, Xbox Music ( once Zune ) will besides be a must-have service for users who “ touch ” any Microsoft-branded device including Xbox, Windows Phone, and Windows 8. Xbox Music will allow for more thorough and slowly synchronism of content in these devices .

Project Smartglass

project Smartglass is a very important connect of Xbox, it allows users of other peripherals, careless of io, Android, or Windows 8/10 to take full advantage of the entertainment power of the device. television at home. Have you ever had a situation where you want to use the Internet or watch videos at home that can merely be used through a traditional personal computer or through Smartphone and Tablet devices, while the television with a large screen can not be exploited ? OK.

In other words, SmartGlass can turn Xbox 360 into an Apple television receiver, not entirely for Apple products but compatible with all other digital devices. With the combination of Internet Explorer, SmartGlass, and endless digital message in Xbox 360 ; Consumers will start to ask themselves : Why do we have to buy expensive Smart TVs with half the features of what Xbox 360 can do ?


Xbox 360 which has a impregnable connection with wireless local area network is truly commodious for all game ranges. It will be an essential item to give you a hand playing interesting games. In short, this one has satisfied a fortune of customers because of its ergonomic design arsenic well as fair price. share this post : on Twitter on Facebook on LinkedIn

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