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This is one of those things that ’ s so childlike, it ’ s about embarrassing that I didn ’ metric ton think of it beforehand. But take two seconds to figure it out, and it ’ s plenty authorize : ethernet is not constantly the best option for an internet association these days .
here ’ s the scenario : It was time to get started on our Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max review. My entertainment center is a bit of a rat ’ s nest of wires and dongles and sticks and boxes. There ’ mho a set going on in there because I ’ ve had to use every stream option there is over the years. So the simplest thing to do was unplug the 2018 Fire TV Stick 4K and punch in the Fire TV Stick 4K Max. No mess, no mother, and no mucking about with Wi-Fi at first because I placid had it plugged in to a powered Ethernet arranger. “ Ethernet is always well, ” said the spokesperson in my head. One of the voices, anyhow .
Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max
But not all Ethernet is created equal. sure, I ’ ve got a gigabit roughage joining running into an Eero Pro 6, with a gigabit switch in between. It ’ second fast. But the Amazon Ethernet adapter ? It ’ s what ’ s known as a 10/100 arranger. It either works at 10 Megabits per second gear or 100 Mbps. same goes for Google ’ s own adapters for Chromecast .
And then the front on my expression must have been a little funny story when I saw this new Fire television receiver Stick 4K Max entirely pulling about 90 Mbps in a accelerate quiz. That ’ mho slower than reasonably much every early device in the house. It ’ s undeserving of being connected to my network. It offended my family, and it offended the Shaolin Temple.

It besides makes perfect sense why ( in accession to pure price ) Amazon hasn ’ thyroxine included its Ethernet adapter with any of its Fire television devices. The dim-witted fact is that it ’ s slower. Once we got to Wi-Fi 4 ( once known as 802.11n ), the theoretical speed of the adapter was less than that of the wireless network. Something like 6 times less, actually .
That ’ s not to say the 90 Mbps I was getting is slow. It ’ second plenty fast enough to stream 4K television. It ’ s batch fast for the Amazon Luna cloud gaming service on the Fire TV Stick 4K Max. But it ’ s besides slower than the average U.S. broadband accelerate of 199 Mbps, as reported by Ookla for August 2021 .
The compass point is this : Unless you ’ re in some wyrd network situation in which you just have to be plugged in — and particularly if you have some reasonably late network gear and a good joining — it ’ s best to not bother with an Amazon Ethernet Adapter anymore. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate trouble oneself, or at least make indisputable you ’ rhenium not getting actually dense speeds.

Unless you fair like making yourself feel a short foolish and then writing about it on the internet .

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