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Transformers besides step improving or down the voltage, but they are more expensive than converters and are used with “ electronic ” products. electronic products have a chip or circuit. Transformers can besides be used with electric appliances and may be operated continually for many days. The advantage of converters, however, is that they are faint and less expensive .
Computers are electronic devices and consequently they must be used with a transformer, unless they are double electric potential. fortunately, nowadays all laptop, tablet and call chargers are double electric potential, so they can be used with entirely a travel adapter .
Transformers are sold in diverse sizes based on how much electrical power they can support. Therefore you must pay careful attention to the electrical power ratings of the appliances to be plugged into a transformer. The electrical power evaluation of the transformer should constantly be larger than the electrical power rate of the appliance to be plugged into it ( plus a 25 % buffer to allow for inflame build-up in the transformer or converter ). When plugging multiple items into a power strip, then into the transformer, you have to calculate the combined electrical power of all appliances and the world power strip, then add an extra 25 % to that total .
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The appliance’s voltage and wattage requirements are listed on the manufacturer’s label located on the back or at the bottom of the appliance. In some cases, the voltage and amperage will be listed, but not the wattage. If this is the case, simply multiply the voltage by the amperage rating to find the wattage rating (e.g. 230 V * 2 A = 460 W).
The appliance ’ randomness electric potential and electrical power requirements are listed on the manufacturer ’ s label located on the back or at the bottom of the appliance. In some cases, the electric potential and amperage will be listed, but not the electrical power. If this is the case, simply multiply the voltage by the amperage military rank to find the electrical power rate ( e.g. 230 V * 2 A = 460 W ). Below is a list that gives an idea what the electrical power of coarse appliances is. Use this as a steer only. Always check your appliance beginning !

  • 100 watts (or less): small, low-wattage appliances such as small fans, printers and desktop computers.
  • 300 watts: most TVs, electric blankets and refrigerators.
  • 500 watts: blenders, projectors and home cinema systems.
  • 1000 watts: small heaters and stand mixers.
  • 1600 – 2000 watts: hair dryers, dishwashers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, most appliances that have heating elements such as convector heaters, toasters, deep-frying pans, irons, grills and coffee makers.
  • 3000 watts: tumble dryers and big air conditioners.

Transformers and converters entirely convert the voltage, not the frequency. The deviation in cycles may cause the centrifugal in a 50 Hz appliance to operate slenderly faster when used on 60 Hz electricity. This cycle dispute will cause electric clocks and timing circuits to keep incorrect time : european alarm clocks will run fast on 60 Hz electricity and american clocks will lose some 10 minutes every hour when used in Europe. however, most modern electronic equipment like telephone chargers, laptops, printers, etc. are normally not affected by the difference in cycles and adjust themselves mechanically .

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