How can I connect a modern USB keyboard to a system requiring PS/2?

The unretentive version of this answer boils down to something reasonably bare and easy :

Cheap, easy : try more different keyboards with your passive PS/2↔USB personal identification number adapter
not cheap, still easy : buy a truly expensive, dainty keyboard that besides works over PS/2 and take it as an excuse to get yourself a nice keyboard for daily calculate !

The passive voice PS/2↔USB peg adapters not working may be merely a factor of your choice of USB keyboard to be converted being besides new .
If you have that many more USB keyboards stashed away, it might be deserving trying the adapter on several different keyboards based on a few keystone factors .
I ‘ll try and communicate what I ‘ve noticed about this thrust as best I can. These are n’t hard and firm rules for finding a PS/2 adaptable keyboard, vitamin a much as a unretentive kernel of guidelines that can hopefully point you at a compatible keyboard in your plain parts down .
In the below image, take notice of the style of both the meta/ ” Windows ” key – a apartment modern icon of Microsoft ‘s recent motifs, and the OEM Dell branding – indicating this keyboard probably came bundled as separate of background system. Both of these points would suggest this keyboard is probably besides modern to utilize a multi-mode control IC. Lacking a multi-mode control IC, this keyboard would be incapable of detecting when it was plugged in to a PS/2 larboard with a passive voice trap adapter and would lack the home logic circuitry to enable to function as anything but a USB keyboard .

It besides features an thematically darkened aesthetic common to a newer era of consumer calculator hardware – credibly the loudest indicator of a keyboard ‘s historic period outside of chiclet keycaps .
Supposing you have enough old USB keyboards around, finding one that ‘s closer to the earned run average of when PS/2 devices were hush popular may allow the function of one of these passive adapters .
In the prototype below, it can be seen that this keyboard features an older styling overall. The picture on the “ Windows key ” hails from the increasingly aloof era of Microsoft ‘s Windows Vista design motifs – an o at it ‘s prime in a time when PS/2 hardware was still in style. The OEM Logitech indicates this keyboard is more generic than the Dell ( or HP, Acer, etc … ), and was credibly purchased discretely for use with any given background system of the time. This keyboard besides features a thematically lighter aesthetic that comes from a signally disused era of computing. These points do n’t add up to guarantee a crisscross compatible keyboard, but are positive indicators in that focus. This is a keyboard more probable to have a multi-mode accountant IC which would function with the typical passive PS/2↔USB pin arranger .

The second linked image could well be a better exercise, but inactive illustrates the point .
If you absolutely need a different but specifically PS/2 keyboard at the end of the day, thoroughly ‘ol ebay tends to be an satisfactory place to check. In between all the random and ill priced stuff one can sometimes find some good deals. Please note, the above liaison is not in any way an endorsement of the listing or seller ( and indeed I expect it to be well expired by the time this question is in google results for anything ), but a mere example of the indicate .
It may besides bear worth reframing of the problem as an opportunity to buy a dainty heave spring Model M keyboard – they came in PS/2 natively back in the day, and are within the approximate range of $ 100-200AUD depending on assorted factors. If my understand serves me, unicomp and red may besides have some PS/2 compatible keyboards available which are by and large well regard. I would besides not be surprised to learn of any advanced “ gambling ” oriented keyboards on the marketplace that have snuck a PS/2-compatible mode into their control IC for habit with the passive adapters, but that ‘s far more web research than fits the oscilloscope of this answer .

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