[Update: iOS 15 support] Review: This adapter turns standard CarPlay into Wireless CarPlay, and somehow it actually works

A few years ago I purchased two new Hondas. My civic came with Apple CarPlay, but the HR-V had a basic entertainment system so I upgraded its system with an Alpine whole with Wireless CarPlay. I truly wanted Wireless CarPlay, but replacing my entertainment system was besides disruptive .
immediately there ’ s a solution for turning standard CarPlay into Wireless CarPlay, at least for some models, and it actually works !

[ Updated September 20, 2021 : One of the risks with an unofficial solution to turning wired CarPlay into radio receiver CarPlay is that any update to the iPhone software could break compatibility at any time. fortunately, io 15 continues to fully support this route for turning standard CarPlay into Wireless CarPlay. This includes wide support for fresh features including Announce Messages with Siri, Driving Focus, and using the new wallpaper options. ]

[ Update May 15, 2021 : There are fresh versions of the hardware we tested ! We ’ ll have to try it out soon. In the meanwhile, one of the main concerns about this adapter for me wasn ’ thymine if the adapter would hold up over meter. alternatively I was worried that the future major interpretation of io might break something about how the arranger works. fortunately that hasn ’ thymine been the case through all of iOS 14 with the iPhone 12. We ’ ll continue tracking support with io 15 around the corner. ] [ Update May 4, 2020 : A firmware update has resolved the media volume issue ! The firmware update process is elementary enough : scan a QR code on the manual of arms, launch a web site while paired to the adapter, then check for fresh firmware. Bonus points for including the media book fix in the publish notes ! ]


There are a handful of adapters that claim to turn CarPlay into Wireless CarPlay for around $ 100. compatibility with specific cable car makes and models is the catchy part though. My first order for a Wireless CarPlay arranger was canceled by the seller last class due to concerns with compatibility. My buddy Jake Pugh had a positive experience with an adapter he tried in his 2016 Chevy Volt, however, so I recently took another shoot at trying one myself .
I used a CarLink 2.0 arranger for my 2017 Honda Civic. My expectations were very low. I didn ’ thymine expect it to work, but it was worth the monetary value to experiment. Turns out the product is about perfect !

Easy installation

Setting up the adapter is no harder than pairing with Wireless CarPlay. Connect the arranger to your car ’ s USB port that powers wired CarPlay, then pair your iPhone to the adapter over Bluetooth from the Settings app .

I tried the arranger when it arrived good to check if it paired. I had a total surprise-and-delight here and now a few days belated. I took a short drive across town with my iPhone in my pocket without thinking about the adapter, and CarPlay merely appeared on my screen mechanically .

Expect some latency

perfect ! Well, about. From my experience driving with standard and Wireless CarPlay, I know to expect rotational latency when using steering wheel controls to skip tracks. The important thing is that steering wheel controls for book, traverse hop, and voice input actually function .

Latency aside, there are two early issues I ’ ve experienced using the arranger. The first is worth the tradeoff .
Standard CarPlay in my car doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate display boxes around on-screen content like cars with physical controls for selecting subject without affect input signal. Wireless CarPlay using the arranger does show these boxes around buttons, however, but I don ’ thymine mind.

Wired CarPlay versus Wireless CarPlay using the arranger
The other issue is one that is undoubtedly related to using an unofficial arranger for Wireless CarPlay .

Nav book bug (Fixed!)

Standard CarPlay has two types of book levels : navigation volume and everything else. If I change my entertainment organization volume while navigation is speaking, the nav bulk adjusts from a scale of 0 to 11. If navigation international relations and security network ’ thymine speak, my car has a volume scale for everything else that ranges from 0 to 40. Navigation besides plays over other audio so you can hear your adjacent turn even if you ’ re play music .
Standard CarPlay takes over if you connect a Lightning cable
The problem when using Wireless CarPlay with the arranger is this : music and podcasts can get stuck at the reduce volume after a nav alert. Trying to turn up the music ( on a 0 to 40 plate ) merely prompts nav bulk ( 0 to 11 ) to change. The fix is disconnecting and reconnecting the physical adapter, but it finally happens again .
Navigation is a major separate of using CarPlay on long trips, but it ’ sulfur less authoritative for shorter drives around town for me. Wireless CarPlay is just arrant for shortstop drives where no charge is necessary .


The top is that the arranger receives firmware updates ! There may actually be one already available, but I didn ’ t have the patience to run it during setup. I ’ ll update the while if it resolves either topic .
In the meanwhile, I ’ thousand incredibly happy with the CarLink 2.0 adapter. I highly recommend trying this adapter or one alike if you already have CarPlay but wish it was wireless .
The price can be much more low-cost than buying an aftermarket Wireless CarPlay head unit and paying for installation. The adapter presently ships for $ 110.99 with a coupon code from Amazon .

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