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“ I want to restore edit Zoom cloud recordings, where do I find them ? ”
Some Zoom users seem not promptly clear about where to find their Zoom recordings and how to recover delete Zoom meeting videos on their own .
And if you have the lapp problems, we are here to help.

Where Does Zoom Save Recordings

Zoom is an on-line app that enables users to run conferences and meetings online. Users can choose to record meetings, collaborate on projects and even contribution screens using this application .
But some beginners may have trouble finding them. here is the location where is the Zoom record saved :

  • Location of Zoom Cloud Recording:  Log in Zoom > Recordings > Cloud Recordings.
  • Location of Zoom Recording on Computer: C:\Users\PC\Documents\Zoom or C:\Users\PC\AppData\Roaming\Zoom\

When finding the Zoom recordings, you rewatch a Zoom meet .

Zoom Video Recovery: 3 Ways to Recover a Deleted zoom Recording

however, when you lost or deleted the Zoom recordings, you ‘ll have to recover them first. This is why we are here .
In this character, you ‘ll get three hardheaded solutions provided by Zoom patronize and EaseUS software for Zoom video recovery :

Editor’s Suggestion:
First, confirm where did you save the Zoom Recording.
Next, go and follow the right method to recover your deleted Zoom meeting videos.
Method 2 and 3 are both for Zoom video recovery on a local computer. If Method 2 fails, Method 3 will complete the task.

Method 1. Zoom Video Recovery from Zoom Cloud

Prerequisites: only for the licensed drug user with Cloud Recording enabled, files deleted from Cloud Recording Trash are permanently deleted and ca n’t be recovered .
note that Zoom will recycle delete recordings in Trash for 30 days. If you ‘ve deleted the read for more than 30 days, it ‘s permanently lost. You can try to check if you have another adaptation in the local calculator drive .
hera are the steps to recover edit Zoom Cloud recordings :
Step 1. Log into Zoom and go to Recording .
Step 2. Go to Cloud Recording, and click “ Trash ( number ) ” .
Open Trash in Zoom Cloud.
Step 3. Select the erase read, and click “ Recover ” .
Select Zoom recording to recover
Step 4. Click “ Recover ” to confirm the recovery .
Confirm to recover Zoom cloud recordings.
After this, you can check and watch the Zoom video recording in the recording list again .

Method 2. How to Recover Zoom Recordings in Zoom App

Prerequisites: merely for deleted recordings in 30 days, files deleted from Trash are permanently lost and can not be recovered .
note that the Zoom app besides has a Trash which only saves deleted recordings up to one workweek after deletion. If you deleted a meet or webinar for more than 30 days, try Method 3 to search and find them on a local harrow .
here are the steps to recover erase Zoom meetings :
Step 1. Log in Zoom, click “ Meetings ” or “ Webinar ” .
Step 2. Click “ recently Deleted ” and find the erase items .
Open recently deleted recordings in Zoom.
Step 3. Select desired detail and click “ Recover ” .
Find and recover Zoom meetings.
After this, you can go back to the Meetings or Webinar section, check the recover Zoom meetings .

Method 3. Recover Zoom Meeting from Local Drive

Prerequisites: For erase Zoom meetings on a local drive, videos that were deleted in 7 days or 30 days are all recoverable. permanently erase meetings are besides recoverable on a local anesthetic disk .
note that if you ca n’t find the delete Zoom record in Zoom Trash or the files were deleted for more than 7 days, you can try this method .
dependable file recovery software – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard with its Quick Scan and Deep Scan modes enables you to find all edit files in only a few clicks.

Download for Win Recovery Rate 99.7 %Download for Mac Trustpilot Rating 4.4 #1. Confirm Location of Zoom Recordings on Local Drive
first, please check the location where you saved the Zoom meetings on a local drive. Basically, it ‘s saved in the default location :

  • C:\Users\PC\Documents\Zoom
  • C:\Users\PC\AppData\Roaming\Zoom\

If you saved Zoom recordings on another driveway, find the location first .
#2. Scan and Recover Zoom Meetings from Computer with EaseUS Software
Step 1. Run EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and select the location or device where you lost/deleted videos. Click “ Scan ” to find the missing video .
select a location and click scan Step 2. After the scan, choose “ Videos ” in the left jury. Go to “ Lost ” or “ All ” to find the cherished video recording. Select the establish video and snap “ Preview ” .
scan for deleted videos and click Preview Step 3. Select the video files that you want to restore. Click “ Recover ” to save them to another plug location on your personal computer or external memory device .
Restore lost or deleted videos

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here, we besides included 3 hot questions that you may besides concern in. Check and find the answers here .
1. Can you rewatch a Zoom meeting?
When you recorded a converge on Zoom, you can playback the video recording to rewatch a Zoom meet :

  • Log in Zoom, click “My Recordings”.
  • Click the thumbnail of the video.
  • On a new browser tab, you can playback and rewatch the recording.

2. Does Zoom recording expire?
Zoom normally saves the record for 7 days and it will mechanically delete the recording to Trash .
And the Trash will hold erase items for up to 30 days. Once the deletion expires 30 days, it ‘s permanently lost .
3. How to record a Zoom meeting?

  • Start Zoom, click “Record”.
  • Select “Record on this Computer”.
  • Wait for the participants to join in.
  • When the meeting ends, Zoom will automatically convert the recordings for you to access.

If you prefer Zoom option software, you may follow the connection : acme 10 Zoom Meeting Recording Software for help .

Conclusion: Deleted Zoom Meeting/Recording Are Recoverable, Follow to Restore Now

note that, most rapid climb meetings and recordings that were deleted on Zoom mottle or local drive are all recoverable .
On this page, we collected 3 ways for Zoom video recording recovery :

  1. 1. From Zoom Cloud Trash
  2. 2. From Zoom Trash
  3. 3. From Zoom Local Disk

Editor’s Pick: american samoa long as you are not a Cloud exploiter, Method 2 and Method 3 are more countable. besides, Method 3 with EaseUS file convalescence software will be the easiest way out .
Download for Win Recovery Rate 99.7 %

Download for Mac Trustpilot Rating 4.4 Remember:  a long as you take immediate actions, you ‘ll bring all Zoom meetings back on your own .

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