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Adaptive Cruise Control

adaptive cruise manipulate is an intelligent model that automatically speeds up or slows down your cable car to match the car ‘s amphetamine in front man of you. The driver sets the vehicle ‘s maximal speed, and the radar detector then monitors the vehicles in dealings ahead of you. It then locks onto the car in front man of you and directs your fomite to stay a few seconds behind it. Most adaptive cruise command models pair with a pre-crash system that will alert you and initiate brake. You can browse our new inventory at Maple Acura and schedule a trial drive to explore and experience this fantastic have .

How to Use Adaptive Cruise Control

The adaptive cruise operate is an Acura driver assist feature of the progress Acurawatch that makes driving so much easier. here is a simpleton steer on how to use the adaptive cruise control sport .

  • Activate the adaptive cruise control
  • Set desired cruise speed with one or four following intervals using the buttons on the dashboard
  • You can also set a short, medium, or long following distance together with or instead of a time interval
  • The vehicle will maintain the speed set unless it detects traffic slowing down, in which case the car will slow down and continue the following interval set
  • When traffic resumes, press the accelerator pedal or touch the resume button, and the car will maintain your following interval

How to Set Speed and Time Intervals

  • Adaptive cruise control has a variation of time intervals that allow your car to follow the one in front of you with ease
  • Adaptive cruise control increases the time interval when the distance between your car and the one in front of you is short.
  • If traffic is fast, then adaptive cruise control reduces the time interval to help you keep up with the locked-on car
  • Short time intervals need to be monitored closely by the driver to react in a time of sudden change in traffic occurs
  • Depending on the traffic speed ahead, the adaptive cruise control will adjust time intervals and speed to match it
  • Middle time intervals apply to average traffic situations that are neither too fast nor too slow
  • Long and extra long-time intervals apply when traffic is prolonged or is at a standstill

How to Use Low-Speed Follow

adaptive cruise control models have a low-speed follow feature that allows you to set your choose rush while maintaining the preset interval based on the car detected ahead of you. Tips to follow when a vehicle is detected in front man of you for optimum drive :

  • Initiate adaptive cruise control when driving on the highway
  • Set a time interval considering the distance between your car and the one identified ahead
  • Lower or raise the speed using the controls on the steering wheel. The Multi-Information Display will show your speed throughout the ride for convenience and efficiency
  • When you slow down below your set speed, the adaptive speed control will maintain the preset time interval from the car ahead and make necessary changes: including braking and stopping entirely
  • Once your vehicle has stopped, press the throttle, set, or resume buttons to go back to your desired interval
  • If the car in front of you exits the lane, adaptive cruise control will proceed at the speed you had set

Acura Models with Adaptive Cruise Control feature

adaptive cruise control is a standard feature on all Acura models. It is an Acura condom have that ensures your safety and that of your car regardless of the traffic situation.

The adaptive cruise dominance with low-speed watch on Acura TLX, MDX, and RDX models function below 25 km/hr and can mechanically stop your car when it detects that traffic has stopped ahead. The best separate about adaptive cruise see is that all the see buttons are mounted on the steering sol you can keep your eyes on the road at all times. Acura RLX comes with adaptive cruise operate that has a Traffic Jam Assist feature of speech. This feature enables your cable car to mechanically keep its lane at low amphetamine when driving below 90 miles per hour. If the vehicle in front of you stops, yours does the same. Workload significantly is reduced with this newly addition .

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