Nintendo Switch Box Contents

People have been gearing up for the Nintendo Switch for quite some time, and the console table is about here ! As people await the arrival of the system, it ’ mho helpful to know what ’ randomness included in the box in case you want to pick up a few extras alongside the Nintendo Switch. We ’ ve got you covered with a list of precisely what comes packaged with the Nintendo Switch. You ’ ll know every detail of the Nintendo Switch box contents and so you know if you need to pick up anything else along with what ’ south included in the Nintendo Switch promotion. nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch Package Contents

  • Nintendo Switch Console
  • Nintendo Switch Dock
  • Joy-Con (L) and Joy-Con (R)
  • Joy-Con Straps (2)
  • Joy-Con Grip
  • Nintendo Branded High Speed HDMI Cable (3 foot)
  • Nintendo Switch USB-C AC Adapter

Nintendo Switch Console

As you might expect, the Nintendo Switch comes packaged with the tablet part of the console. It may be shocking to few, but we thought it should at least be mentioned.

Nintendo Switch Dock

The pier is how you connect the tablet dowry of the system to a television receiver or monitor. Simply slide the tablet into the dock and connect the pier via the admit HDMI cable. If you have a game running on the hand-held, it will automatically switch over to your television or monitor immediately.

Joy-Con (L) and Joy-Con (R)

There are two versions of the Nintendo Switch box. One comes with two grey Joy-Con controllers, while the other comes with one neon blue ( left ) and one neon crimson ( right ) Joy-Con. Either manner you will have one Joy-Con that connects to the correct english of the pad or Grip and one that connects to the leave side.

Joy-Con Straps (2)

There are two straps that come with the Nintendo Switch that allow you to attach each Joy-Con control to your wrist. This is chiefly to prevent the Joy-Cons from flying into your television receiver if you ’ ra playing a game with motion controls. however, the Joy-Cons fit snuggly to the Switch tablet, so it wouldn ’ thyroxine be out of the question to carry the Switch via one of the Joy-Con straps. not the best way to carry around your switch, but it can work if you need your hands free in a bind.

Joy-Con Grip

not to be confused with the Charging Grip, the Joy-Con Grip that comes with the Nintendo Switch does not charge your Joy-Cons in any way. The only way to charge them out of the box is by connecting them to the tablet when it ’ south load or docked. This Joy-Con Grip merely serves as a different control configuration so you can game in a more comfortable manner.

Nintendo Branded High Speed HDMI Cable

This three foundation HDMI cable television allows you to connect the Nintendo Switch Dock to a television, admonisher or early display device. It ’ s not a very long cable, so gain note of that if you plan to place the dock far away from your television. By this point in clock most people credibly already have a longer HDMI cable they can use, but if not, any standard HDMI cable will suffice.

Nintendo Switch USB-C AC Adapter

At award there aren ’ t a draw of electronics that use USB Type C. however, that will be changing in the very cheeseparing future as many electronics manufacturers are switching over to the new standard. The Nintendo Switch uses USB-C to charge, but only comes with a single AC adapter. If you want to leave your dock plugged in and take the cabinet on the rifle, you may need to buy a second USB-C charger if you don ’ thymine already have one. Take a attend at some recommended accessories you should pick up when you buy the system, a good as several other helpful articles in our Nintendo Switch console hub !

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