Marvel Confirms Black Widow Functionally Has Super-Speed

Warning: contains spoilers for Captain America Annual #1!
Black Widow famously has no particular powers digression from her acuate intuition and trail as a descry, but Marvel has all but confirmed that Natasha Romanoff has a new superhuman ability : accelerate. In pursuing a foe with the ability to stop or slow time, Black Widow can not entirely catch up to him but stop him in his tracks altogether .
After sol many years devoted to Black Widow ‘s expansive exploits, it is unmanageable to remember that she was once a villain. Debuting in Tales of Suspense # 52 in 1964, Natalia Alianovna Romanova was – at the time – another soviet villain in american comics, destined to fail against her capitalist enemies ( namely, Iron Man ). She finally became a hero in the comics, flush joining the Avengers and early superhero teams. For most of her amusing history, her past was a mystery – all that was known was that she was trained as an elite spy and, if necessity, assassin by the USSR ‘s shady Black Widow Program. In many ways, her awful coach in the ill-famed Red Room silent haunts her .

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In Captain America Annual # 1, by Gerry Duggan, Marco Castiello, and Ruth Redmond, Black Widow joins Captain America in the hunt for Hector Bautista, aka Overtime. On the run after escaping end quarrel, Overtime has since been chosen by the Time Stone as one of the six Infinity People to bear the Time Stone. Since he holds some of the Time Stone ‘s might, he besides holds some control over decelerate and even stop time ( at least from an outside observer ). When watch, Overtime uses his ability to make a quick pickup … only to come face-to-face with Natasha .

“ She ‘s fast, ” observes Overtime – which is quite a brilliant exaggeration, considering Black Widow basically surprised a man who can slow time to a deadlock. Black Widow may appear to be an average human, but she actually does have some low-level superhuman abilities ; the USSR gave Natasha their own translation of the Super-Soldier Serum, which gave her flower homo abilities. frankincense she may have superhuman speed, military capability, and agility, but moving at speeds equal to the Flash is a new ability for her. Except it ‘s not : in Heroes Reborn : Siege Society # 1, Black Widow is shown reacting faster than Blur, Marvel ‘s pastiche of the Flash .

This exit, along with Heroes Reborn : Siege Society # 1, raises two possibilities. Either Black Widow does indeed have super-speed abilities that rival a time-stopper, or ( more likely ) her ability to predict her opponents ‘ movements are so acute, they can outfox tied a speedster. Twice in recent comics history, she ‘s been able to get the drop on characters a great deal faster than her : proof of Black Widow’s ranking train in the Red Room, skill, and ultimately determination .
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