Chromecast Ultra is dead, long live Chromecast Ultra (and this new Ethernet dongle)

Google ’ s fresh $ 50 “ Chromecast with Google television receiver ” has supplanted the Chromecast Ultra in practically every direction — so you credibly won ’ triiodothyronine be surprised to hear Google is getting rid of its original 4K stream device. The Chromecast Ultra is immediately out of livestock at every major US retailer, including the Google Store, where its product page redirects to the raw Chromecast .
It ’ sulfur not formally “ discontinued, ” take care you : Google says it will still be available at “ blue-ribbon retailers, ” even though we ’ ra seeing no broth at Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, The Home Depot, Staples, and so forth, and even though B & H Photo actually lists it as “ discontinued ” right now .
But there is even one way to buy one — because when Google announced its 2020 Chromecast, the modern intersection apparently left a couple of gaping holes .
As we reported earlier today, the new Chromecast won ’ thymine hold Google ’ s Stadia defile gaming serve until erstwhile in the beginning one-half of adjacent year. What are those buyers to do ? They can placid purchase the $ 99.99 Stadia Premiere Edition, which Google confirms will still come with a Chromecast Ultra alongside its Stadia control.

chromecast power ethernet adapter

For some households ( and for the best performance with Stadia ), the fact that the new Chromecast doesn ’ t come with an Ethernet arranger like the Chromecast Ultra might besides seem like an oversight, but Google has an answer for them excessively : it quietly launched a $ 20 Ethernet plus power adapter for the new Chromecast nowadays.

At $ 50 for the Chromecast and $ 20 for the fresh adapter, you ’ five hundred be paying the same $ 70 you would for the Ultra previously. Like the Chromecast Ultra adapter, it tops out at a 100Mbps wire connection, but neither Stadia nor today ’ south streaming video services need more. ( You may besides be able to use a USB-C to Ethernet hub for your new Chromecast ; we found at least one that worked. )

It ’ second not like Stadia buyers would want a Chromecast Ultra without a Stadia restrainer anyhow. The original Ultra didn ’ thyroxine have Bluetooth, and Google ’ s proprietary Wi-Fi based restrainer is the entirely way to connect. That ’ s not a problem with the new Chromecast, as we discovered when we played some sideloaded Stadia with an Xbox gamepad .
9to5Google reports the $ 30 2018 Chromecast will stick around alongside the new $ 50 one, by the way. You won ’ thymine get a bundle distant control or 4K streaming with that one, though, merely 1080p subject you sling from your earphone .
Update, 5:13 PM ET: Added that the newly Ethernet adapter is of the 10/100Mbps diverseness, merely like the master Chromecast Ultra ’ s bundled one .

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