How To Use Headphones With iPhone 11

It ‘s strange to think about, but corded headphones are becoming a retro accessory. Well possibly to some people. But if you have a newer call and want to know how to still use headphones with iPhone 11, you ‘re in fortune because it ‘s pretty simple even though newer iPhone models are missing a earphone jack. The iPhone 11, which came out in 2019, comes in three different models and multiple colors. There ‘s the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and slenderly larger sized iPhone 11 Pro Max. These phones boast an improved camera quality, extended battery animation, and have a gorgeous retina expose compared to previous models. But they do n’t have a traditional earphone jacklight. So hera ‘s what you need to know .

EarPods (Apple’s Headphones) Are Not Included

As of October 2020, new iPhones do not include a pair of complemental EarPods, including all three models of the iPhone 11. The merely thing included in the box with your iPhone 11 is a USB-C to lightning cable and the iPhone itself, according to Apple. This is share of Apple ’ s efforts to reach their new environmental goals and reduce waste. “ Customers already have over 700 million lightning headphones, ” Apple executive Lisa Jackson announced during the introduction of the iPhone 12 in October 2020. “ And many customers have moved to a wireless experience, with AirPods, Beats, or early wireless headphones. ”

anterior to October 2020, iPhone 11 models were sold with a match of EarPods with the lightning connection. These EarPods punch in to the same horizontal quad located on the bottom of the telephone where the iPhone charger plugs in. All you have to do is just ballyhoo in the headphones, play the audio of your choice, and enjoy. You can see everything that was included in the original iPhone 11 box when it was released in 2019 in this unbox video recording .

No Headphone Jack? Here’s What To Do

The once-complimentary EarPods do have a cord, which means that corded headphones are n’t completely forgotten. You can still purchase lightning compatible headphones on Amazon for around $ 20. But those who want to use a match of headphones with an aux cord ( alternatively of the lightning cable ) will have to purchase a divide adapter, or dongle, to use with the phone. With previous iPhone models, a dongle was included in the box, according to the Verge, but now you have to purchase a offprint lightning to headphone jack adapter.

Loyal iPhone users are probably used to some big changes. Apple ditched the traditional earphone jack in 2016 when the iPhone 7 was introduced into the universe, according to Fast Company. Since then, users have had to use EarPods with a lightning cable, traditional corded headphones with the dongle, or Bluetooth headphones. Although it has been many years ( and there have been many iPhone models ) since then, some people inactive get nostalgic for the traditional aux cord .

So Why Isn’t There A Headphone Jack Anymore?

Apple reportedly removed the earphone jack because it found that consumers had been purchasing pairs of wireless headphones and the earphone jack, unfortunately, was “ an outdated engineering, ” according to Fortune — even if people still loved it. While Apple might have found the earphone jacklight to be outdated, some iPhone users out there have n’t wholly converted to using Bluetooth headphones, and you ca n’t blame them. Some people prefer the cord or do n’t have the budget to purchase a brand new pair of headphones.

On the other hand, some might be all right purchasing a pair of AirPods, which are Apple ‘s rechargeable wireless headphones. AirPods start at $ 159, connect to your earphone mechanically, are compatible with Siri, and allow users to charge their phone while listening to music at the lapp time. But AirPods are n’t your accelerate, there are early wireless headphones out there. sure, the earphone jack or free headphones may never come back to the iPhone. But fortunately, there are ways for people with corded earbuds to adapt to this major switch. This article was originally published on Sep. 28, 2019

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