Does the MacBook Air Have a USB Port?

Apple is ill-famed for removing the ports from its devices, so does the MacBook Air still have a USB port ? The technology of old was so simpleton. You knew that you ’ d probably have a earphone jack for your smartphone and that your calculator would likely have USB ports .
now, however, you ’ ll find a mix of anything and everything. This is particularly true with the MacBook Air and makes doing pre-purchasing research even more critical .
If you ’ ra concerned in finding out about MacBook Air ports, and which models have which ports, you ’ ve come to the good place.

Which MacBooks Only Have USB-C Ports?

Photo of external drives connected to a Macbook
MacBook Air models from 2018 and belated come with USB-C ports. The lapp is true for MacBook Pro models that Apple introduced from 2016 onwards, and all Apple laptops full-stop from 2018 to the present day—regardless of their model .
A choice of iMac devices besides use this method for connecting USB cables with their computers .
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For a complete list of the devices that support USB-C and standard USB ports, head over to this article on the Apple Support web site .

How to Use a USB on MacBooks With USB-C Ports

To use a regular USB with MacBook Air USB-C ports, you ’ ll need to use an adapter. The lapp is on-key for MacBook Pro ports .
once you have an arranger, you can plug the USB-C side into the calculator port matching it. interim, the other end of the adapter should have a traditional USB port for you to connect other devices to .
Using a USB-C port on a MacBook is very alike to the older USB versions that you ’ ve likely become accustomed to. The only dispute is that there is now a center homo with the adapter .
MAKEUSEOF VIDEO OF THE DAY When buying an arranger, it ’ s a good theme to buy either the official Apple version or one that is Apple-certified. While these are more expensive upfront, you ’ ll besides credibly get more use out of them as they final long. Plus, you ’ ll save money in the long run—since you won ’ metric ton constantly need to replace them .
If all of these different Apple technical school terms are confusing you, fear not ; we ’ ve got you covered ! Check out our guide to Apple ’ sulfur Adapters and ports for Mac and iPhone .

Does Any MacBook Air Have a USB Port?

Photo showing the side of a MacBook
Yes—despite Apple changing the ports for its newer computers ( as it has done with its iPhones ), you can still get some officiate MacBooks with a traditional USB port .
If you buy a 2017 MacBook Air, you ’ ll have access to a traditional USB port—also known as a USB-A or USB 3 port. The lapp is true for some of the older MacBook Pro models .
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Keep in judgment, though, that Apple lento phases out new software updates for its older computers. only MacBooks from 2016 onwards will get macOS Monterey in 2021 ; ditto for MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros from early 2015 and forth .
Having the latest macOS software is essential for performance optimization and keeping malware at bay. indeed, it would help if you kept this in mind when choosing a device .

Research Your MacBooks If You Want a USB Port

Apple ’ s computers have advanced importantly in recent years, specially when it comes to the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. At the same time, though, the USB-A port is still relevant. As such, you must know how your calculator can support external devices with this kind of connection .
If you ’ re not ready to buy an arranger and would rather use a MacBook Air with an older USB port, you ’ ve got plenty of options on the secondhand grocery store. Some devices will soon stop getting software updates, though, indeed form surely you bear that in mind .

MacBook with Samsung external storage drive on top of it.
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