Why no Included Adapters with new Macbook Pro?

The new ( “ late 2016 ” ) Apple MacBook Pro touchbar models have four Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports ( 2 ports for the 13 ” non-touchbar model ). These ports are incompatible with USB and Thunderbolt 2 and displays without adapters, rendering any and all prior peripherals unserviceable without the necessary adapters ( USB heavily drives, Thunderbolt 2 devices, displays, batting order readers, etc ) .
Prior MacBook Pro models included adapters, but never has such a dangerous incompatibility switchover happened as with the 2016 MacBook Pro. And yet we get zero adapters in the box .
Is it excessively much to ask that a $ 2399 to $ 4400 laptop ( 15 ” model ) include a few common arranger cables, given the incompatible-with-everything ports ?
This is as stripped-down as it gets. Apple could generate a lot of grace by including adapters for USB and Thunderbolt 2/Mini DisplayPort in the box. It doesn ’ t take a ace to figure that out. But WAIT, it’s even more ‘cheap’ : Apple has removed the extension cable television for the might arranger ( now an extra $ 19.99 ) and flush removed the little “ wings ’ on the power brick ( commodious for travel ).

But I probably have it all ill-timed : the genius Apple alludes to is in part raise profit margins by charging for basics, knowing that anyone upgrading *must* get down at least a copulate of adapters ( if for nothing else than a USB backup drive or calling card lector or existing wire keyboard or sneak, etc ) .
Compatibility Hardware for New Apple MacBook Pro ( USB, Thunderbolt, Camera Card Readers, etc ) .
As it stands, there is a hidden extra cost of $ 200 or more if you ’ re like me and want to attach a USB3 SSD, USB3 card lector, Thunderbolt device, external display, etc. That ’ s about a 5 % to 7 % obscure cost increase. OWC has USB-C to USB adapter cables for about $ 9.99 so at least there is a broken cost choice for that common function lawsuit. Which brings the point to it : why isn ’ thymine there at least one keepsake USB-C to USB adapter in the Apple box ?

Apple’s Phil Schiller:

To be fair it has been a spot of a surprise to me. But then, it shouldn ’ triiodothyronine be. I have never seen a big newfangled Apple intersection that didn ’ t have its contribution of early criticism and debate — and that ’ s cool. We took a bold risk, and of course with every tone forth there is besides some change to deal with. Our customers are so passionate, which is amazing .
We care about what they love and what they are worry about. And it ‘s our job to help people through these changes. We know we made good decisions about what to build into the new MacBook Pro and that the result is the best notebook always made, but it might not be right for everyone on day one. That ’ south o, some people felt that way about the first iMac and that turned out pretty commodity.

presumably “ assistant people through these changes ” means helping lighten wallets by charging high prices for for all the adapters they will need, on top of the price of the MacBook Pro itself. How supportive .
As for elegance, the idea that I must now carry ( at the least ) a identical awkward ( sticks out a copulate of inches ) external SD batting order reader is far from elegant. elegance of blueprint cannot be taken only in the context of a studio shoot of a streamlined detail detached of all the encumbrances actually required to use it appropriately. By the way, how does Phil Schiller “ know ” they made good decisions ? Because Jony Ive told him so ?
But to be carnival, there are many outstanding aspects to the design of the 2016 MacBook Pro. indeed, it is the best Apple laptop even. But only person whose think processes intentionly or incometently exclude custom considerations can have the hubris to call it a work of genius. It is not. When critical things like an SD card reader and a built-in cellular modem are omitted, there is no television compatibility or compatibility for anything without adapters, and excessively few ports, I don ’ thymine call that elegant in the proper context of a professional car used by photographers, videographers and other professionals. This is not a electronic mail and web computer ; a MacBook is army for the liberation of rwanda smaller and lighter and does just fine for that .
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Stripped-down — no adapters supplied

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