DC Comics Reveals Superman’s Secret Brother

Warning: contains spoilers for Action Comics #1028!
If there ‘s one thing about Superman ‘s family that most fans would be certain of, it ‘s that he decidedly does n’t have any siblings. Jettisoned from the dying satellite Krypton aboard a bantam ship to land on earth, he was raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent ; a loving, childless couple. Clark Kent, aka Kal-El, is a child of two worlds, but he ‘s besides an alone child of two worlds. And while his decades of adventures have revealed that his cousin, Supergirl, besides survived the destruction of Krypton, and sol did his dog Krypto, separate of Superman ‘s charm is that his conclusion class are the people he chose, and who chose him .
however, in Action Comics # 1028, Superman goes to capital pains to explain that he does have a brother, and one raised by the lapp parents, albeit one who ‘s been DC ‘s dirty confidential for respective years immediately. And while Superman ‘s buddy is facing the uncertainty of losing his Kryptonian powers someday soon, it seems like the two are going to be spending a fortune more meter in concert in future issues of Superman and Action Comics.

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The buddy in interview is Kon-El, aka Conner Kent, a ringer created from the deoxyribonucleic acid of Superman and Lex Luthor. Created by writer Karl Kesel and artist Tom Grummett in 1993’s The Adventures of Superman # 500, Superboy was raised by Superman ‘s parents, the lone people with feel raising a Kryptonian on Earth. diverse changes to official continuity were n’t kind to Kon-El, and he vanished from DC Comics for several years before being rediscovered in 2019’s Young Justice # 1, when his friend and teammate Robin began to remember respective different versions of reality at once. Saving Kon-El from the parallel reality where he ‘d apparently been stranded for years, his Young Justice teammates brought him back to a world where some people remembered him as an old friend and others, such as Superman, had forgotten him wholly .


happily, the reintroductions were swift, and   Action Comics # 1028 sees Superman accept Conner as his buddy. Offering Conner a home on the Kent farm, Superman says he ‘ll feel safe knowing his parents are being watched over by their other son, brushing off Conner ‘s protest that they ‘re not sincerely related by saying, ” But they raised you besides. So they are  your parents. They took us both in and raised us dependable. It makes us … brothers … I ‘m identical, very proud to have you in my family. ” It ‘s an denotative shift in how the relationship between the two characters is treated in DC Comics, making it clear that while the character may have been off living a hidden, undisclosed life for years, he ‘s now considered Superman ‘s brother .

Superman Brother Superboy

As Superman points out, it ‘s a coherent way to understand Clark and Conner Kent. not only are the two biologically connected, but they were raised by the lapp adoptive parents. And while Superman may once have been an individual shroud his Kryptonian heritage on worldly concern, he ‘s immediately a marry father whose privy identity is public cognition – the days of focusing on his alienation from the planet or people around him are well and in truth over, so it makes sense to reinvigorate a fan-favorite character and include him in Superman ‘s large and ever-growing syndicate, particularly since the “ Superboy ” nickname is now occupied by Superman ‘s son, Jon Kent .
For fans of Conner Kent, it ‘s amaze to see him hard second in DC continuity with a trace place in the populace and a clear, concrete relation back to his more celebrated brother. A conflict quality with deep friendships and a in truth likable demeanor, past events have deplorably shown that a cool as Superboy  is, it was way besides easy to lift him out of Superman ‘s life. thankfully, with his newfangled acknowledgment as Superman ‘s brother, that should no long be the sheath.

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