2020 MacBook Air | Release Dates, Features, Specs, Prices

AppleInsider is supported by its consultation and may earn perpetration as an Amazon Associate and affiliate partner on qualifying purchases. These consort partnerships do not influence our editorial content. Since its plunge, Apple has regularly made changes to the MacBook Air. In mid-march of 2020, Apple refreshed this Mac line with fast processors and a new keyboard. While Apple launched an update model in recently 2020 with Apple Silicon, this early-2020 update helped make the MacBook Air the laptop for anyone all complete again.

2020 MacBook Air Features

The external design remains the lapp when compared to the 2019 model, so looking at it wo n’t reveal many changes. however, the inverted-T arrow keys landed in this model, and enough has been updated internally a well.


Starting with this early 2020 model, the latest MacBook Airs now include the Magic Keyboard first gear introduced in the 16-inch MacBook Pro. A redesign scissor mechanism with 1mm of travel means no more sticky keys from previous generations. The inverted-T arrow keys have besides returned. The keyboard spreads boundary to edge with a loudspeaker grillroom on either side. A three microphone range is arranged then that speaking or playing an instrument is easily captured at high timbre. And the large glass trackpad sits beneath the keyboard as expected. The new Magic Keyboard feels good to type on and should be more reliable The modern Magic Keyboard feels good to type on and should be more reliable The previous generation housed a butterfly keyboard, which had multiple updates and changes attempting to address dependability issues. The butterfly switch was prone to stuck keys or break mechanisms, which had a higher failure pace than former scissor-switch designs. Apple had implemented keyboard repair programs for the chat up keyboard, but the presentation of the raw Magic Keyboard seems to be a final examination admission that there was some offspring at hand. even the latest iPad Pro keyboard uses the fresh Magic Keyboard scissor-switch design.


With the latest Intel processors, the early 2020 exemplary offers up to double the previous generation ‘s performance. Updated graphic capabilities besides mean up to an 80 % increase in graphics performance. The early 2020 MacBook Air uses the 10th-generation Intel Core processors with up to 1.2GHz quad-core i7 chipsets. During heavy lode, the processors can Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz for short bursts of accelerate. Do n’t let the i3 naming gull you as the service line chips are better than the ninth-generation Intel i5 from the 2019 model. The graphics performance comes from including a dedicated Intel Iris Plus Graphics chipset. This means that everything from seafaring and UI rendering to video editing and gaming saw a significant rush boost.


The 2020 MacBook Air still has a headphone jack, which is still useful for audio professionals The 2020 MacBook Air hush has a earphone mariner, which is hush useful for sound recording professionals The two USB-C ports on the side of the car are both Thunderbolt 3 compliant. This means users can connect two 4K displays, a individual 5K display, or now tied a 6K display. These ports can besides be used for high-speed Thunderbolt 3 adequate to hard drives for up to 40GB/s data transfer speeds. External GPUs besides work with these ports for tied more graphic performance while at a desk. The FaceTime camera did not receive an ascent and is still 720p, but the new microphone array greatly improved birdcall quality. The radio capabilities remain the same with Bluetooth 5 and 802.11ac Wi-Fi. The omission of WiFi 6 is noted, considering the iPhone 11 and iPad Pro both have the standard. The early 2020 MacBook Air shipped with macOS Catalina. AppleInsider reviewed the early 2020 MacBook Air and gave it a 4.5 out of 5. A teardown revealed that the new keyboard was n’t the only new addition to the design. The battery and trackpad connect via a cable, so now battery animate can take place without removing the logic board. This means the laptop is much more repairable than its previous generation.

MacBook Air Pricing

Apple no farseeing sells the early 2020 MacBook Air in fresh condition, but Apple Authorized Resellers distillery have stock. The device ‘s suggest retail price started at $ 999. The base model shipped with a 1.1GHz i3 central processing unit with turbo speeds up to 3.2GHz, and 256GB of flash storehouse. A $ 1299 exemplar came with a quad-core i5 central processing unit with turbo speeds up to 3.5 GHz and 512GB of dart storage. The 2020 MacBook Air configured with an Intel i7 processor with 512GB of flash storage retailed for $ 1449.

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