Buying a Nintendo Switch? Here’s what you should pick up alongside it

The Nintendo Switch is only days aside from being released, and it ’ s not enough to come home with the comfort. The Switch, unlike the Wii or Wii U, doesn ’ t come with much .
There ’ s no pack-in crippled. The main Nintendo Switch package is precisely the hardware : the console table, the leave and properly Joy-Con controllers, two wrist straps for them, one Joy-Con grip, one dock, an HDMI cable and an AC adapter. That ’ s it .
So the motion is, apart from games, what else might a Nintendo fancier need for their substitution on day one ? polygon has put together a small “ survival scout ” to help you figure out what to spend your money on this Friday .


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Let ’ s get the most important class out of the room : games. Depending on how you look at it, the small number of games launching alongside the Switch at launching may be beneficial. While you may not appreciate the lack of titles to play, your wallet surely will. If you ’ re on a budget and looking to pick up one game, your best bet is The Legend of Zelda : breath of the Wild.

breath of the Wild was beginning announced in a 2013 Nintendo Direct and in the first place given a 2015 launch. It was delayed doubly and will launch alongside the Switch on March 3. Considering the Switch ’ s slender launch library, Breath of the Wild seems like the best bet. The open-world game includes an environment 12 times the size of the one in The Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess. That credibly makes the $ 60 price tag seem less austere .
breath of the Wild, of class, is not a multiplayer crippled. The Joy-Con controllers are meant for local multiplayer. What does the Switch have to offer there ?

Snipperclips – Cut it out, together!

Whether you ’ re trying to figure out how the Joy-Con controllers work — including the HD grumble feature — or want to experience completing baffling puzzles with a friend, Snipperclips – Cut it out, together ! seems like the game to do it. We ’ ve been reasonably obsessed with its concept since first seeing it a few months ago. Snipperclips has modes for two- and four-player cooperative play .
In the two-person adaptation, players take control of either Snip ( an adorable loss blob ) or Clip ( an equally adorable yellow blob ). The players are armed with a pair of scissors that allow them to cut away at their blob ’ bodies and create modern shapes. The goal is to cut away until the blobs form the specific shape needed to complete the perplex. Players can recut their blob ’ shapes at will and start from rub if they make a mistake .
Snipperclips – Cut it out, together ! will be available for $ 19.99 at plunge .


The Switch has 32 GB of home storage, lapp as the deluxe model of the Wii U. If that ’ s not adequate distance for you — for bet on saves, downloaded games or whatever — external memory cards are a must. The Nintendo Switch supports micro SDHC and micro SDXC cards .
There are batch of options on the market. here are two of the best and most cost-efficient. The Samsung EVO Plus 64 GB micro SDHC is the cheap alternative. It has speedy read and write speeds, and according to The Wirecutter, it ’ sulfur one of the fastest micro SD cards on the grocery store right nowadays. At the meter of this write, it was on sale at Best Buy for $ 24.99.

If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate think you ’ ll need 64 GB, there is a 32 GB version of the Samsung EVO Plus wag. It is presently on sale for $ 19.99. At just $ 5 more, it might be worth it to grab the 64 GB poster .
How a lot memory do you need ? You probably won ’ metric ton know until you see games ’ download sizes. It ’ s not launching in the West ( so far ) but Dragon Quest Heroes 1 & 2 is 32 GB. here ’ s the latest list of plunge games and their download sizes, to judge how a lot memory you may need at the beginning .
The Switch will support SDXC cards up to 2 TB, but cards of that capacity aren ’ t on the grocery store yet .

Carrying case

Nintendo is selling an official carry subject for the Switch. In addition to a protective sleeve, it besides comes with a screen defender, which is highly encouraged if you plan to use your switch on the run. The official Switch carrying font will comfortably hold the Switch, both Joy-Con controllers and up to five games .
The jazz band pack is available for $ 19.99 at GameStop. There are other options from third-party companies, including this one by RDS Industries, but for the lapp price you ’ re going to miss out on the blind defender. Considering you just spent $ 299 on the comfort, it seems like a regretful idea to forgo protecting the screen .

Screen protector

All of which brings us to the last detail you ’ ll need in your survival kit — the screen defender.

The sieve defender falls into the same ambush as the carrying font. Again, you ’ re going to want to go with Nintendo on this. The screen measures at 6.2 inches, which is along the like lines as certain tablets — but not precisely. Your best bet again is the $ 19.99 jazz band pack, which includes the screen defender. If it weren ’ thymine for the Joy-Con controllers connecting to the english, we ’ vitamin d suggest going for a bigger shield defender and DIY-ing the job, but you don ’ thymine want to mess around with such a raw buy .
If you haven ’ thymine pre-ordered a interchange and are concern in picking one up, be certain to check out our steer on where to go this Thursday night. Best Buy and Walmart will have the Switch in stock, thus if you don ’ metric ton beware lining up, you may be able to snag one. If you ’ re however hesitant about picking up the Nintendo Switch, be certain to check out our review of the cabinet .

Nintendo Switch Unboxing and First Impressions

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