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Can I put my bassinet on top when using in double mode?

No. When the VISTA is being used in double modality, the bassinet must go on the bottom using the lower adapters, and the Toddler Seat must go on the peak using the upper adapters.

Can I purchase a V2 canopy and attach it to my VISTA?

No, the canopies are not sold individually.

Will a V2 RumbleSeat fit on my older model VISTA?

Yes, the V2 RumbleSeat will fit onto 2015+ VISTA models. The original RumbleSeat will not fit on a V2 though.

What is the difference between the “Toddler Seat” and the “RumbleSeat”?

The Toddler Seat is the buttocks that comes with the saunterer and is slenderly bigger than the RumbleSeat. The Toddler Seat can hold up to 50 lbs, while the RumbleSeat can hold up to 35 pound. The RumbleSeat is sold individually and the 2 seats are NOT interchangeable. The RumbleSeat can be used alone on the bottom of the baby buggy and not on top.

Will the V2 RumbleSeat fit on my original VISTA?

If your baby buggy was manufactured after 2015, then yes, the V2 RumbleSeat WILL fit on your VISTA. however, the old RumbleSeat will NOT fit on a VISTA V2 saunterer.

I am expecting twins, what do I need?

If you are expecting twins and want to use the saunterer from parentage with car seats AND bassinets, you will need :

Are the RumbleSeat adapters that come in the RumbleSeat box and the lower adapters the same thing?

No, the RumbleSeat adapters are compatible with ONLY the RumbleSeat. The RumbleSeat will not fit onto the lower adapters. The lower adapters are for a bassinet or MESA car seat entirely. The RumbleSeat can not go on the top of the saunterer.

Will a new UPPAbaby MESA car seat fit onto my old VISTA?

not without adapters. If you have a VISTA baby buggy from 2014 or previous years, you will have to reach out immediately to UPPAbaby and request they send you a adjust of adapters to make a MESA compatible with it. The MESA cable car seat will click directly onto the human body of 2015+ VISTA/V2 strollers [ no adapters necessary ].

I do not want to use a MESA car seat, but I still want the VISTA stroller – do I have any options for different car seat brands to create a travel system?

YES ! You can purchase an arranger individually to make a variety of baby car seats compatible with your VISTA baby buggy.
If you want to use a Nuna/Maxi-Cosi/Cybex or Clek baby cable car seat on your VISTA baby buggy, you will need this arranger :

If you want to use a Nuna/Maxi-Cosi/Cybex or Clek baby car seat on the penetrate adenine well [ twins for model ], you will besides need this arranger :
*note that Clek has conducted their own compliance testing independent of UPPAbaby for the Clek Liing to be compatible with UPPAbaby strollers.  If you want to use a Peg Perego baby car seat on your VISTA saunterer, you will need the follow adapter :
If you want to use a Chicco baby car seat on your VISTA saunterer, you will need the comply adapter :

If you want to use a Graco baby car seat on your VISTA baby buggy, you will need the pursue adapter :
UB-0086 aside from the Nuna/Maxi-Cosi/Cybex baby car seats, these adapters do not allow you to use the RumbleSeat and can alone be used in single manner. These adapters all pass Canadian safety standards, however slight back and forth movement of the infant car seat may occur. This is to be expected and is not a risk factor as long as the infant car seat cannot be removed without pressing on the release on the car seat [release points vary by car seat]. 

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